January Beauty Edit

January 25, 2017

January 2017 Beauty Favorites from blogger Meghan Donovan

You know when you clean out your closet as the seasons change? You decide what to keep and what to toss. I actually did that with a lot of my beauty products at the beginning of the year to begin to really whittle down what I own to things I actually regularly use. It felt so good!

This month’s beauty edit features a few products I’ve been wearing and using on repeat for the last few weeks that all of course survived the cut! Hope you find something you’re excited to try out.

By Terry Impearlious Elixer:

This definitely falls under splurge items but it one of the best illuminators I’ve ever tried. It’s enriched with freshwater pearls (!) and does instant wonders for dull, tired skin. I generally use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones but you can put it on under moisturizer or foundation to achieve radiance.

Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Mauve Sinner:

I generally don’t like lip colors with a blue undertone for my particular coloring but for some reason I love this one! It seems to perfectly straddle the line between a daytime and nighttime lipstick so it is perfect to carry with you no matter the time of day. I wore it in this shoot and since I wear a lot of gray, it’s been my go-to to swipe on before I leave the house. It’s also great this time of year because the formula has both Shea butter and Jojoba oils so it hydrates while you wear it. (It also comes in a bunch of other colors!)

MAC Brow Sculpt:

I’ve tried a lot of brow products of recent and my roommate and I both agree this is our favorite! The angled tip allows you to be super targeted as you fill in your brows with a matte color (I use the shade ‘Fling’.) It also comes with a handy grooming brush built-in so the 1, 2 step for brows has never been easier.


This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray:

Pretty sure with every passing year I become more of a high maintenance sleeper – ha! My brother downloaded a white noise app on my phone which I think I am secretly loving and after getting a sample of this spray I think I’m getting more productive Zzzs than ever. The spray gets spritzed on your pillow before you hit the hay and the calming scents are supposedly proven to help you sleep better.

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