Melissa Wood Health Review

April 14, 2021

Melissa Wood Health Review

At the onset of 2021 I wanted to change up my workout routine after several years of doing High Intensity exercise through the Sweat App’s BBG workouts. I wanted a workout program that offered more flexibility in terms of when I got in my workouts and also something that would help sculpt and tone the progress I had made with BBG.  This led me to begin Melissa Wood Health’s workout program.

For me, one of the best things I do for my mental health is regular exercise. With so much of our time still being spent at home during the pandemic, it can be easy to let moving our bodies fall by the wayside. Nowadays there are so many streaming workout programs to choose from and frankly I love the options allowing me to stay in shape without having to go to a gym.

I certainly miss studio classes but I don’t see myself returning to those anytime soon for now I am loving getting in my workouts at home. As I began sharing my MWH Method workouts I got a lot of questions about it and how it relates to BBG so today I’m sharing a full review plus some progress photos at the end.

Melissa Wood Health Review

Melissa Wood Health Review

Melissa Wood Health Review

Melissa Wood Health Review

Melissa Wood Health Review

Melissa Wood Health Overview

Who is Melissa Wood?

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is the founder of Melissa Wood Health and she’s a certified health and wellness coach, yoga and pilates teacher and meditator. She follows a plant based diet which isn’t a part of her Melissa Wood Health Method platform.

What is the Melissa Wood Health Method?

The MWH Method is a series of slow controlled, low impact movements combining yoga and Pilates to sculpt long lean lines throughout your body. MWH offers pre and post natal workouts, beginner workouts and meditations. Melissa’s practice isn’t just about building a body you desire but it’s more about building a better relationship with yourself.

Melissa Wood Health Workouts

The workouts are a variety of strength training exercises that build length and strength so you’ll find Full Body Workouts, Lower Body Workouts and lots of videos related to Abs and Arms, too. Melissa mixes in some cardio in the form of dance warm ups as well but overall the movements are largely small and slow and they are low impact.

How do I do the MWH Method?

Melissa has an app and a website where her workouts are accessible. I have the app but I prefer to see the workout on a bigger screen so I cast each workout to my TV from my laptop. Every week Melissa publishes a weekly schedule that is prescriptive in telling you what workout to stream and complete each day. 

I love the new schedule published every week as it helps keep me accountable in terms of fitting in the workouts and I enjoy the variety offered each week. There’s a nice change up in terms of priority in regards to style, body part and length of workout.

What equipment do I need for Melissa Wood Health?

You can do the entire program with just your own body weight but Melissa also offers workouts that she suggests you incorporate 1 pound weights (I love my Bala bands for these workouts so much! I use them around my ankles but also cuffed on my hands, too), resistance bands and sometimes a ball or a towel. But again, they aren’t necessary and you can easily improvise. You will need a yoga mat to safely do these exercises, however.

What does Melissa Wood Health cost?

Melissa Wood Health costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. She also offers a seven day free trial. There’s at least one new workout added every week and I think it’s a great value if you take advantage of the membership each week as it means each workout is only a few dollars.

Melissa Wood Health Results:

Melissa Wood Health Review and Results

Melissa Wood Health Review and Results

Melissa Wood Health Review and Results

Melissa Wood Health Review and Results

I’ve been doing the MWH workouts since January 4th five to six time per week. I’m sharing these photos so you can see my body as-is at the time of publishing this post following those three months. I haven’t seen majorly noticeable results as I did with BBG but I’ve certainly felt progress so far which I think is sometimes just as important.

My muscles feel longer, my butt is lifted and my arms definitely are seeing some sculpting they usually resist. I don’t follow a plant based diet so I don’t expect to look like Melissa anytime soon (and I have not had any weight loss) but I am really enjoying the results I’ve had after several months. I feel stronger and I do think the lengthening and toning is coming along. But most importantly I like the mental benefits I get from the workouts every day. For me – that’s always more important than how I look.

How does Melissa Wood Health compare to BBG?

On Melissa Wood Health vs. BBG: Honestly the two are incredibly different. BBG is made up of high intensity movements and are extremely challenging, very sweaty and intense workouts. MWH Method is much more slow and controlled movements. I saw faster results with BBG and I loved those results but it was a hard program to commit to. I had to do BBG in the morning and it required a lot more time due to having to shower and wash my hair after each workout.

I love that with Melissa Wood Health I can fit the workout in much more easily and do it whenever I can squeeze it in. I also love the calm that I feel after Melissa’s workouts as she always closes out every session with some centering on the mat. 

Melissa Wood Health Review

Melissa really prioritizes form which I appreciate. I’ve had injuries before doing pilates or barre but Melissa is always giving verbal cues regarding practicing better form. You’ll hear her often tell you to really stretch, to point or flex your foot, to pull your belly in or to knit your ribs in tight. I find listening to these cues is key to results and to preventing injury and I love that I feel like I am doing the moves properly to maximize my efforts and to create the long, lean lines I’m looking for doing these exercises.

I love Melissa’s vibe. She’s got a calm and comforting voice and never annoys me by being overly uppity like a lot of fitness instructors are. I love that she celebrates your ability to fit in time for yourself through her workouts and mediations and often recognizes all the roles we each have in a day.

The fact that nearly all the workouts are under 40 minutes (and most are around 20 minutes) makes this program really easy for me to fit into my every day routine. 

I do wish Melissa had a Start Here sort of video that shared more of what she’s all about, what to expect from the workouts, etc. I think it would have set me up better than the Beginner videos but really that’s my only complaint.

Overall I think it is a really easy workout routine to follow and stay honest with and I always love how both my mind and body feel after each video. It’s easy to feel good after these workouts! If you’re looking for something new, I would highly recommend it. 

. . .

I hope you found this review helpful! Have you tried Melissa Wood Health?

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p.s. all my favorite workout clothes and answering your questions about BBG.

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  1. Erica says:

    I’ve been curious about MWH, thank you for sharing more details! For the Sweaty Betty bra (all train), do you wear your normal bra size? I read some differing views in the comments. I have yet to find the perfect sports bra for running, but it sounds like this one might be a good option. Excited to try it!

    • Meghan says:

      I would recommend ordering two sizes to make sure the fit is right! I do personally take my normal bra size with this one. Just remember you have to hoist and lock your boobs in – it’ll feel too small at first!!

  2. Christina says:

    I recently started back up again with MWH after seeing you doing it!! She really is the best for mental and physical health.

  3. Monica says:

    I like her workouts for rest/ low impact days. For me, however, it is and has been Zuzka light all the way! Have you tried her workouts?

    • Meghan says:

      I’ve never heard of her!! Tell me more!

      • Monica says:

        I have been doing her workouts for 4 years or so. She is brilliant because she varies her workouts that you never get bored. You will see high intensity, low intensity, body weight, kettle bell, resistance bands, sliders, yoga, pull up bar, bosu ball, balance ball, etc. I have gotten so much stronger and leaner! It’s is and she is also on Instagram.

  4. Ellie says:

    I’m a fan of MWH too! I love how I feel mentally even more than how I feel physically after her workouts 🙂
    For anyone new to her method there’s a REALLY good video that I think she says she recommends for newbies in the caption. It’s called “30 min back to basics pilates” and she’s wearing a royal blue set. It’s a really great intro!

  5. Amelia says:

    Awesome review! Habe you tried Tone it up? I love it but I’m thinking of trying MWH

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