Songs to slow down…

January 31, 2007

I’ve been a fan of Norah Jones for sometime now, but have found a true love for her soulful and relaxed lyrics and melodies in the past few months. I highly recommend making a playlist of her slower songs to help put you to sleep or calm you down after a long day (especially, ironically titled ‘The Long Day is Over”).

Now, Norah has released yet another album aimed to please. The songs are captivating and relevant no matter where you are in your life. Released today, it’s now available in stores and on itunes.

Definitely Download: Thinking About You and Rosie’s Lullaby


The Best way to Travel

January 10, 2007

We all enjoy traveling in style. Long trips can be made more bearable when you have the necessary items to put you at ease. But there are also some good tips to know for before and after you travel. And be sure to always drink a ton of water before, during, and after your flight so your skin and body don’t feel dehydrated after all of that shared, pressurized air…Bon Voyage!

– Be sure to join mileage programs for the airlines that you often fly. With heightened security measures, becoming a frequent flyer on particular airlines can help expedite your checking-in process as well as time spent in the security line.
– For Southwest Airlines become a part of their Rapid Rewards Program and download the program ‘DING’ that will post new deals on flights every time you start your computer.
– For United Airlines, by checking in online 24 hours before your flight you can earn extra miles.

– When checking-in it doesn’t hurt to ask the airline employee if there will be any opportunities for last-minute upgrades. Sometimes you can get put on the upgrade list just for asking this simple question. You may find yourself in first or business class before you know it!

– Don’t forget to charge fully any electronic items (cell phone, laptop, ipod, etc) you will be wanting use of and remember to bring along any of the accompanying cords. No WIT wants to have to ask to use someone else’s charger or find themselves in one of those booths for a quick charge to her laptop!

– Head to Brookstone where their new NAP line– full of pillows, blankets, eye masks and more- is luscious, cozy, and affordable. You’ll love the soft feel of the fabric and they are made to be the perfect size for not only a nap wherever you may find yourself taking one, but ideal for traveling in planes, trains, or automobiles!

– Don’t hesitate to ask flight attendants for additional beverages, little pretzels to snack on, or to check and see if any blankets or magazines are available for the flight.

– Before take off ask a flight attendant if there are any extra seats on the off chance that an aisle or window seat- which ever you may prefer- happens to be open.

– Bring along only a small make-up kit for touch ups upon landing. Before announcement of arrival, sneak into the bathroom to put on some fresh gloss and powder so that you will feel more confident and a bit less dirty when you head to wherever or whomever may be your final destination.

– Hold on to your ticketstub so that you can ensure your miles have been added online. Airlines like to pretend they are adding your most recent flight, when sometimes you’re not even getting credit.

– Be grateful for the service you have just been provided by thanking pilots and other crewmembers. Their job isn’t easy and if you’ve had an enjoyable experience let the airline know by filling out a form online or calling their toll-free name. However, on the other end- if something was not satisfactory, also call to express your disappointment. Whether you’re complimenting or complaining, you may receive dollars off your next flight, airline vouchers, or additional miles.

"That’s so Audrey!"

January 8, 2007

With her popularity at its height in the 1960s, one would think that her essential style elements would have come and gone, but quite the opposite when it comes to the timeless trends that Audrey Hepburn created. She continues to have an influence on the international world of style and popularized looks that women everywhere still try and to create to this very day. Below you’ll find a guide to looking “so Audrey”

The little black dress
The design should be classic, timeless, and be looked as though it is being pulled off effortlessly. Your little black dress should not show too much skin and should be tasteful in all of its elements. Be able to dress it up and down to get the most out of it.

They should be of the large variety, but nothing that makes your face overwhelmed. You want your bone structure to still be seen. The glasses should not be overly trendy, but flattering. Also, unless you want, your glasses need not have a designer’s name splashed across the frames.

Ballet Flats
There’s a multitude from which to choose, but you want them to be sturdy enough to support your foot, so those with no real frame or sole are not the best choices. These shoes tend to be affordable so you can get pairs in a variety of colors and prints. If you want a really unique pair and are willing to pay for a bit higher price tag, try French Sole a darling English brand that makes the world’s most comfortable and stylish flats.

Understated Jewelry
Unlike her look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in real life Audrey Hepburn sported only minimal jewelry. A pair of diamond-studded pearls often adorned her earlobes and for more dress events she chose a strand of pearls or diamonds.

*Keep in mind that while you can obtain pieces that Ms. Hepburn made extremely popular, she, herself, did not truly believe in trends. Audrey believed the best way to feel good in clothes was to develop your own style and be comfortable in it.