20 New Things to Try

March 31, 2020

20 New Things to Try Right Now I wit & whimsy

No time like the present, am I right? So if you’re like me you’re handling this current pandemic by keeping busy. To each their own, of course, but I’m less anxious when I’m keeping myself occupied. Not saying I’m about to write a novel or anything, but I am looking for new ways to keep myself entertained. So in the spirit of that, I called on some of my friends and favorite content creators to share posts of theirs that will help you learn a new skill or experience something new to you.

20 New Things to Try

  1. How to Bake Bread – Lemon Stripes.
  2. Needlepoint for Beginners – Carly the Prepster.
  3. 8 Healthy Recipes to Try – The Style Scribe.
  4. Set up a Home Photo Studio – This Time Tomorrow. (Think this could be fun to get your kids involved, too – what might they want to try their hand at photographing!?)
  5. How to Do a Crown Braid – Ashley Brooke Designs. (In fact, this is on my personal learn-how-to-do list!)
  6. How to Deep Clean Your Scalp – The Stripe.
  7. How to Re-Use Your Glass Candle Jars – The Girl Guide.
  8. How to Make an Excellent Dirty Martini – With Love from Kat.
  9. Ways to Practice Being More Mindful – A Girl, A Style.
  10. Sign up for some ‘Smile Mail’ in your inbox – Bright Bazaar.
  11. 50 Classic Movies (You Might Not Have Seen) to Watch – Carly Hill.
  12. How to Actually Organize Your Makeup – Lindsay Silberman.
  13. How to Declutter and Simplify Your Life Right Now – Jess Ann Kirby.

Some additional ideas:

So have you tried anything new of late? I’d love to hear what it was! (And a big thanks to my friends for participating in this post!)

p.s. even more ideas of what to do and self care rituals you can do at home.

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  1. Such a great list of ideas! Like you, I feel my best when I’m keeping busy at the moment, and have been cooking and baking and making jam, reading so much more than usual, working out twice a day (who even am I?!), giving myself a facial every day, tending to all my plants, decluttering and organising every single drawer and cupboard, and watching all my favourite feel-good movies and TV shows.

    Sending lots of love across the Atlantic!

    Briony xx

  2. Melanie says:

    Love this post! And love the content from some other creators as well. I think dirty martini, mindfulness, and cleaning out my closet are the first 3 on my list!

  3. marjana says:

    Great list! I have been keeping myself busy mainly with crafts, redecorating the house. Stay safe!


  4. Jada says:

    I love this round up of ideas! Thank you for sharing!!


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