Summer Bucket List

July 6, 2021

Summer Outfit featuring Linen Pants and a Knit Tank

Summer is here and the livin’ is easy. And hot. I will admit, summer isn’t my personal favorite season. I’m much more of a Fall girl. But with summer’s arrival, it means Fall is around the corner and it is time to be making the most of summer.

Which only means one thing: It’s time for my summer bucket list!

Summer Outfit featuring Linen Pants and a Knit Tank

Summer Bucket List

There are of course so many things I love about summer. Fun trips for vacation, the return of ferry season, ice cream on the regular, time spent outdoors with friends, the return of rooftop hangs, favorite summer foods like lobster rolls and fish tacos, swimming in pools, lakes and oceans…and so much more. 

I love the carefree feeling that comes with summer. And a favorite past time for me on wit & whimsy has been to develop bucket lists that serve as little guides for me to enjoy the season and make the most of the weeks ahead. 

It is my hope that this bucket list serves as a great idea starting point for you to make the most of your own season ahead as well!

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Summer Outfit featuring Linen Pants and a Knit Tank

Summer Outfit featuring Linen Pants and a Knit Tank

Summer Outfit featuring Linen Pants and a Knit Tank

Now, onto my bucket list for the season! If you’re looking for fun summer bucket list ideas, here you go. 

See an outdoor movie.

Last summer I staked out a spot one summer evening and watched an outdoor movie in the park in Brooklyn Bridge Park. In New York City we don’t get to do a drive in movie so we settle for movies in the park! In summer’s past I’ve also done movies in Bryant Park which is so charming as well. But there’s nothing better than packing up a blanket and picnic supplies and heading to the park in my own backyard of Brooklyn Heights and seeing a movie in the summer heat after the sun has set.

Make strawberry shortcake.

Is there anything better than strawberry shortcake in the summer? With homemade whipped cream is a must in my book! I want to add this to my rotation of summer desserts. 

Ice Cream Dates.

I love doing coffee dates with friends but plan to add in some ice cream dates with friends this summer, too. There’s a variety of great homemade ice cream spots that have opened up in Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo that I plan to be a regular at this season.

Read in the park.

I too often read just from my couch or my bed so this summer I want to get in the habit of taking my book down to the park to read with a bit of a breeze and mother nature. Reading is one of my favorite ways to use my free time. I never regret curling up with a good book.

Read five books.

I’m rather behind on my reading goal for 2023 so I hope to get at least five books read before Labor Day. I plan to download a bunch to my Kindle and if you need some reading inspiration, all my favorite books are in my Amazon Shop.

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Explore new farmer’s markets.

I love visiting the farmer’s market to inspire dinner and this season I want to visit some new ones.

Master a frozen cocktail at home.

Because there’s nothing more fun than a boozy slushie.

Citibike somewhere new.

I first need to buy a helmet and then I want to explore more of Brooklyn by bike. On my list to enjoy by bike this summer is Red Hook and perhaps Governors Island again which I did last summer and had so much fun doing. Afterwards I enjoyed lunch and cocktails at Island Oyster. Highly recommend this spot for a fun day trip where you can take the ferry to and from the island. 

Take in the sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

There’s nothing like a summer sunset from this local park in my backyard.

Get a drink at a new cocktail bar. 

There are so many cool new spots opening up and reviving New York City of late. I want to check out at least one of the newer spots that I have been saving to my list of want-to-try spots.

Go on a hike. 

I love waking up early to go on a summer morning hike before temperatures get too hot. 

Drinks at Pilot.

This is one of my favorite Brooklyn summer pastimes. There’s nothing better than watching the sun set over the Manhattan skyline while docked on this floating boat in the East River that serves up delicious lobster rolls and cocktails.

Mini Golf.

Last summer when I went to Lake Tahoe my brother and sister in law and I played mini golf and it was the first time in ages I had done so. I forgot what fun it is! I want to find a spot to do it in New York City this year. If not NYC, I am hoping to return to Lake Tahoe again this year and will look to do it again out there.

Movie Marathon.

On a rainy day one weekend this summer I want to do a movie marathon at my apartment. I’ll tee up some of my all time favorites like The Holiday, Father of the Bride, Notting Hill and Something’s Gotta Give. What would be on your movie marathon list??

Northern California Trip.

I can’t wait to spend time with my besties with some quality time out in the Bay Area this summer. I have a weekend in Sonoma booked, may visit Lake Tahoe as mentioned and will also enjoy time with my godchildren to enjoy some of their favorite fun summer activities. A water balloon fight or scavenger hunt may be in the cards! A kids summer hits different, am I right?

I’ll be out there end of July and early August which for me is the perfect time to escape some of New York City’s worst heat and humidity.

Road Trip. 

I would love to find time this summer to fit in a road trip. That may be to The Berkshires or elsewhere.

. . .

I hope this gives you some ideas for summer that will inspire you to have a great summer! What’s on your bucket list this summer? If you have a great idea I’d love for you to share it in the Comments.

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