WIT Therapy

May 22, 2008

Let’s face it, every WIT should take care of her skin– moisturize and slap on sunscreen. I have to confess, I’m a product junkie. I’m a sucker for trying the latest and greatest organic lotion, lip plumping gloss, gravity defying mascara, eye-popping liner, and illuminating-mineral-zinc-xyz-powder. I digress.

For years, I have used the same Clinique “dramatically different moisturizing lotion,” a staple product in my entire household that even my younger brother started using, to freshin’ up his already uber-soft face. (I hope he isn’t reading this.) I have combination skin– more dry than oily, some days a mess, but most days just normal with a few occasional stubborn breakouts. After years of using the same familiar yellow lotion, I decided to try Philosophy’s “Hope in a Jar,” a top selling cream that is acclaimed to be.. well.. hope in a jar.

Photo Courtesy: Sephora

One word can describe the cream- decadent. It’s light, airy, smells a hint of eucalyptus (I think I just made that up), cold to the touch and truly wonderous. I’m quite the sucker for clever lines, and I HAD to buy after I read the jar, “Where there is hope, there can be faith, where there is faith miracles occur.” Sold. What better way to start my day, therapy for the skin and the soul. Now let’s hope this jar can work wonders in the dating world.

A little more about Hope in a Jar:
Hope in a Jar
What it is: A therapeutic daily facial moisturizer for all skin types.

What it is formulated to do:
The original formula of Hope In A Jar was originally created for the medical market and is a world-renowned skin cream. For years, plastic surgeons have been recommending this formula to patients in pursuit of younger, healthier skin. Results can be seen and felt within days – a healthy, rosy glow to the skin that doesn’t require makeup or cover up.


Frozen Yogurt – The Perfect Summer Treat!

May 21, 2008

With the weather warming up, it is hard to resist a delicious cup of frozen yogurt with bright sprinkles or fresh fruit on a sunny day. Is there anything better? Some might say ice cream, but a WIT finds it hard to resist the simple pleasure of frozen yogurt, with much less guilt. I’ve made it my quest to find the best frozen yogurt shops wherever I go, and here is my top list of places in and around the Bay Area for the perfect summer treat!

San Francisco:

-Ambrosia Cafe (right near work…dangerously close!)
-Michaeli’s (yes, its in the back of a sketchy liquor store in Cow Hollow, but oh so good and great flavors)
-New Russian Hill Market (dangerously close to the WPFO)
-Yogurt Bar (for the tart yogurt lovers)

Santa Clara:
-Willow Glen (my favorite while at SCU)
-Yumi Yogurt

-Big Spoon Yogurt (Mary and I go every time I’m home)

Berkeley and Walnut Creek:
-Yogurt Park and Yogurt Castle (quite possibly my favorite of all)

Pinole (yes, I even found one there, thanks to Taryn!)

…If you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a frozen yogurt lover. Let me know your favorites, and try one of these places next time you are in the area!

Let's talk about Sex…and the City!

May 20, 2008

One of my very best friends shared this link with me today and got me even more excited for the May 30th premiere of Sex & the City, the movie. In all honesty, Sex & the City has always been about togetherness for me. The friendships, the relationships, the trials and tribulations…they all come down to being there for those you love. Which, in my opinion, is the best part of the show. I mean, granted, the witty banter, lust-worthy fashions, scandalous scenes and fabulous parties do make it all the more interesting to watch.


Anyhow, when the movie does make its debut, whether it be 2 or 5 stars, I can guarantee that when I view it, I will be with my best girlfriends, in my highest heels (if anyone wants to make them Manolo’s for me, I’d love you forever and ever…just a thought 🙂 ) and a cosmo in hand. (Plus, let’s be honest- what other show on television convinced you that life could be just as fun and just as exciting even if you weren’t married with children despite being over the age of 32? -insert sigh of relief-)


I couldn’t be more sure though that my life would be no where as good if I didn’t have the best girlfriends and WITs to make every day fun, fabulous and witty. Cheers to that!