34 Must-Haves for International Travel

February 21, 2024

Why use a Travel Agent

As the founder of a travel advisory, I am no stranger to regular international travel. Seeing more of the world is such a rewarding experience and a wonderful way to make memories with yourself or with those whom you love to travel. 

International travel can be overwhelming to plan and to pack for but it doesn’t have to be! Using a travel agent can help as can setting aside time to really plan and prepare for your trip so that while you’re traveling you can really soak up the different cultures, not be overly stressed and rather just enjoy.

This post will also help you prepare with a handy check list of things to be sure to bring and prepare for when doing international travel.

This post is in partnership with Expedia. Thank you so much for your support of the brands I love working with!

Travel Essentials

34 Must-Haves for International Travel

As you begin to plan for your trip, did you know that according to Expedia international airfare should be booked around 60 days out (and no more than 4 months out) for optimal availability and savings (around 10% on average). In 2023, the sweet spot was closer to six months out but popular destinations like Japan, Australia, France, Italy and the UK, you should begin planning your international travel even further for some of the best pricing on hotels and airfare.

For airfare specifically, Expedia’s Price Tracking in-app feature uses historical data (analyzing the last 30 days) and predicted price trends (analyzing the next 60 days) for select flight routes, to determine the best time to book. 

When you’re a One Key member (Expedia Group’s Loyalty Program across Expedia, Hotels.com and Vrbo), download the Expedia app and Expedia will keep track of flight pricing and prompt you as a member to log back into the app to get the best deal on your chosen route.tick the option that says “Watch prices” to get notifications when the price goes up or down

Expedia also offers Price Drop Protection. Price Drop Protection lets Expedia travelers get an automatic refund if the price of your flight becomes cheaper on Expedia after you book. This feature is available for a nominal fee, or it is free for Gold and Platinum tier One Key members on the Expedia app. One Key is free to join and comes with plenty of perks to make it worthwhile.

Need help with Hotels? Expedia can help you find the perfect hotel for your international destination based on what’s important to you and your budget and with whom you are traveling.

Read on for more essential travel items and you can follow @meghandono and @enroutetoreverie for more travel tips throughout the year.

Long Flight Essentials

Essential International Travel Gear


Of the utmost importance is making sure you have all the required documents for travel. Every country has different requirements when it comes to what you need to enter and remain in the country so be sure you are aware of what those are. 


Many international destinations require you have a visa – even for a short stay. Be sure you research each country you are planning to visit to see what visas are required and be sure to apply well in advance to ensure it arrives in time.


Of course you’ll need your up to date passport to travel internationally. You’re going to want to ensure you’re familiar with any entry requirements as well. For example, France requires your passport is up to date up to six months in advance of its expiration date. 

Consider a chic passport holder, too. 

Travel Insurance

Things can go wrong when you travel internationally and purchasing travel insurance is an easy way to give yourself some peace of mind to be reimbursed when it does.

Travel Wallet

And as for a travel wallet, I don’t use cash much these days so I just use my normal every day wallet which is this YSL card case that has held up so well with lots of use.

Forms of Payment

Be sure to have your debit card in case you need to use an ATM and don’t forget your credit card of course.

I usually order currency of the destination in advance from my bank to ensure a better exchange rate than doing so at an airport as well. It’s an easy way to save money in advance of your trip.

It’s crucial to have cash on hand for tipping, small businesses and other vendors who may not accept card payments.

Electronics – Tech

Leather Pouch

I travel with loads of pouches and use one like this for medicine and another one for cords and chargers and other tech like my portable chargers and mobile hotspot and converters.


A portable charger is a god-send! This is great for days where you don’t want to deal with the anxiety of finding an outlet to charge your phone. It lasts for several hours and goes to work quickly.

I also always have this one that attaches easily without cords to your phone and charges it quickly. 

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless headphones

I haven’t gotten on a plane without my noise cancelling headphones in over a decade. They work to drown out background noise on plans and help me be able to get some sleep and also lower my anxiety on flights that have a lot going on (loud talkers, crying children, etc, etc, etc.) 


Always on hand for podcast and music listening when I don’t want to use my Bose or don’t need major noise cancellation.

Travel Essentials


If you’re like me and like to watch a movie in flight as you enjoy dinner before dozing off, but want to do so wirelessly, you’ll want to have this handy device. It allows you to wirelessly transmit audio from in-flight entertainment USB port to your AirPods or other wireless headphones.

Tech Carry-All

This sleeve keeps my laptop protected while I travel and even has additional pockets where I can slide in my Kindle. 

Mobile Hotspot

When I don’t want to rely on having wifi provided by someone else, and especially when traveling solo or overseas, I always have this handy device in tow. The data packages are cheap and I love that it is so easy to carry around. They’ve since given it a makeover but same reliable internet and super cheap data packages. It definitely gives me peace of mind when I travel.


