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December 17, 2016

Festive Christmas Outfit

This week flew by thanks to a lot of social occasions and loads of work I was racing to finish up before today’s flight. While I am mildly obsessed with the holidays in NYC I am so excited to be heading home for some much needed R&R. I can’t wait to see my family, hit the ski slopes, take bubble baths and drink read wine in my PJs with a view of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a slice of heaven.

I’ll still be working both gigs but just from a new environment which will be welcomed change :).

Hope you guys have a great weekend and p.s don’t forget to enter this giveaway! Today’s the last day to do so…


  • Had a cozy breakfast at a French-inspired favorite, Cafe Cluny, with my friend Angie.
  • Took a field trip to New Jersey to see philisophy’s first ever (and beautiful) store at the Garden State Plaza! They even have a virtual meditation area and offer mini-treatments like skin analyses. I got some products I can’t wait to try out (Did you see my snaps last night?)
  • Celebrated the year with my amazing intern Kate at the one and only Bemelmans Bar (remember me talking about it in this post?)
  • I tried my first meditation class at Inscape! I really, really loved it. I found myself more calm yet filled with energy after and appreciated the guidance as I’ve tried at-home meditating before and lasted all but 5 minutes. I took the mantra session which is 33 minutes and found it the perfect amount of time. Definitely going to look at booking more sessions in the new year when things get super busy. The space is also really beautiful + thoughtfully designed. Do any of you guys meditate?
  • I donated to the Karam Foundation, an incredible nonprofit that’s been working in Syria helping children since 2007. My friend Hitha started a company that makes finding and donating to causes so easy and with Bridge2Act we can all come together to support worthwhile causes.




[Bekka Palmer Photography – outtake from this post]

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  1. GF says:

    LOVED reading about your donation to Karam–the current situation in Syria is so difficult/atrocious, and it warmed my heart to see you contributing to a cause that will help the children there. Thanks for the reminder about what the holidays are really about–generosity and kindness to others!

    • Meghan says:

      You are so right! Oftentimes it becomes all about gifts we don’t need and I like to always remember to give to those in need as well as to my loved ones this time of year! Thank you for the sweet comment <3 Meant a lot!

  2. Sara says:

    Yay!!!! Love hearing that you tried ( & liked) meditation!!!!! I teach yoga & meditation where I live & am so happy that more people are trying it, even if just once. Absolutely love the skirt & pairing it with plaid.

    • Meghan says:

      That is AMAZING that you’re a meditation teacher! So, so cool. I definitely want to give it another go as I feel like living in NYC moments of peace and calm are so rare!

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