My Favorite Sunscreens

June 3, 2019

Best Sunscreens I wit & whimsy

I have become extremely sun-conscious in recent years due to my fair skin, one too many bad burns and a history of skin cancer in my family. As we enter the sunniest season I wanted to share my favorite SPFs with you guys.

Supergoop! Poof Mineral Part Powder SPF 45 Sunscreen

My Favorite Sunscreens

My Favorite Sunscreens

Coola Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF 50.

This has been my go-to sunscreen for body for the past few weeks. It does take quite a bit of rubbing in to get to the “sheer finish” it promises but I do appreciate that once applied it’s not sticky or slick so it makes it great for every day wear.

Coola Unscented SPF 30 Body Sunscreen Spray.

I know that spray sunscreens are often less effective because they do not apply as well as creams. But this is a great sunscreen for reapplying in a jiffy or while outdoors. I used it while in Palm Springs and didn’t get burned anywhere after two days in the sun. I don’t use this as a daily sunscreen because it has a sheen and can be a little sticky after application.

Neutrogena Ultra Dry Sheer Touch SPF 55 Sunscreen.

This has been my preferred beach or pool sunscreen for face for a while. A close runner up to this one for me is this one from Elta MD. It’s great for days you’re not trying to layer anything over your SPF.

Olay Total Effects Whip SPF 25.

You guys know by now this product is holy grail for me. (Read more on it here, here). Thanks to the matte finish this moisturizer with SPF 25 is so ideal for days you’ll be out in the sun but also want to be wearing makeup. I use it pretty much every.single.morning. I also make sure to use it on my ears and down the front of my neck. On particularly hot days I actually double up on SPF on my face by using this Sweat Cosmetics powder as my setting powder.

Supergoop! Poof Mineral Part Powder SPF 45 Sunscreen.

This was my latest SPF purchase and I’m so glad to have it as it is essentially reminding me to apply sunscreen to my part. Every summer I get burned on my part because I forget about this part of my skin that needs protecting. I plan to purchase this and this from Supergoop! next for summer SPF skincare needs.

. . .

And while I always use SPF as a first line of defense, I’m also trying to better my habits about having a hat on hand anytime I’ll have prolonged sun exposure. My dermatologist told me this is key for someone with as fair of skin as I.

As I went to publish this post, I was made aware of the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen scoring system and wanted to note that I’ll be using this to inform my SPF purchase decisions in the future. A score under 5 is recommended. 1 is the best score and anything higher than a 5 is less than ideal for regular use. I’m going also planning to try out Beautycounter’s clean sunscreens when I next need a restock on SPF.

I’m still on the lookout for a good SPF lip balm in case anyone has a good recommendation!

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  1. Marlow says:

    I love Coola sunscreen!! It feels sooo soft and amazing on my skin!

  2. GF says:

    SPF and sun protection are so important (and so underrated) — thanks for sharing your recs. I’ve been meaning to try a supergoop sunscreen and plan to buy one when I run out of my current drugstore brand. my mom was always very vigilant about making sure us kids wore sunscreen, and I’m so grateful for that — although I wasn’t as diligent as a teenager, I have tried to be diligent about wearing sunscreen daily (or almost daily) now that I’m in my twenties.

  3. Melanie says:

    Love Coola and Neutrogena, and you’ve got me addicted to the Olay whips! Need to try the supergoop part protector now!

  4. I’m similarly pale and evangelical about sun protection, so I love this post! I also discovered SPF sprays for your face (I like the Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil mist) and makeup (I like the Coola, Bobbi Brown or Bioderma SPF setting sprays) for a bit of extra protection too. And need to hunt down this part powder in the UK because I accidentally burn my scalp at least once per summer when I forget to take a hat with me!

    P.S. on the lip balm front, the Fresh lip balms are amazing (they come in either clear or tinted versions) and have SPF protection, and Coola and Elizabeth Arden both do a great SPF lip balm too!

    Briony xox

  5. Nicole says:

    Since you are already on the Supergoop bandwagon I’d highly recommend the acaifusion lip balm spf 30. It is the best lip spf I have ever used!

  6. Bailey says:

    Hi Megan – Would you make any changes to this list based on your recent news? Your post has me thinking I need to get serious about sunscreen and am wondering where to begin. Thanks so much.

    • Meghan says:

      Bailey – YES! I am in the process of re-assessing all my SPF. I’ll report back once I’ve figured out the best ones that meet my derm’s standards.

  7. The Coola screen!! I try that before and I really love using it. It makes your skin smooth and it protects your skin from the sun.

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