How to Pack for a Long Weekend in Paris

April 16, 2024

Paris Packing List Long Weekend

You can see and do so much in Paris in just a long weekend. It’s a city that, no matter how much time you have, there is always more to see and do. So I love a long weekend in Paris as an initial taste if it is your first trip or as a few day stopover combined with another popular European city like London or Rome. 

I started sharing my Paris packing lists back in 2018 and have kept doing so because I know they are often helpful when it comes to deciding what to pack – particularly season by season. It can be easy to overpack but if you are just doing Paris for a long weekend this post will help ensure your suitcase – no matter what size – is ready to help you feel prepared and look good yet be comfortable.

I generally stick to a few self-imposed rules when it comes to packing for Paris and as the founder of En Route to Rêverie my formula is down rather pat at this point but if you’re heading to Paris for a week – this post should also be helpful to both inspire and help you plan with all my best tips.

How to Pack for a Long Weekend in Paris

Sezane Fall French Girl Outfit

Consider the weather

Of course the biggest consideration when packing is the weather. Be sure to check the weather as you are packing! It is more unpredictable than ever these days.

So often I get asked “what’s the weather Paris like in October” or the likes and frankly I can’t predict the weather so a weather planner will be your best friend in planning. 

Usually a few weeks out from my trip I begin looking at the weather to see how things have been – has it rained a lot? Has it been colder in the evenings? 

But essentially global warming has made answering questions about the weather in Paris month to month very difficult. 

Prepare for rain

And regardless of the time of year you can almost always expect it to rain in Paris. But fear not, as I’ve got you covered: What To Do in Paris When It Rains.

Don’t forget to have a good umbrella (this is the one I bring) in your suitcase and also I never go to Paris without a rain jacket of some sort – usually a trench coat that is versatile for day or evening.

Paris Restaurant

Pack according to your itinerary

Not everyone comes to Paris and does the same thing. Nor should they! It is a big reason why I started my bespoke travel planning advisory En Route to Rêverie – because no two trips to Paris should be the same. Consider what you’re planning to do when you pack for your long weekend in Paris. Are you going to be going to fancier dinners? You’ll need the right shoes and attire. Are you staying mostly casual or planning to walk loads? Take this into consideration as you prepare and pack for seeing the Eiffel Tower and all the other wonderful attractions Paris offers.

If you want help planning your trip and planning your itinerary, reach out to our team to book Rêverie in Paris.

Consider getting around

Be sure you check to see if where you’re staying has an elevator. Many places don’t and you’ll want to plan (and pack!) accordingly should you need to be carting suitcases up narrow stairwells. 

Additionally, if you plan to use public transport like the metro and will have your suitcases with you, many Metro stations don’t have elevators so you’ll need to be able to lift your luggage up stairs. I’ve done this on occasion and it is brutal.

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Stick to a color palette

I always stick to a color palette when I pack for trips but especially with Paris. I want my looks to be stylish yet comfortable and extremely ready for mix and match wear – especially for a long weekend when you won’t have loads of days you need a variety of outfits for.

I’ll pack a blazer that can go with jeans as easily as it can go over a dress or pair with dress shorts or dress pants. 

I’m a neutrals person when it comes to my wardrobe so usually my looks fall in a variety of color palettes such as: Black/Ivory/Camel or Black/Cream/Navy.

You can find loads of inspo in The Shop’s French Capsule.

Don’t forget the power of accessories

Parisians are famous for their purposeful accessories and so often we forget to pack them. A silk scarf can be donned on your bag or around your neck to switch up the look of the sweater you’ve backed. Or a broach could add a bit of glam for evening on the blazer you also wore during the day time.

Be thoughtful when planning what shoes to wear

I’ve heard of so many people being unprepared to walk so much in Paris. Paris is a city best explored on foot and I usually clock on average 20,000 steps a day when there.

