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July 13, 2018

This week flew by! Largely because last Saturday night I booked a last minute trip, flew up Wednesday afternoon and am now writing to you from Nantucket. I’m so happy to be spending time here – this place is magic! I head back home tomorrow and can’t wait for Sunday as I’m heading to the Bastille Day celebration in my neighborhood with Ricard! I went last year and it is such a blast. If you’re nearby Cobble Hill on Sunday you should come by! There are delicious drinks + food, petanque, fun music and lots more! Tweet or Instagram DM me if you plan to attend so we can try and say hi!

Enjoy this week’s roundup and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  • Booked a spontaneous trip to Nantucket! I never do anything spontaneous (it’s not my nature – ha!) but when my friend Carly said she had room at her rental and that I should come, I rearranged my schedule to come to this slice of heaven I love so much! It was the nicest invite ever! (Thanks, Carly!)
  • Started BBG! My friend Merritt has been so committed to these workouts and after doing one with her in Portugal, I decided to download the guide and begin to use it as a supplement to the classes I love so much.
  • I started working on a BIG Q&A post so if you have questions for me – send ’em my way either by email or this form and I’ll add them to the post and get them answered! And a friendly reminder that if you’d like new posts in your inbox + my monthly highlights newsletter, you can sign up here.
  • Launched the Reader Survey! Thank you to everyone who has taken it so far and provided extremely valuable feedback + insights! If you’ve not yet taken it, I’m going to have it live through next Wednesday so if you wan to bookmark it and take it in the coming days, I’d be super grateful!




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