Osea Malibu Review

January 3, 2024

Osea Malibu Review

Sometimes you try a clean beauty line and just know you’re going to love it for a long time and that was Osea Malibu for me. I first tried it several years ago and since then my use of the brand has only grown. 

Osea Malibu Review

Osea is one of the original clean and vegan skincare lines. It was established back in 1996 and given its home of Malibu, California – the brand relies heavily on organic seaweed throughout the skincare products it produces. The brand name stands for Ocean Sun Earth and Atmosphere.

The entire line is intended to be inspired by elements of the ocean and I really like that the line is cruelty free and prioritizes eco-friendly formulations and packaging along with formulas for all skin types.

It was founded by Jenefer Palmer and it has grown into one of the best luxury skin and body care lines. And it’s certainly one of my personal favorites so today I am sharing an Osea review of all the products from Osea that I have tried.

Best Osea Malibu Products

Best Natural and Clean Cleansers

Osea Ocean Cleanser

The Osea Ocean Cleanser is one of my very favorite cleansers. Super gentle and leaves skin amazingly soft. I’m on my third bottle of this stuff – it’s truly one of the best cleansers I’ve tried.

Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk

I had higher hopes for this one but I think I’ll stick with the Ocean Cleanser when I finish the bottle of this. It just doesn’t do as effective of a job as I want when I go to wash my face at the end of the day. I do love how gentle it is and how creamy the formula is but I am often required to do a second cleanse if I wore makeup that day when using this stuff.

Osea Malibu Review

Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum

This is a great HA serum for when your skin needs a drink. I’ve gone through multiple bottles and it’s one of my favorite hyaluronic acid serums. It always feels like giving my skin a big drink of water when I apply it. So good for dry skin.

Osea Anti-Aging Sea Serum

My 30-something skin is always looking for serums that’ll help slow down the aging process. I like this serum because it has so many of my favorite actives such as Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Ceramides.

Enriched with seaweed, this serum aims to deliver a brighter complexion, improve skin elasticity and works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Better yet? It is fragrance and essential oil free.

Osea Malibu Review

Osea Advanced Protection Cream

Sadly I had to discontinue use of this after I realized it had macadamia nut oil in it as I believe it’s what caused me to have skin irritation after a few uses of this. It is formulated for highly sensitive skin and I did find it incredibly comforting but then things took a turn so I stopped use as I have a mild nut allergy.

Osea Blemish Balm

I’ve added this into my breakouts routine whenever my skin gets angry and it really is a wonderful moisturizer for when you have active blemishes. 

It’s super sheer and fast-absorbing and features nutrient-rich seaweed and tea tree, juniper, and thyme essential oils that work to calm and clarify.

If you have acne prone skin, this is a great product to try.

Osea Malibu Review

Osea Undaria Algae Oil

This is my favorite body oil. It’s gorgeous to apply, doesn’t get slick or sticky and soaks in right away. It is especially great during winter! The key is to apply it to *damp* skin!

Pro tip: Put a few pumps into your bath, too! Definitely my favorite Osea Malibu product. Skin feels so, so good after application.

The bottle will also last you a long time as a few pumps go a long way! If you buy one thing from the Osea line, I recommend you buy the Undaria algae body oil. I’ve gone through multiple bottles and still absolutely love it. It is my first pick when it comes to body care. 

Osea Anti Aging Body Balm

If you prefer more lotions than oils, this body balm is great. It sinks in right away and leaves no sticky residue. I love how soft and soothing the formula is.

Osea Malibu Review

Osea Salts of the Earth Body Scrub

This bestselling body scrub is so damn luxurious. It leaves your skin feeling so very soft and super hydrated. It feels like using a spa treatment at home. My absolute favorite body scrub I have ever tried and I’ve gone through at least 3-4 tubs in the last few years which is saying something!

Undaria Cleansing Body Polish

This has a cool gel-to-milk formula that combines dual action physical and AHA exfoliation to promote cell turnover for healthy looking skin. 

It gently cleanses to wash away dead skin cells, smooths away rough, bumpy and uneven texture and it smells utterly amazing.

Osea Vagus Nerve Oil

This oil was such a lovely addition to my nighttime routine. It really helps melt away stress as you apply it to your vagus nerve along your neck. The vagus nerve activates the body’s relaxation response. If you suffer from anxiety and have trouble falling asleep, I highly recommend trying this oil.

Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist

Part of the brand’s Dream Shop, this pillow mist has the same divine and calming scent as their Vagnus Nerve Oil. I love misting a few spritzes across my linens before bedtime as a nice wind-down ritual.

Osea Malibu Review

Osea Black Algae Flash Mask

“Flash Mask” is the right name for this as you definitely get instant gratification after use. Skin becomes visibly smoother and you get a glow right off the bat. This is a great mask to use before an event and before makeup. It is not intended for sensitive skin, however!

Osea Red Algae Mask

Love a clarifying mask like I do? This one will help blemished and congested skin thanks to the French red clay which draws out impurities and helps soak up any excess oil.

Osea Seaglow Overnight Serum AHA Treatment

If you love AHAs like I do and want your skincare to really work for you overnight – this newer SKU from Osea is for you. Apply this serum at night and let it go to work to resurface and reinforces your skin’s moisture barrier. Skin is more glowy and smoother in the morning thanks to a blend of AHAs, phytic acid and tropical fruit extracts.

. . .

Have you tried the Osea Malibu line? If so I’d love to hear which product(s) you loved!

Osea Malibu is available to purchase at their website OseaMalibu.com as well as Amazon, Credo Beauty, Ulta Beauty, BlueMercury, Follain and The Detox Market.

If you plan to purchase from Osea’s own site, you can use code WITWHIMSY10 for 10% off your order and I will earn a small commission on your purchase. And if you need help determining which products are right for you, I highly recommend you use their online quiz to help you build a routine that’ll be effective for your skin type.

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