Traveling with a Kindle means I have loads of books at my fingertips without the weight. I love that it is waterproof for bath-time reading in a great hotel room and that it fits into most of my purses to take on solo dinner dates as well.

A Universal Charger

This is my charger for all overseas trips. Love that it has a USB port for easy phone charging.

Sony Alpha a6000 Camera

This camera definitely lived up to its reputation. I love how compact and lightweight it is and the quality of photos is spectacular for the affordable price. My favorite feature is the wifi syncing so I can instantly upload photos from the camera onto my phone to post to Instagram. I also love that the screen pops out so you can get better flatlays. This camera is great for first timers, too.

Travel Essentials

Personal Care

Dual Voltage Curling Iron

This inexpensive curling wand works wonders and is dual voltage so once plugged into my adapter while overseas it is ready to go.

Plastic Bags

Good to have for anything that may leak or that you purchase and want to ensure doesn’t explode in your suitcase.


Given you never know what sleeping conditions you’ll get when traveling, I always have earplugs with me. This pair is particularly good at noise reduction and I love that they come with a carrying case making them extra travel ready.

Lumify Eye Drops

I love these eye drops! They go to work in 1 minute and results last up to 8 hours. Eyes are whiter, brighter and more radiant – perfect for when you’re not getting your best sleep while traveling.

Dramamine Non Drowsy

I’ve had motion sickness in cars and on planes, trains and boats since I was little. I am never without several tubes of non-drowsy Dramamine.

Wellness Complex

Being sick when you travel is the absolute worst so I never leave home without these wellness complex capsules. They give my immune system a much needed boost if I ever start to feel like I may be getting sick.

HydroFlask Water Bottle

I’m so glad I have always started carrying a reusable water bottle with me. No more plastic bottle waste and I can ensure I always am hydrated. Drinking water while traveling is one of the best ways to feel healthy as flying and traveling can be extremely draining and dehydrate you quickly.

Eye Mask

I never leave home without an eye mask. I use it on red eyes religiously and sometimes in hotels too. This one does a great job of blocking out light.


I am someone who gets very thirsty on flights and doesn’t want to arrive to a new destination feeling dehydrated. Carrying low sugar Electrolyte packets like Liquid IV or these from LMNT that taste great is a good solution.

You mix one of the travel friendly packets in a bottle of water and you’ll be treated to sodium, potassium and magnesium and get hydrated without having to drinks even more H2o which could lead to many annoying trips to the bathroom on the airplane which I personally find disruptive to sleep on long flights.

I’ve heard flight attendants swear by these for their regular long haul trips!

Lip Balm

My lips get so dry when I travel so I am always slathering on a thick, restorative lip balm. I travel with several tubes so I always have it on hand. 

Truffle Clarity Cases

These pouches may not look like much but they are not only TSA approved but they are also my go-to to put a few in-flight beauty essentials in one of the flat zip pouches so I have my preferred beauty essentials easily accessible.

I also own the Truffle Jetset Cases which I use for all my toiletry products I am putting in my checked baggage.

Travel Essentials


Comfy Pajamas

You guys know I love these PJs. They are always in my suitcase when I travel. 


This heavy duty magnet makes traveling with a hat a snap! It is a game changer.

White Sneakers

These are always in my suitcase for international travel where I always log loads of steps. They are my favorite sneakers and so good for trips that include a lot of walking.
Read my full Common Projects Sneakers Review.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Given how I loathe ironing and use this stuff around the clock at home I never leave without a travel size bottle in my suitcase. I have gone through bottles and bottles of this stuff and converted every friend I have ever traveled with, too!

Good Suitcases

I also swear by my Away suitcases. I have both the Bigger Carry On (a god-send that fits so much!) and also the Medium and the Large that are great for longer trips. The link included should score you $20 off of your first purchase if interested!

You may also want to consider packing cubes if you’re someone who wants to try and keep your suitcases as organized as possible.

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap

I am generally always cold on airplanes so I got this wrap and now bring it on every flight with me. I own it in two colors – it’s that good. It’s also great to have on days where the weather may change and you want an extra layer to wrap around you. It is so soft and I love that it wraps entirely around your body to make sure you’re warm and cozy on flights.

When space is at a premium for international travel I like pieces like this wrap that do double duty.

Compression Socks

If you tend to swell on flights, compression socks will be a game changer for you. I usually change into them once I’m in my seat as they can be intense to have on for long periods of time.
Fall Paris Outfit in the Rain - Sweater Dress and Boots


Odds are that it will likely rain one day of an international trip so best be prepared with a good travel umbrella. This is my favorite travel umbrella I bring on every trip.

International Travel Checklist

You can save this image to your phone or pin it for handy reference later!

International Travel Must Haves

Shop even more of my Travel Essentials on Amazon. I hope you find this post helpful as you prepare for your next international trip…wheels up!

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