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May 15, 2019

The Beauty Edit I wit & whimsy

It’s time for a round of The Beauty Edit and these four products are tried and tested and GOOD! I am lucky enough to try out a lot of beauty products. But every month, I select just four that I’ve been using regularly and really cannot get enough of.

The Beauty Edit

Necessaire Eucalyptus Body Wash

I kept seeing beauty editors talk about being obsessed with the clean body care line Necessaire and in particular the Eucalyptus Body Wash. Eucalyptus is one of my all-time favorite scents so I set out to get my hands on this stuff. And yep, this multi-vitamin body wash is a delight. The scent and the lather get A+s from me. I literally look forward to using it the minute I get in the shower (particularly after my BBG workouts and so much sweating!) If you want a less expensive but similar version try the body wash I wrote about here.

Essie Treat Love & Color

It is very rare that I am blown away by a beauty product. But after one use of Essie’s polish that is specifically formulated to bring nails back to life, I was 100% hooked. So much so that I haven’t gotten a gel manicure or used regular color polish in nearly two months! I typically got one gel manicure a month and after years of this, my nails were so brittle and flaky. Upon application of Treat Love & Color your nails look instantly better thanks to brightening pigments in the formula but then as you wear it, your nails are infused with collagen to help strengthen. Essie promises 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage. I am totally hooked on putting this on my nails now because it has absolutely revived them. And they look better than they have in years. Now I’m embracing the no-polish look fully.

Artis Makeup Brush

So I had heard about the Artis brushes long before I ever gave one a go. Largely because I have long been obsessed with my Bare Escentuals foundation brush, but now that I’ve tried an Artis brush, color me hooked. The brush is ergonomically designed so using it across your face is seamless. The brush fibers are also able to be used for both liquid and powder products (I use it for my foundations or tinted moisturizer pretty exclusively however.) I now actually look forward to putting foundation on because “painting” my face with this brush is actually fun! I wash it with this brush shampoo.

Alterna Caviar Multiplying Volume Styling Mousse

This mousse came into my life after I saw a makeup artist on Instagram with gorgeous volume in her hair singing the praises of mousse. When I had my natural hair color I was s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g to get any sense of “oomph” at my roots and this mousse finally was the problem solver. Now that I have cut my hair to more of a long bob, I’ve still been using this for no-nonsense and low maintenace styling. I absolutely love how well it works and think it is worth every penny of its price tag.

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  1. Emily says:

    I love that Essie nail treatment and have been using it for the past year! It has helped my nails so much, and makes them look so nice with literally one coat! I actually get compliments on how good my nails look when I have it on, which is pretty much all the time.

  2. Brittany says:

    Do you have any tips for using Mousse? I’ve tried to use it on my roots but I don’t know if I’m not styling it correctly or using too much but it always end up with that wet/greasy look and no extra volume.

    • Meghan says:

      I use no more than a golf ball size and then blow dry immediately! I really work it into my roots too, massaging it in. I hope this helps!!

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