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January 12, 2018

CasualDespite it being the first full week of the year, it flew by. The best part of my week was taking my first French class at Coucou – I’m dusting off my French minor! And the low point was waking up with a migraine yesterday which kind of shot my whole day. I had to stay in bed for the first part of the day but finally peeled myself up around 1 and got some work done but felt pretty awful. I have a long history with headaches and used to get migraines far more frequently but despite that I still am always amazed at how much they can make you feel downright miserable.

This weekend I have a farewell for a friend moving back West, another friend in town from Boston and some workouts on my calendar. I will also be doing my French homework (!) and hopefully get in some downtime, too.  What do you have planned!?


  • I made a lot of little tweaks to the site! Since re-launching the design in November there have been a few kinks to work out and just a few things that I didn’t love so I’m glad I finally took the time to implement those edits.
  • Speaking of site changes, inspired by the recent frigid temperatures in New York and some major wanderlust for sun, I added a new section to the shop: Warm Weather Getaways! If you have a beach vacation coming up be sure to check out the picks. I found some super cute stuff.
  • Made Merritt’s delicious butternut squash noodles twice! So easy & so good! The second time I made them I actually roasted the butternut squash instead of sautéing and then I added half an avocado on top.  I DEVOURED it for lunch. (Still working on that veggie intake and let me just say, goat cheese helps.)
  • Had some great meetings about possible future projects for both of my businesses which left me feeling super excited for the year ahead.




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  1. grace says:

    thank you so much for linking to my post, meghan! xx

  2. Cait says:

    Those Google Flight hacks are so good!

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