My 2020 Wish List

February 5, 2020

wit & whimsy 2020 Wish List

As mentioned in my post about my goals for this year, I am working to be more intentional with my shopping this year. As such, I developed a Wish List of sorts for the year to work off of when I want to shop.

I am a big believer in buying investment pieces (as you guys probably know by now) and the best way to begin adding investment pieces into your wardrobe is to make a list of the ones you most want. Would you benefit from a great, comfortable heel? Or a timeless, beautiful blazer? Add those to your list and then instead of impulse shopping in the coming weeks, put away the money you may have spent at H&M or Zara without much thought and put it aside for that investment piece. It’s the best way to build a closet of classic, well-made pieces in my mind and certainly the tactic I have employed since my late 20s.

My 2020 Wish List

  1. Jenni Kayne Cashmere Sweater: I’ve heard the best things about this brand’s clothing and this sweater has my name all over it.
  2. Anine Bing Lace Bra: These bralettes have cult-like followings and I think it would be so pretty under camisoles or V-neck sweaters.
  3. Summersalt Cashmere Set: I couldn’t love cozy loungewear more and this set looks divine.
  4. Textured Leather Belt: I don’t have a go-to quality leather belt but would love to have one and designer belt buckles aren’t my thing so I love the simplicity of this one that still says luxury with a brand name.
  5. Hill House Home Hair Bow: I love a fancy hair bow so much.
  6. Adina Reyter Earrings: How beautiful are these? Very much my earrings aesthetic.
  7. Mejuri Croissant Ring: Because, duh.
  8. Stone and Strand Pinkie Ring: I love a signet ring but recently lost mine due to fit issues so I’d love to upgrade with this one.
  9. Half Baked Harvest Super Simple: The newest cookbook from my favorite food blogger. A friend told me this cookbook is great.
  10. Truffle Small Clarity Clutch: I have two of the large and swear by them when I travel. So I’d like a smaller one to hold things like cords and small electronics.
  11. Loeffler Randall Goldy Boots: The knee-high boots of my dreams. I actually just finally pulled the trigger on these after eyeing them for more than two years.
  12. Sweaty Betty High Shine Leggings: So sleek. So chic. A Sweaty Betty employee in-store told me these are their best-selling, most in-demand leggings they’ve ever made.
  13. Grammatical Paris Print: A follower on Instagram sent me this artist and I love the pieces.
  14. Mason Pearson Hairbrush: Maybe a beloved hair brush would help me brush my hair more often!? LOL.
  15. Rituel de Fille Lipstick: This is a clean brand I am eager to try. Then their pigments are said to be amazing.
  16. Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops: I’ve heard great things about these from several friends of mine.
  17. Snowe Wine Glasses: I saw a woman demo the unbreakable factor of these glasses at their Flatiron NYC store and it had me sold after I watched her bang them on a shelf with no issue. I’d love to upgrade my Target wine glasses that I’ve had forever.
  18. Lord Jones Bath Salts: CBD bath salts for a blissed out bath? Yes, please.
  19. Briogeo Root Powder: To help add some volume to my roots.
  20. Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream: I’ve used up a sample of this stuff and loved how it made my skin look and feel.
  21. Briogeo Scalp Shampoo: I’ve heard the best things about this brand and in my pursuit to find clean haircare I like this year it is on my list to try.

And a couple more items that didn’t make into the collage:

  • Floor Mirror: This will be a purchase I hope to make for my new apartment. I’d like a bigger mirror to be able to capture and share more regularly my every day outfits.
  • Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas: My love of chic yet comfortable pajamas knows no bounds.
. . .

Will I buy all these things this year? Of course not. But keeping a list certainly helps me second guess non-essential and impulse purchases. Will I veer from this list with purchases this year? Of course. But again it is indented to be a guide so I am more thoughtful with what I am buying and when.

What’s on your personal wish list this year?



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8 comments on “My 2020 Wish List”

  1. I love making a wishlist! I have one for clothes, skincare , and travel saved in my notes section on phone! I am hoping it will cut down on my every day impulse shopping and want to save for the nicer things that I really want!!

    1. Ooo love that you have ones for categories! May need to try that, too! I definitely love the idea of travel list. I have one in an old blog post but it needs updating- thanks for the inspo!

  2. That Summersalt set looks amazing!! I have a list running of pieces I realized are gaps in my closet – currently a classic black skirt (probably A-line, maybe pencil), a bodysuit (preferably one that’s a button up shirt on top!) and some nice leather boots. A lot of my cheaper items have fallen apart recently (looking at you, Target faux-leather boots from 5 years ago) and I know it’s time to invest in something better, for me and for the planet! Thanks for all these ideas!

  3. I vote that you buy the hairbrush. Try to find a local spot that sells it so that it’s a more memorable purchase.
    It’s been on your list for a while….

  4. I have a grand wishlist that includes items I would like to eventually own – Cartier love Bangle, Rolex, another Chanel. I try my best to not buy things randomly like a cheap bag in zara for example because I’d rather have the things really want. I know seems boujiee but it brings me more joy. However this year I’m also going to be better about selling things I no longer reach for rather than just being lazy.

    1. Yes! Working towards super special, sentimental purchases you’ll have forever is SO worth it. How I’ve purchased any of my designer purchases. I want them to feel so special of reminiscent of a time or ocassion I’ll always remember

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