Be sure you’re not bringing new shoes with you that still need breaking in. Prioritize comfort but also give consideration to what pair of shoes in Paris will not have you looking like a tourist. Say it with me: comfortable shoes are a must.

The Best Shoes to Wear in Paris

And know that cobblestoned streets are common in Paris so you’ll want to leave the stilettos at home. I think the pair of shoes you bring is one of the most important decisions you can make when packing for a long weekend in Paris.

Paris Sneakers

Make a packing list

As you prepare for your trip begin writing down in your Notes app on your phone the pieces you’d like to bring. Then reference that list when it comes time to pack so you won’t over pack as you head to the fashion capital of Europe.

Get inspiration in my Paris Packing Lists by Season.

Write down your outfits

I always write down my outfits for both daytime and evening when I go to Paris. This ensures I actually wear what is in my suitcase and don’t forget what’s in there. This also helps me not overpack. I have friends who also try on and take photos of the outfits they’re packing to have handy on their phone so that’s a good idea to consider.

I personally write down outfits by both day and night in Paris.


Weekend in Paris Packing Checklist

Consider this your handy Paris packing check list! Save it down to your phone or Pin it for later! I find check lists so handy as it ensures you don’t forget important things that can, in fact, be easy to forget. (Anyone else routinely forget to pack pajamas as I do!?)

Need hotel recommendations and looking for perks I can get my clients? Book En Route to Rêverie for VIP amenities like complimentary upgrades, early check in / late check out, complimentary breakfast and more!

Paris Packing Checklist


I like to pull out items I am considering and then begin writing down the outfits that I can make out of the items. For a long weekend, I likely would consider a pair of black trousers that could be dressed up or dressed down, two pairs of jeans, a dressier dress for a fancier evening out in the city of light alongside a knit of some kind, a blazer that would translate well from day to night, one coat, 

Get even more Paris Outfit Ideas to inspire your packing.


What to Pack for a flight to Paris

In-Flight Essentials

Make your flight to Paris as prepared and seamless as possible. I have go-to essentials I always fly to Paris with like a power bank and a water bottle. You can find them all in my What to Pack for a Flight to Paris guide.

I also ensure I have a pouch dedicated to any medication so it doesn’t end up in my checked luggage.

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I also like to ensure I have a copy of my passport both on me as a paper copy and a photo on my phone and I make sure to have a copy of my credit card as well in case. It may also be a good idea to consider travel insurance for your trip and don’t forget to know where the French embassy is. 


You’ll want to have a power bank to ensure you can recharge your phone when you are out all day, converters so your chargers work at your hotel room and any necessary cords and chargers for items like Apple Watches, cell phones or laptops.

If you’re like me, you likely won’t see much of the inside of your hotel room because you’ll be out exploring Paris. So having a portable charger is a must! This one is my preferred model as it is slim enough to fit in my bags without taking up much space.

If you also worry about losing your luggage, buy a few Apple AirTags and pop them into your suitcases so you can track your luggage. 


I pack all my toiletries in handy, TSA approved pouches that fit so much for my travel to Paris regardless of the length of stay. For a long weekend, I’d bring the pouch with a lot of minis for my skincare routine. 

Extra Bag

I always bring this collapsable duffle with me when I go to Paris to fill up with whatever shopping I do. It fits a lot and easily goes over your suitcase handle as well. I’ll bring it back with me along with the tote I bring on the airplane as my personal item.

If your luggage is over weight you will endure an extra cost so it is a good idea to have a back up bag in case you need to put overflow from your suitcase in there. But I swear by the Away suitcases for how much they fit! The compression feature is genius.

. . .

Consider Packing for Paris


Packing for Paris should be a fun experience! I hope you find this post helpful of what to wear in Paris and the packing tips for a long weekend will help you enjoy your time in the city of love.

Heading to Paris? Book En Route to Rêverie with me and get customized recommendations based on your travel preferences to make your next trip to Paris the best one yet.



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