Supergoop Sheer Screen Review

April 27, 2021

Supergoop Sheer Screen Review

With spring here, summer is around the corner and while SPF should be a part of our daily routines, it gets more love with the weather warming up and all of us spending more time outdoors. I felt an instant mood shift after daylight savings this year and I am so excited for more social plans outside in the coming months.

By now we all know that sun exposure can equal sun damage and after my personal skin cancer diagnosis in 2019, I became more rigorous in regards to every day SPF use – and in particular – mineral SPFs that better protect your skin from too much sun exposure.

I have tried and tested and been underwhelmed by lots of mineral sunscreens in the past few years. So many sunscreens are just too greasy for every day wear or I feel very “meh” about them.

I’m always on the hunt for one that has proper mineral protection (zinc, titanium dioxide or a combo of the two sunscreen actives) but also can be worn under makeup, has a good texture and blends/absorbs well. Chemical sunscreens are more common in the market but do not provide the same level of protection.

Supergoop is one of my favorite SPF brands (I previously used Zinc Screen every day and still really like it!) and so when I saw they released a Sheer Screen mineral SPF earlier this year – I bought it immediately. I was really keen to try it out and today I’m sharing my thoughts.

Supergoop Sheer Screen Review

Supergoop Sheer Screen Review

If you’re not familiar, Supergoop was founded in 2007 by Holly Thaggard who started the company having been motivated by the simple yet powerful mission of stopping the epidemic of skin cancer.  SPF is the #1 thing you can do for your skin and yet so many people don’t have it as part of their every day skin routine.

The brand is based around feel-good formulas you’ll actually want to use – so SPF feels less like a chore and instead feels like a worthwhile ritual.  Ingredients are also important to them when it comes to their formulas and it’s why I trust the brand. Did you know that an estimated 73% of sunscreens don’t actually live up to their sun protection claims? Or that roughly 65% of sunscreens contain oxybenzone? Oxybenzone has a cornucopia of nasty side effects like being an irritant, an allergen, a hormone disruptor and more…yikes! 

Supergoop is vegan, cruelty-free and prioritize ingredients that are good for people + for the planet.

What I also love about Supergoop is their recognition that skincare isn’t one size fits all. So they have a variety of formulas and formats for you to find “the one” when it comes to sunscreen. They also prioritize other forms of skincare protection such as blue light (aka your screen time!), infrared radiation and pollution. 

Is Supergoop Sheerscreen Mineral?

Supergoop’s Mineral Sheerscreen SPF 30 is 100% mineral, sheer skin protector that provides lightweight yet effective protection while helping to shield skin from blue light and prep your face for makeup.

It is a non-nano zinc oxide face sunscreen with a super sheer formula that suspends the sunscreen actives in a matrix without compromising efficacy, so it instantly blends to a natural, smooth finish that wears well alone or as a primer under makeup. The brand refers to this as their sheermatrix technology.

There’s no greasy or slick feeling after you apply which you’ll be able to see in the photos here.

Supergoop Sheer Screen Ingredients

Zinc Oxide

This mineral SPF uses Zinc Oxide as its active ingredient at a level of 17.5%. You get Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protection and the Zinc used is 100% non nano zinc oxide.

Bush Clover Extract

This helps protect skin from free radicals and oxidative stress brought on by blue light. The inclusion of this ingredient filters blue light from harming your skin.

Aloe Leaf Juice

This helps provide a moisturizing benefit that smooths skin and prepares it for applying makeup.


This helps leaves skin soft without a greasy residue.

How to Apply Supergoop Sheer Screen

Part of the reason I love this SPF is that it blends out really well making it ideal for all skin types. I use just a bit more than a pea size of product and that covers my whole face making it easy to apply generously and properly. Then I take a bit more and add it onto my ears, my neck, my chest and the back of my neck and upper back. I apply it as the last step in my A.M. skincare routine and just before makeup. 

