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August 18, 2017

Little White Dress

What a week. My heart has been hurting from all the terrible events in this world. It makes me think of this post and the importance of encouraging each other to be kinder to one another. To remember that the little things that may bother us day to day are so small in scale to everything else. And to know that now, more than ever, we should try and lift one another up.

Next week I have a lot of content to share that I’ve been working on for weeks but until then I’m going to enjoy being home and be grateful for my surroundings, friendships and family. I hope you all can do the same this weekend! Have a good one & thanks so much for spending time here on wit & whimsy <3.


  • Went to Napa with two of my girlfriends and their little babies who arrived in April and June. I’ll share more about the day trip soon!
  • Got back into my workouts with Bar Method and Xtend Barre classes upon arrival back to NYC.
  • Went to preview new collections from The Last Line – so many beautiful pieces!
  • Got my hair revived with Kerastase Fusio Dose at the Samuel Shriqui Salon.
  • Cleaned my apartment, unpacked, grocery shopped and overall just got back into the groove of BK living…until I leave again shortly that is 😉



  • This Madewell sweater reminds me of the Zara one I wore all of last winter. LOVE it!
  • Speaking of Madewell, this top has such cute details. In cooler weather you could layer a big cozy cardigan over it and wear it with jeans and boots.
  • So many cool new colors of these chic sneaks.
  • How darling is this cropped coat that comes in 3 colors?
  • Loving how cozy this sweater coat looks!
  • If you have to dress up for work, this is a great sheath dress.
  • Speaking of work wear, these pants look like they could be worn a million ways.
  • How cute is this top?
  • I feel like baseball hats came back into style last year and I plan to embrace that this fall. How good is this one with the leather brim?
  • This week I bought these leggings in “rose quartz” (I have them in other colors and they are always the first leggings I want to wear to workouts) and this tank in another color because it’s that good (the high neck is the best!)
  • Everlane released new colors of their Day Heel!


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