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April 26, 2019

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Happy Friday!! This week flew by and the gorgeous weather we were blessed with had me in the happiest of moods! Despite a lot of meetings and appointments, I took time to try and walk outdoors as much as possible and this weekend I hope to get to do the same.

Wanted to do one last request for any reader survey submissions! I’ll be closing it out Monday so if you haven’t yet had a few minutes to provide feedback, I’d love if you could give me your opinions!

Hope you enjoy this week’s roundup and have a wonderful weekend!


  • Watched the Brene Brown “The Call to Courage” Netflix special and was so moved. You guys, I can’t recommend these 75 minutes enough. I took notes and then went down a Brene Brown hole. Her goop interview is so great as well and then there’s her Ted Talk, too. She’s amazing and so spot on about so many things in life.
  • I had a thorough facial at Renew Anti-Aging Center on the Upper East Side. It’s owned by two darling Irish women and Carmel was full of great skin knowledge. Like what? She told me not to wash my face in the shower because the water is too hot and you’re not as thorough when you wash your face at the sink (so true!) She also recommended taking off your makeup and doing your skincare routine as soon as you get home for the day so your makeup isn’t spending more time clogging your pores but rather your products have more time to sink into your face vs. being transferred to your pillow case. If you’re looking for a quaint spot in NYC to get your skin in-check, check this spot out!
  • Worked on planning my trip to Paris! I tacked on a few days to my Provence trip so that I could spend my birthday in my very favorite city. I am so happy to be doing this trip (as I had hoped) that I was getting emotional planning the few days and my birthday.
  • Rode the elevator with Vera Wang which was such a fun NYC-moment.
  • Got my hair refreshed! Felt so good to do something new after not having been at a salon in nearly four months. (And I hadn’t had a haircut since early November!)




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  1. Nancy says:

    Happy Friday dear Meghan, of
    You covered a lot of great info in this post. Thank you.
    I’m also a Rene Brown fan ad recently watched a great YouTube interview called “Living Brave with Brene Brown/Oprah Winfrey.” I highly recommend it.

    Have a fab weekend.

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