How to Plan a Girls Trip to Paris

February 10, 2024

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I think that Paris is one of the most versatile destinations in the world. It is great for a solo trip, great for a honeymoon or couples trip, great for families and it is without a doubt great for a girls trip. 

As the founder of En Route to Rêverie I have helped hundreds of people plan a trip to Paris via Rêverie in Paris. And included in those bookings, I’ve done countless amounts of trips for groups of girlfriends that are heading to Paris together for a fun time that will no doubt be memorable. 

How to Plan a Girls Trip to Paris

No matter what your girlfriends are interested in, Paris likely has plenty of things you’ll enjoy together and today I’m sharing some of my insider guidance on tips for planning a girls trip to Paris.

How to Plan a Girls Trip to Paris

Paris food I How to Plan a Girls Trip to Paris

Things to Do in Paris for a Girls Trip

Go on a café tour. 

There are so many wonderful cafés to explore when you visit Paris and I think a fun way to spend a part of the day is to bop around to a variety of them. I have my favorites of course but if you’re like me and looking for a great way to avoid being jet lagged upon arriving in Paris, visit some picturesque cafés on your first day and get well caffeinated while also taking in people watching and adjusting to the Parisian way of life.

Not into coffee? Head to one of Paris’s famed hot chocolate spots such as Angelina or Laduree.

Take a cooking class.

I love taking a cooking class when I am in Paris. For Rêverie in Paris clients I have a discount for one of my favorite cooking schools. They offer everything from macaron making classes to croissant making as well as market tours as well!

Paris Seine River | How to Plan a Girls Trip to Paris

Hang on the Seine.

One of my favorite pastimes for the past two decades has been to get a bottle of wine, some snacks and head down to the banks of the Seine to hang with friends. It’s a truly local thing to do and a wonderful way to soak up Paris’s beautiful atmosphere.

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Picnic in a park.

I think shopping for a picnic with your girlfriends at the Paris markets and small vendors on shops like Rue Cler is such fun! Then you can head to one of the many beautiful parks with your goods in tow to enjoy the Parisian weather and one another’s company.

Get dressed up and go out on the town.

There’s nothing like getting dressed up for a fancy night out with your girlfriends. I have a few places I always send Rêverie in Paris clients to that I think are such fun for groups of girls to go to.

Then you can hit up one of Paris’s many great cocktail bars afterwards or go dancing. Or in the summertime, I love getting drinks before dinner on a rooftop.

Enjoying a night in Paris with your girlfriends walking around and soaking up the city is nothing short of magic. Might I recommend a good midnight in Paris moment in an iconic location like Place de la Concorde or near the Eiffel Tower? Worth staying up and out for!

Go on a food tour.

There’s no shortage of amazing food in Paris and going on a food tour is a fun activity you can do as a group where you’ll get your steps in easily but also get to sample a wide variety of amazing treats while you’re at it. Come with an empty stomach!

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People watch.

There’s some of the best people watching in Paris and you can do so from their cafés, from their parks and even from museums. 

Go shopping.

No girls trip in Paris is complete without shopping! Shopping in Paris is a must when you’re on a girls trip. Be sure to hit up Paris’s famed shopping streets and get your fill of beautiful bags, French foods, jewelry, candles and so much more.

And don’t miss the department stores in Paris! They’re beautiful and such an experience to browse.

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And of course no trip to Paris is complete without shopping for French beauty products at the pharmacy. Not sure what to get? I’ve got you covered with What to Buy at CityPharma in Paris.

See a show. 

If you want additional programming, consider a show like Moulin Rouge or Crazy Horse when in Paris. I have opinions on both so if you book with me be sure to ask for them!

Do a photo shoot.

What better way to capture your trip to Paris with your besties than getting some iconic photos together. Consider doing a photo shoot near the Eiffel Tour, the Arc de Triomphe off of the Champs Élysées, the Palais Royal or consider doing it in one of Paris’s beautiful parks.

I work with a photographer and her team for my En Route to Rêverie clients looking for professional photos while in Paris. You’ll even get a special discount!

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Get a view from above.

Paris has so much to see from above its rooftops so be sure you seek out a fun spot to take in the view from above. Once it reopens, you could consider climbing Notre Dame as well.

Wander Montmartre.

Montmartre is such a cool district and a wonderful vibe for you and your girlfriends to explore. Pro tip: avoid it on the weekends and instead enjoy it on a weekday for less crowds!

Consider a Day Trip.

Paris has loads to do but you can also get to a lot of other famed and desired destinations with a short train ride or tour and hired car. Consider a day trip to Giverny or Versailles or Champagne while visiting the region with your girls.

Best Places To Stay In Paris

Looking for where to stay in Paris with your girlfriends? I’ll work with you via En Route to Rêverie to accommodate your budget and preferences and recommend spots so that you have the perfect Parisian stay!

There are so, so many hotels in Paris and lots of factors to consider when picking one. Our Atelier considers budget, whether you’ve been to Paris before, who you are traveling with, what season you’re visiting in, how many nights you’re staying – and so much more. 

If you’d rather not pay for an entire Plan, you can book through our Accommodations service to get a proposal tailored to you for a refundable fee. 

Or, if you already know where you want to stay but just want to get some VIP perks from our Atelier, you can book with us complimentary. 

What To Pack For Paris

If you’re looking for an effortless French inspired wardrobe, check out my French Capsule Wardrobe and don’t miss all my Paris Packing Lists!

Rainy day in Paris

Comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must. You don’t want to be the girl in your group who can’t keep up or walk to dinner and needs to keep getting cabs because your feet hurt!

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Do not bring shoes you haven’t broken in! Paris is best enjoyed when walking around so a pair of comfortable walking shoes is essential.

An umbrella

Don’t forget an umbrella and have it on you every day you’re out and about. You’ll likely need it! This is the umbrella I always bring with me to Paris.

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A variety of jackets

I typically pack a leather jacket, a blazer or tweed jacket or two and a trench coat when traveling to Paris no matter the time of year. Be sure to check the weather before you go and determine what kind of layers you’ll need. 


You can never wear too many stripes in Paris in my opinion. I usually bring a stripe sweater and a stripe tee that can be layered or worn solo. A stripe tee with a fun puff sleeve can easily be paired with black pants, too for an evening outfit.

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Silk Tank

I love a silk tank for my trips year round as it can be the perfect layering piece under the right jacket for evenings out in Paris with your girlfriends. I love this one because it is washable in case you spill during your trip. This one and this one (seen above!) are also favorites in my own personal closet.

I also love to wear a lightweight striped sweater with white jeans or underneath a classic trench coat.

Little Black Dress

Dressing up for one extra fancy night out with your girls in Paris is a must!

I always pack a little black dress with me. I typically select one that can be worn with flats like the classic Chanel ballet flats seen above or with a black or kitten heel so I can walk along the Seine or seek out the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night after a memorable meal in Paris.

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. . .

There is so much to see and do and eat as you plan your days in Paris with your girlfriends! If you want to fully take advantage of the city of lights, I’d love to work with you to help perfect your trip and maximize your time! Head to En Route to Rêverie to get started!

Have you been to Paris with your girlfriends? If so I’d love to hear what was the most memorable part of your trip!


Heading to Paris? Book En Route to Rêverie with me and get customized recommendations based on your travel preferences to make your next trip to Paris the best one yet.


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