One of the top reasons I enjoy the Fall so much is because it’s the return of cozy season. Soft blankets, loungewear, scented candles, hot cups of tea, fuzzy socks, crockpot comfort meals…you get the idea. I actually wrote this post last November and am updating it this year in what feels like the year […]

Cashmere Loungewear I wit & whimsy

Lots of Cozy Things to Love


October 21, 2020

Your Guide to Hygge I wit & whimsy

Your Definitive Guide to Hygge


January 24, 2017

Have you guys heard of hygge? (Pronounced ‘hooga’) I have kept seeing it everywhere ever since Pinterest declared it a 2017 trend (you can go down a serious rabbit hole) and I have to say I am super on board with it. Hygge basically translates to a state of cozy and given my January attempt to reset, you know I’m all about […]