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April 17, 2017

Beauty Hacks from a blogger

How was your guys’ weekend? I went to the Yankees game on Saturday and yesterday had a big at-home Easter brunch with friends following mass.

As for today’s post….remember when I shared some of my favorite beauty products for lazy girls? Well today I’m back to start this week out by sharing some beauty hacks I swear by to get me through each week. I spend a lot of time reading beauty content on the web and am grateful to have, through this blog, opportunity to speak with lots of master professionals who spill secrets on their favorite tricks of the trade.

So without further ado…I hope you learn a new favorite hack from today’s post!

Beauty Hacks:

White Eyeshadow:

When I don’t want to do full eye makeup, one of my favorite tricks I learned from a makeup artist years ago was to dab the smallest amount of white shadow in the corner of your eyes between your lash lines. Your eyes are instantly more awake looking and this trick is one of my favorite hacks of all time as a result. (I see it used on Blake Lively a lot, in fact!) The one I use appears to be discontinued but this one looks identical to it.

Makeup Setting Spray:

Hate touching up your makeup during the day or after work and before your evening plans? Then don’t underestimate the power of a makeup setting spray! I’ve been using one for years and it is especially clutch in the upcoming summer months when the humidity starts to set in.

A blogger's favorite beauty hacksDo It All Cleansing Cloths:

At the end of the day, I truly always look forward to washing my face. Between the makeup I apply for shoots, pollution in New York City and the day’s accumulation of dirt and oil, there’s nothing better than getting your face super clean before your head hits the pillow. When Olay asked me to test drive their Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in-1 Water Activated Cleansing Cloths I was intrigued as wipes I’ve used in the past have always been pre-soaked. Unlike others, these are actually textured cloths that basically work as a scrub, toner, mask and cleanser to gently exfoliate and cleanse skin. 4 in 1, baby! Dirt, oil and makeup including stubborn lip color are all removed and your skin is left nourished, rather than striped. I used them for a week and loved that they create this really soft lather as you initially wet the cloth. After use, my skin felt fresh + moisturized rather than dry and only semi-clean. You can skip extra cleansing steps like toner when you use these, so they are a great hack I’ll use on nights I’m too tired to do my whole skincare routine.

And, since they start out dry they are actually perfect to store a few in your bag or even suitcase to have handy when you don’t want to bring along a more extensive skin regimen!

A blogger's favorite beauty hacks

A blogger's favorite beauty hacks

Coconut Oil:

Recently, I had a girlfriend tell me she uses coconut oil to shave her legs instead of standard shaving cream and I was instantly curious. I tried it the next week using this brand and I loved the result. It was so much less messy than lathering shaving cream and my skin felt super hydrated after. Not to mention, it smells awesome.

wit & whimsy bedroom makeoverMulti-Task:

One of the things I hate doing most is cleaning my makeup brushes. But, as I got in the routine of doing a face mask each week on Sunday nights, I decided to dedicate that time to doing this dreaded yet necessary task. While my face mask is on, I clean my makeup brushes. The brush task is complete by the time I remove the mask and in the morning they’ll be dry and ready to be used again. Another thing I’ll do while I mask? Remove from my nail polish!

Brow Gel:

When you don’t want to do a full brow – use a brow gel! The Ilia Brow Gel is my favorite.

Comb It Out:

This hack I’ve been doing since high school but I keep a comb and hair clip in the shower so that after I apply conditioner I can comb it through and clip it up to let it really soak in while I wash my face, shave my legs, etc. One better? Rinse your hair with cold water!

Dry Shampoo at Night:

Soak up oil while you sleep! Apply dry shampoo to your roots at night and you’ll wake up with better hair!

Lip Oil:

Want your lips to be prepped for a lip color? Put on a lip oil or a lip balm while you do your hair and makeup so lips are more nourished and soft and ready for you to apply your more pigmented lipstick color.

Cupid’s Bow:

Using a highlighter at my cupid’s bow is a favorite trick I learned from a makeup artist years ago. But don’t be heavy handed – use a small amount!

Do you guys have beauty hacks you swear by?

Shop more of my beauty favorites and see more even beauty tricks and tips.

Thanks to Olay for partnering on this post.

[Top image via & remainder thanks to Bekka Palmer Photography]

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  1. Hitha says:

    I do the face mask/wash makeup brushes routine on Sunday nights too! And I refill my vitamins in their little case as well, while listening to podcasts. I love them.

  2. Merritt says:

    I really should give makeup setting spray a try – I just assumed it was a waste of money and an extra step. Good to know it actually works!

    The Style Scribe

  3. Kat says:

    Great tips! I also love the Olay facial cleansing cloths. What makeup setting spray(s) do you recommend?

  4. Diana Pearl says:

    I need to try a setting spray + coconut oil for shaving your legs! I usually just use soap, haha.

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