Weekly Roundup

March 9, 2018

Parisian Style

This week flew by. I feel like I blinked and it was Thursday night which was a great sign of a busy and productive week. And while I’m still really ready for Spring, I did enjoy hibernating during the Nor’Easter on Wednesday. This weekend I am excited to do a little wit & whimsy team brunch and mellow out after a week full of work. I’m planning to hit up Shape House and my favorite yoga class, too!

I hope you guys have a great weekend! I’ll see you back here next week – I’m particularly excited for Monday’s post ;).


  • Watched The Bachelor finale in horror. I stopped watching the franchise for several years and then got re-invested last year and forgot how much it sucks you in! I thought the unedited, raw breakup footage was pretty horrible to air. Did you guys watch?! (Relatedly I enjoyed Vulture’s ideas on ways to fix the franchise.)
  • Booked a trip to Portugal with Merritt! I am so excited to check this country off my wanderlust list. (Have any recommendations for us?!)
  • Caught up with two girlfriends over burgers. It’s become a tradition to do every few weeks and I love it.
  • Started looking for apartments. It is early still but given how crazy my schedule is in May & June I’m seeing if I can be a bit flexible with my timing and I’m hopeful I find something I love.
  • Made loads of updates to The Shop! Particularly in Meghan’s Favorites, Under $100 & Spring/Summer Favorites!
  • Cooked this for girlfriends at my place & it was so good! It was just as good reheated throughout the week despite my supposed to be avoiding gluten on weekdays 😉




p.s. I heard from several of you this week inquiring after my new post emails because you didn’t get them this week! If you used to get new posts to your inbox you will no longer unless you sign up for my new platform! We had to turn off the old one so you won’t get new post notifications unless you sign up here!

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