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January 25, 2019

Easy everyday style

This week felt a bit restorative. Well, apart from blowing a fuse in my apartment on Monday night that took out all my kitchen and bathroom power and then also breaking out into an inexplicable neck rash on Tuesday….! That aside, after being wrecked last week, I took this week to dive into work and tackle my to do list in a serious way. I had good catch up time with friends and got a lot done so that I can properly enjoy the weekend. I have plans to take a boxing class with my brother and also end Sunday with my favorite hot yoga class.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend & I’ll see you back here Monday!


  • Got my first delivery from Winc. Instead of signing up from an individual winery for their wine club, I am testing out Winc and I have to say – it is so nice to get a monthly delivery of 4 bottles! This was one of my goals for the year – to join a wine club of sorts – and I’m so glad I started it already. (You choose how many bottles of red vs. white you’d like and you can also skip any month.)
  • I was quoted in a fun piece on Today.com!
  • Brought back the Warm Weather Getaways portion of The Shop. If you’re planning one in the coming weeks this has loads of cute things for you to pack. Also, take me with you!?
  • Caught up with girlfriends over delicious dinners on Wednesday & Thursday. (Whitmans and Charlie Bird, respectively.)
  • Went into Nexxus Salon to get a gloss and actually ended up getting rid of my existing blonde that I’ve been growing out forever. It was taking a long time to back to my natural color so the colorist Mary ended up matching my natural color and voila, I’m a brunette. I’ll debut it on the blog soon but you can get a sneak peek if you follow me on Instagram @meghandono.
  • Also got a treatment at Skin Laundry. I am *almost* past all my hormonal chin breakouts and am hoping this 15 minute laser + light facial will help to resolve it once and for all as a last step of treatment. (Friendly PSA that your first treatment here is free! They’re in other cities, too.)
  • Got my eyes checked after five or six years! This was so needed. I’ve had glasses for long distance for many years but lately had been feeling a lot of eye strain. I did in fact need a new Rx and had a great experience getting my eye exam at Warby Parker in Soho and then ended up ordering these glasses to use while I’m on my phone or on my computer to compliment my distance glasses. The doctor told me that while I’m not nearsighted, due to the amount I am on a laptop or on my phone, based on her tests I would benefit from “computer glasses.” I cannot wait to have these!




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  1. Aw! Thanks for including me, Meghan! If you make it over to Lake Como, but sure to check out the AirBnB I stayed at! It was beautiful!

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