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October 23, 2018


The Beauty Edit 10.23 I wit & whimsy
It’s that time of the month where I share some beauty products I’ve been using on heavy rotation of late and these are all so, so good you guys!

The Beauty Edit 10.23

Aquis Hair Towel

I was influenced by my friend Blair to try this hair towel and man, am I glad I was! This towel definitely cuts down on dry time (they claim by 50%). And they also say the towel can help fight frizz. The towel’s fabric helps to wick away water. So, if you’re like me and loathe blow drying your hair, you should invest in this towel pronto. I was seriously amazed at how well it works. Pro tip: Don’t rub your hair when putting this on. Just pop it on your head as a turban and let it go to work. (It’s also been a relief to have this as my super extra, super fluffy and big beloved bath towels were just too heavy to be used for hair drying!)


Glytone Rejuvenating Mini Peel

When I recently ran out of my favorite 8% glycolic serum I decided to reach for this Glytone glycolic peel that had been recently sent to me and boy did it fit the bill! I wasn’t familiar with this brand but given their whole M.O is related to glycolic acid I figured I should try it since I love that ingredient so much. This 10-minute peel totally delivered in instantly refreshing my skin. In case you’re unfamiliar, glycolic acid is a golden ingredient that exfoliates dead skin cell buildup. It also goes deep to remove impurities from your pores. By using glycolic regularly you will ensure your top layer of skin isn’t clogged up. And that your other products are going to work by being able to penetrate your skin.  (I love this peel so much now that I put it on mid-writing this post lol!) And, FYI, if you’re scared of acids because you have sensitive skin, know that this one is safe for sensitive skin (like mine) and shouldn’t cause irritation.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Liner

Nobody does nude lips like Charlotte Tilbury and her Pillow Talk range has expanded with good reason. I wear a lot of nude / pinky-nude lipsticks and this lip liner has become my go-to as Step 1 on my lips. If you don’t use lip liner, you are missing out! They are the perfect prep step to making color last and ensure things don’t get out of line or feathery. I also love the Pillow Talk lipstick and my other favorite pinky/nude lip colors I wear often are Laura Mercier’s lipstick in Spiced Rose and BareMinerals’ liquid matte lip in Slay.

Susanne Kaufmann Nutrient Concentrate

Hello, new beauty brand I love. This concentrate smells how I wish all of life did – so light and fresh but it also has this beautiful silky, gel-like texture that make putting it on feel like a treat. It is ideal for my sensitive skin and it works to soothe skin, repair tissue overnight and leave skin super silky. Ever since adding this into my routine I’m convinced my skin has been more supple + soft every morning. If your skin needs a boost, invest in this. (A little goes a long way because of the thin, silky texture, too).

p.s. drugstore products I love and skincare products I’ve finished recently.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I think that towel would make a great Christmas present. 😉
    Anything that cuts down drying time and my crazy frizz.

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