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January 23, 2019

The Beauty Edit 1.23 - Favorite Recent Beauty Products

It’s that time again for The Beauty Edit which is always a roundup of beauty products I’ve been using and loving lately. These are all so good and I hope you find something you’re excited to try out!

The Beauty Edit 1.23

1. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Clay Mask

I am a big fan of clay masks because I suffer from large pores – particularly on my nose and on my chin. Clay tends to help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. This mask is great in particular because, in addition to the clay, it has oatmeal and aloe vera so it’s soothing, too which I love since I have sensitive skin. This mask really soaks up any excess oil and my skin looks smoother after use. It has almost all glowing reviews on Sephora, too so you know it is good!

2. R&Co Dry Shampoo Mist

Ever since I stopped coloring my hair, I’ve had to retire my go-to, in a pinch Dry Bar dry shampoo. It made my brunette hair look too gray and left too much residue so I sought out other options when I needed some dry shampoo, stat. (I still use this dry shampoo religiously when traveling or when I have more time to really work it in and use it properly). This dry shampoo mist is super unique and I love that it leaves no residue. You spray it all over your roots to absorb excess oil and then wait 45 seconds before working your hands through your hair. Your hair will look healthier pretty much instantly and no one will know you didn’t shampoo that morning.

3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

I finally tried this Instagram-famous mask over the holidays when my skin was suffering from the dry Colorado air and boy did it deliver. I actually use it more as a moisturizer as it sinks into the skin so much that I don’t tissue it off or rinse it off as the brand indicates as possible so I don’t find it very “mask-y” but regardless of this it is really hydrating.


4. Kevyn Aucoin Contour Powder

I trust Allana Davison’s recommendations implicitly mostly because  a lot of the products she uses in her videos I own and love. One product she talks about in almost all of her tutorials, is this sculpting contour powder so I knew I had to try it. The verdict? I love it. It adds the most lovely, natural contour to your face that makes you look like you know how to do makeup a lot better than you do. (Ok, speaking from experience here…!) The finish is super sheer and matte so it is practically foolproof and I absolutely love how it helps me add some definition to my face.
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Any products you guys have tried that you’ve loved lately?

p.s. skincare products I’ve recently finished and how I handle breakouts.

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  1. Ooh thank you for reminding me I need to try that dry shampoo mist (I saw it on your stories and thought it sounded great!). And absolutely swear by that mask too! You might also love the new Origins Clear Improvement mask which is similarly deep-cleansing, but the honey makes it SO soothing that it’s perfect if you’re sensitive or having angry breakouts (which I find the Kiehl’s mask can sometimes aggravate).

    Briony xx

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