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October 26, 2018

London Style

This week started out on a high note by being Upstate for a little fresh mountain air but took a turn for the worse when I learned of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer and another person in my circle also awaiting results having had cancerous cells biopsied. News like this always has a way of shaking you and reminding you how precious life is and how work stress (of which I’ve had a ton this week) and other things all can be put into prospective. I’m heading into the weekend feeling a bit solemn as one might expect but glad my plans involve a lot of friend time. Anyhow, not to start Friday off on a downer note but as positive as this space usually is, there’s also times where I have a hard time keeping up appearances.

In lighter news, I’m going to do a big beauty giveaway by randomly drawing from my newsletter subscribers early next month. If you don’t already get new posts to your inbox (+ my monthly newsletter) you can subscribe here.


  • Went back to The Catskills and Scribner’s Lodge with Carly for a little mountain air and R&R and so much good food!
  • I started Season 3 of Serial and you guys, it is riveting. So concerning, so eye-opening. Anyone else listening?
  • I added a Paris category under the Travel section of the site’s menu! You can now find all my Paris-related content there. I honestly had the best time sharing recommendations with you guys during a Paris-related Instagram Q&A last week and I loved hearing how much of you also share such sweet sentiments about the city of lights.
  • Checked out Everlane’s new outerwear collection which was made with 3 million recycled plastic bottles! They’ve committed to using only renewed plastic by the year 2021 which is just another reason why I love this brand so much.




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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loved ones and their diagnoses. Praying for healing and peace.
    I’m listening to Serial too! So good. Obsessed with podcasts now that my commute is 2 hours out of my day.
    I look forward to your weekly roundups in my inbox, and now I’m extra excited for the giveaway! 🙂

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