Throwback Style + A Big Q&A

July 18, 2018

Bodysuit + Denim Skirt I wit & whimsy

Denim Mini Skirt Throwback Style

Well, well, well. We meet again, denim mini skirt. I remember when a denim mini was part of my college uniform (often paired with a sorority sweatshirt – ha!) I kept laughing to myself as I saw the style pop back up again and when I spotted this Levi’s one I knew it would make me happy to have it in my summer wardrobe.

Denim Mini Skirt Throwback Style

Denim Mini Skirt outfit

Black Bodysuit + Denim Skirt I wit & whimsy

casual summer outfit for women

women's casual summer style

In addition to this outfit I’m finally doing another Q&A post! (Past Q&As can be seen here, here and here and I also did a career-specific Q&A previously which you can read here.) These are so fun for me to put together so thanks to those of you who send me questions!

Also: one last call for my reader survey which I’m going to close tonight! If you have a few minutes to take it today I’d really appreciate it!

Ok, now onto your questions…!

How tall are you? Would be helpful to know for lengths of dresses you’ve been wearing!

I’m 5’5″!

What are your recos for dark circles? I feel like i’ve tried a ton of things and haven’t loved anything. help me, I’m tired!

A corrector under your concealer in the morning will be game changing. This one is incredible. Then put on your concealer and then use this. It locks in the product & brightens so your circles are less noticeable. (A corrector is also great around your nose and on any zits.) And be sure you’re using eye creams! My favs for night are this Tata Harper one and this Caudalie one both of which are said to help with dark circles. I use this one in the morning which I now see doesn’t have great reviews but I love it because it doesn’t pill at all and majorly de-puffs my eyelids.


Did you go brunette?!

Sort of! I’m growing out my highlights to get back to my natural hair color. I’d been highlighting my hair since 2005 or so and I just wanted to see what it was like au natural. I have to say, the process is painful. I really loathe how my hair looks right now. I’ve been letting it grow out both to get rid of the color but also so I can do an updo for my brother’s wedding in two weeks and it just feels so BLAH right now. I’m going to get it cut and possibly colored to make the transition less noticeable as soon as I come back to NY after the wedding!


I just got a job in New York! Any tips for looking for apartments / figuring out what neighborhood to live in?

Congrats! It’s the best city ever – not that I am biased or anything ;). My best advice is to spend time getting acclimated to the various neighborhoods you are interested in. You want to live in a place that feels good to you! All my other tips are in a big blog post with recommendations on moving to NYC!


Was “Marriage Vacation” good?

Marriage Vacation wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad. It was a light and easy read perfect for summer. I thought it was more so a brilliant marketing tactic by the team that works on the show Younger. (And I liked that it had a slightly different ending than the show portrays!)


I saw you were posting about sunless tanners on Stories – do you have a favorite or feedback on ones you’ve been trying?

So I had used the Saint Tropez Gradual Tan twice before we shot these photos in fact and while it wasn’t anything amazing, it did work pretty well. I felt it got splotchy as days went on though and frankly it felt like more work for more money than when I just use the Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. For the price and lack of hassle you really can’t beat it. Yes it has a bit of a smell still but it’s the best I’ve found for pale skin. I also just bought this and am excited to try it! I’ll report back.


I’m taking a solo trip to Paris for two days and I’m trying to figure out whether to stay in Le Marais or Montmartre. I’m also open to other neighborhoodS. I personally enjoy quiet places that are not a huge distance from must-see sights.

How exciting that you’re heading to Paris! Personally, I love staying in the Marais. It is walking distance to a lot of my favorite must-see spots and has oodles of good spots for drinks/dinner/breakfast/coffee/shopping! To me Montmartre is a bit far out from the main attractions (although it is still charming, too). My other favorite neighborhoods to stay are Saint-Germaine and the 1eme arrondisement. If you need ideas for your trip, all my Paris favorites are here and here are my 5 places not to miss in Paris.

Hi, I recently came across your site and your style is amazing! I was wondering if you could recommend some everyday leather bags for under $250?

