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January 23, 2015

may I have the time

While it was a short week, it damn near killed me. I’m exhausted and emotional and feeling like I’m in desperate need of a lot of Zzzs (or a lot of wine). I sincerely hope yours was better than mine! I do want to take a moment to thank everyone for their awesome support of this post this week from comments to emails to messages. It really meant a lot. I hope you have a wonderful weekend & I’ll see you back here on Monday.

  • This new service sounds SO cool. Adding it to my list for 2016.
  • This article left me thinking hard about changes to be made and had me inspired.
  • I absolutely adore this video. Victoria seems so chic & surprisingly delightful. (Also her new store!!)
  • The photos in this post were stunning.
  • Can you believe this faux leather jacket is only $95!? It looks so expensive!
  • This week I quit my gym and I’m thinking of taking up ClassPass – have any of you used it?
  • I just love her.
  • One of my favorite brands, Vince, is offering an extra 25% off sale – it is the perfect excuse to stock up on stellar sweaters, leather coats & cozy knits.
  • Such fun to see Becca Atwood on The Everygirl (she’s so talented!)
  • These look insanely good.
  • I just bought these for summer weddings and parties. (They are 30% off today only!)
  • I loved looks this week from Krystal, Kat and Cathy.
  • A brilliant idea by Hitha.

And in case you missed it this week…

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