WIT Destination: Chicago!

September 30, 2008

This WIT, while now settled in and calling San Francisco home, was originally from Chicago. I consider this Midwest city to be at the top of my list of favorites.

There’s something about Chicago that every WIT will take in and just love. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it as a destination for a WIT trip. You won’t regret it. From the impressive galleries at the Art Institute to the carefree feeling that’s experienced when in Millennium Park. Drinks at the Signature Room in the Hancock Tower overlooking Lake Michigan and boutiques and bakeries (Sweet Mandy B’s is OF LIFE) lining the streets of neighborhoods like Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville- Chicago is friendly, sweet and completely entertaining. There’s never a dull moment and its no wonder why young professionals flock to the city. It’s full of fun bars, home to the Chicago Cubs (a game at Wrigley will be an experience you’ll never forget- even for a WIT!), offers great shopping and fabulous food.

Get to planning your next WIT trip and tackle this big, but little feeling windy city. It’s one of the best and will be sure to a WIT favorite.


Oh So Nice Neutrals

September 25, 2008

While Spring and Summer fashion palattes graced us with outrageously colorful options like kelly green, eggplant, orange, yellow and teal- this Fall, it’s all about the neutrals.

You’d think you’d get sick of neutrals, right? When, in fact, they are the most reliable buys a WIT can have hanging in her closet. We rely on white for when we want to feel even more tan when we come back bronzed from WIT trips involving beaches. We rely on black as our best standby for the nights we’re feeling fat, bloated, pale, stressed, self-conscience (the list goes on and on, I’m sure). And we rely on beige when we need to be professional and conservative.

Well, this Fall all these couleurs will join together in ensembles. But this time around they will play with each other- black accents on a beige top, black and white tweed, steel gray satin, rich gorgeous brown leather, white belts over black shirts- you get the point. Check out ShopBop’s latest LookBook and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s time to throw away the old “no black worn with brown” rule. Learn to love neutrals and start experimenting now! These neutrals can take you from professional to party girl and classic to couture. Loves it!

Designers featured: Marc by Marc Jacobs, T-Bags and Juicy Couture

photos courtesy of ShopBop 

Mini Guide to: A Constructive Commute

September 24, 2008

All us working gals bear the burden of the daily commute to and from work. It’s a joy, isn’t it? Oh wait, it can be quite hellish. Whether you’re braving tons of traffic, feeling like a cow amidst a herd of cattle on the bus or walking the sweaty or freezing blocks- a commute is one of the less enjoyable things in life. All in agreement? I thought so.

Therefore, I thought I’d share one of my new favorite things to help me battle my commute. I’ve subscribed via iTunes to various podcasts (free!) and now- instead of listening to the same songs over and over again- I get myself up to speed on the news and have found a way to actually make my commute constructive! Quite genius, if I do say so myself.

If you don’t have iTunes (something’s wrong with you, but) head to www.apple.com/itunes and get it on your computer STAT. Then decide which programs will satisfy your witty appetite and get to subscribing. My personal favorite is Wall Street Journal This Morning. The podcast has no commercials, therefore trimming it to 35 minutes so that I can just press play as I close my door behind me and arrive at my desk as the program closes and Gordon Deal signs off. I arrive at work appraised of all the major headlines and am a WIT “in the know”. Now it’s your turn!

Other favorites include:

– NPR’s ‘This American Life’
– Bloomberg’s ‘The First Word’ and ‘On the Economy’
– USA Today’s Pop Candy