As far as everyday leather bags go for a good price that doesn’t sacrifice quality my favorites are from Cuyana & Everlane! Everlane’s Day Market Tote has great structure and comes in loads of good colors. It’s perfect if you have to tote a laptop! (Meghan Markle carries this bag a lot!) And I like the tall version as well! For a less structured everyday bag the Cuyana tote is my go-to! I have it in three colors because it is so versatile and useful. All their bags are beautifully made and hold up really well to a lot of wear.


I saw you started BBG – can you share why you decided to do it? I’m on the fence but keep seeing it on Instagram.

Because I now have a space to do it (my new building has a small gym) and because my friend Merritt inspired me because she’s been doing it for 2 years and seen great results! We did one of the workouts in Portugal together and I loved that it is designed to be just 28 minutes. I decided to do it as a supplement to the classes I take every week. I LOVE classes because someone is there telling me what to do and BBG is similar in that everything is outlined for you. I’m hoping doing the BBG workouts will help create definition and build muscle for me. Stay tuned! I’ve really been enjoying it so far.

I know you have lots of cute sneakers, what are your favorites?

Oh yes, too many in fact! The ones I wear the most are my Vince slip ons and my Common Projects. Both on the pricier side but so comfortable and stylish which is why I end up wearing them way more than more affordable pairs I’ve bought that end up hurting my feet. As far as less expensive options that I love (and that don’t hurt!) I’d recommend the classic Supergas and of course the cult classic ConversesThe Sezane Jack sneakers  (last seen here) are also so stylish and come in lots of great colors. I think they really make an outfit. For a more run-around-town traditional sneaker, I love the Nike Juvenate sneaker (I’m on my third pair I wear them so often!)

Any tips for someone starting a new travel Instagram/website?

How exciting! My best advice would be to put your all into it and spread the word far and wide with your network. Be consistent in posting and know that your efforts will pay off. Send it my way when you launch it!


Will you be doing a tour of your new apartment?

Yes! I am waiting on several pieces of furniture (two are being custom built with Interior Define – SO excited about them!) and I still need to figure out art + hang a variety of things on the walls but I promise when I feel ready I’ll be sure to share the new space!

. . .

There you have it! I absolutely love getting questions from you guys so remember you can email me or submit a question via this form at any time!

Madewell Bodysuit (wearing a L; last seen here) // Levi’s Skirt (TTS) // Ruffle Slides (last seen here) // Zara Bag

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  1. Carly says:

    Have you thought about working out so your legs are toned and look better in all the short skirts and shirts you wear? Soft, pale, untoned legs mini skirts aren’t flattering

    • Meghan says:

      Hey Carly- have you thought about manners or the saying “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?” I workout 5 times a week but thanks for the mean spirited and hurtful words! I hope you have a great rest of your week.

    • Lauren says:

      Carly, neither is your disgusting attitude.

      Meghan, I think you look great in that outfit! Wish I could wear something light and breezy like that to work on these hot days!

    • Shannon says:

      People like you Carly are a huge reason there are so many girls and women with mental health issues in this country. No need to post negative comments.

    • megan says:

      This is rude and ridiculous and also not true. Meghan, you look great in this outfit and the entire reason I love your blog is your honesty and realness and relatability. I’m sorry someone used their energy to try to bring you down. Keep doing you!

    • Emily Cooke says:

      Carly you need a major attitude adjustment. Have you ever thought about being a nice person instead of bullying someone on the internet ?
      You look amazing

  2. Natalie says:

    Thanks Meghan for all of your great advice! I love your blog and your tips. You look great and do a wonderful job searching for fun outfits. Don’t listen to Carly. Your bright smile shines through the lens. Keep it up!

  3. I always love your Q&As, so loved reading this!

    And thank you for the wonderful style nostalgia! I also *lived* in my denim skirt all through university (in Australia it was all about the Sass & Bide denim skirt) but you look so cute in yours you’ve made me want to start wearing one again!

    Briony xx

  4. Jihyun says:

    The outfit looks so simple and chic! Thanks for sneakers recommendation because I really need new ones :3

  5. Bekka says:

    I will take your pale legs and big heart anyday of the week!

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