I found it very easy to apply my makeup after applying Supergoop Sheer Screen thanks to its natural finish and was delighted to learn they actually formulated it as a makeup primer of sorts – so it works to prep your skin before makeup – genius!

Supergoop Sheer Screen Review

Supergoop Sheer Screen Review

Be sure to apply your SPF 15 minutes before sun exposure. And, in general, you’ll want to reapply SPF every two hours. I found that this reapplied well atop my makeup without making a mess which I really loved. But most days spent outside, I’ll reapply over makeup with a powder SPF like the Colorscience SPF 50 Brush On Shield.

Supergoop Sheer Screen Review

Is Supergoop Sheer Screen Worth It?

Any sunscreen that you don’t mind wearing daily is worth it in my opinion. Supergoop is on the higher end of SPF prices but I think it’s worth it because of the user experience. So many mineral sunscreens have awful white casts, don’t blend out well, have a funny smell or can’t be worn under makeup seamlessly. Supergoop Sheer Screen is so user friendly that I find myself looking forward to be in the habit of using it. And that’s saying something!

Supergoop Sheer Screen retails for $38 for just 1.5 oz and is available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Revolve and The brand’s website also offers a special .5oz Supergoop Sheerscreen trial size for $17 if you’re keen to try it out first.

Supergoop Zinc Screen vs. Sheer Screen

I plan to continue using the Supergoop Zinc Screen because of its higher SPF (SPF 40) so it’ll be for days with more sun exposure or more UV rays out but the Sheer Screen has become my go-to for every day thanks to its blue light protection. I do like that Sheer Screen absorbs in a faster, more matte manner though. It feels more weightless than Zinc Screen in my opinion.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen vs. Sheer Screen

I’ve tried both the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen and the Sheer Screen and prefer the Sheer Screen for how great it blends, absorbs and can have makeup applied atop. And most importantly: because it is mineral! It was really seamless to add it to my skincare routine and so far I haven’t had any issues with it when sweating, either. If you like Unseen, I’d recommend you switch to Sheer Screen for a higher quality of protection. 

I have not tried the popular Glow Screen as it is not a mineral sunscreen and I no longer buy or use any chemical sunscreens due to my history of skin cancer.

. . .

Do you have a favorite Supergoop sunscreen? I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. Juyoung says:

    I have been using the Glow Screen but not loving it sadly. I got my mom the Zinc Screen after reading your review (she has sensitivity with chemical sunscreens) and that’s been a winner for her! I think I’m going to try both the Zinc Screen and Sheer Screen next time!

  2. Erica says:

    I’ve been using Glow Screen for the past year, but lately have felt it gives me too much glow. I bought Sheer Screen after seeing you and others mention it. I agree with everything you said – it blends really easy and doesn’t love white residue. I’m a fan so far!

  3. Nancy says:

    I love Super Goop. I had been using the City serum, but switched over to Matte Screen. I like the sheer tint to the Matte Screen, it’s not shiny and blends in well with no white cast.

  4. Jane says:

    Really like Supergoop Sheer screen for going out and La Roche-Posay Mineral Sunscreen if I’m out in the sun all day gardening or at the lake

  5. Amy says:

    Any recommendations for body sunscreen? I find most of the mineral ones I have tried are very drying.

  6. Brigid says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m definitely going to give this one a try! I’ve used Glow Screen and it’s ok, but I don’t love that it isn’t mineral.. Sorry if you’ve answered this (I looked around on the blog and couldn’t find a recent post, but may have missed it!), but do you have a recommendation for body sunscreen? I’ve had a hard time with clean sunscreens in the past and got to the point where I felt it was better to get coverage and not worry so much about clean coverage since I’m not wearing it on my body every day. I like the SuperGoop Play, but would love to hear what you’ve been using!

  7. Melanie says:

    I bought a tiny sample on the Unseen and can’t deal with the texture – it makes my face feel oily; I’ll have to try the Sheer Screen because it sounds fantastic! I will also co-sign what someone said above about La Roche Posay, love their skincare and sunscreens.

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