Lots of Cozy Things to Love

November 28, 2019

Cozy Items + Best Holiday Candles I wit & whimsy

Happy Thanksgiving from Australia! I flew to Melbourne yesterday and dined on lots of delicious Chinese Food instead of turkey and stuffing this year. (Thursday was yesterday for me! Being in the future is so strange, I tell you.)

I hadn’t planned to post today initially but as I’ve been so busy working and prepping holiday content (have you shopped these good sales yet!?), I’ve been in major hibernation mode wearing some favorite cozy pieces so I wanted to quickly share some of my favorite things for this time of year when you want to stay indoors and be nothing but cozy. A handful are already on sale so figured it was worth posting this now vs. later!

When I get home from Oz I cannot wait to get back into my cozy clothes!

Best Holiday Candles I wit & whimsy

Cozy Items + Best Holiday Candles I wit & whimsy

Cozy Things to Love:

Old Navy Sherpa Pullover (Size S) // Old Navy Pajamas (Size S)

p.s. some favorite home items of mine and what I want for Christmas.

[Carter Fish Photography]

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  1. Finally bought the Lou and Grey set when they had their sale and they are sooooo soft and comfy! Been changing into them immediately after work the past few days. Thanks so much for the rec 🙂

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