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June 14, 2023

Beauty Tips + Tricks I wit & whimsy

I’ve spent a large part of my career working with beauty brands and over the years have learned a lot of beauty tips and tricks from the pros that I now find myself using regularly. I figured it would be fun to share them all in one place. This post has been freshly updated with my latest tips and tricks and you can shop the products I recommend for achieving them at the bottom of the post.

I hope you learn something new and do let me know if you try any of them!

Favorite Beauty Tips + Tricks

Use white eyeshadow on the corner of your eye.

I read this tip in an interview with Blake Lively’s makeup artist during the height of Gossip Girl and I’ve been using it ever since. The beauty editor of the article noted that applying white eye shadow in the corner of your eye helps to make eyes look brighter.

I use a Stila powder white shadow that’s no longer available to do it but you can use any white shadow that has a bit of shimmer. In a pinch you can also use white eyeliner but I think powder is more impactful. I always do this trick when I know I’ll be having my photo taken as it instantly makes you look more awake and really makes your eyes sparkle.

Use makeup tape for winged liner.

Want to master the cat eye? Use makeup tape! It’ll help you guide your liner up past your outer corner eye area to be more precise and avoid mistakes. This is the best technique I’ve ever tried for winged liner.

Dry brush before you shower.

Want super silky skin? Dry brush before you get in the shower a few times a week. It’ll buff away any dry skin, helps fight cellulite, aids in lymphatic drainage and promotes circulation. I use my Goop Dry Brush.

Apply a lip oil while you are doing your makeup.

This allows your lips to be prepped for lip color by the time you’re done and ready to apply lipstick or something more pigmented. My favorite lip oil is the Kosas Lip Oil Gloss in JellyFish. You could also consider using a lip scrub or a lip mask.

Apply dry shampoo to roots at night.

For even more oil-absorbing power, apply your dry shampoo to your roots at nighttime instead of in the morning. It’ll have more time to get to work and hair will be easier to style in the morning. This brand is my favorite and one of the best French beauty products in my opinion.


One of my favorite Sunday pastimes is multi-masking at night before I do my evening skin care routine. I start with a favorite peel to slough off dead skin and then will choose two more masks based on what my skin feels as though it is needing that week (hydration/radiance/purification). It sets up my skin to be on its best behavior all week and my nightly skincare products can also work more effectively all week as a result! All my favorite peels and masks to do this routine with can be found here.

Use loose powder to set your lip color.

Want to ensure your lip color doesn’t smudge? Hold a tissue over your lips and then apply loose powder lightly with a brush over the tissue atop your lips. This trick works wonders! For even more staying power, don’t forget to use lip liner.

Apply highlighter in places that aren’t your cheekbones.

In addition to wearing highlighter on your cheekbones, try using it below your brow bones, along the bridge of your nose and right at your cupid’s bow. This will give an instant angelic-effect.

Layer highlighters for maximum output.

This is one of my favorite tricks I’ve been using for years! I layer a powder highlighter like the Makeup by Mario one over a cream highlighter and that gives major all day glow. You’ll notice the difference immediately. Looks particularly great on camera. You can see how I apply the two highlighters in this video.

Layer blushes for longer-wear.

Similar to the above tactic, I also layer blushes most days. I’ll apply a favorite powder blush over a favorite cream blush and get such a good, longer-lasting flush from this technique.

Color correct to minimize redness.

Products with a green tint help to counteract redness. My favorite color corrector is the Erborian CC Red Correct that I dab on around my nose and on my chin when experiencing redness or breakouts. You can see how in this video.

“Bake” your concealer.

This technique refers to letting translucent powder sit on your face for 5 to 10 minutes allow the heat from your face to set the product. Then dust the powder off your face once time has elapsed and you’re left with creaseless makeup that has a great finish. You can use this all over your face but I’m partial to doing it under my eyes in particular.

Mix foundation + face oil.

Want more glow on the daily? Add one drop of face oil to your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer. Or you can use a product like these Pai glow drops.

Sweep blush across the tip of your nose.

I learned this trick from watching my friend Kasey’s makeup tutorial videos on Instagram. It gives a sun-kissed effect and brings a look together.

Use bronzer along your hairline and on either side of the bridge of your nose for added sun-kissed effect.

This is one of my favorite ways to look like I’ve spent time in the sun. Sweep it along the top of your forehead at the hairline, up the base of your cheekbones to the hairline and along your nose bridge. You’ll instantly look more awake and glow-y. The Saie Beauty Bronzer is great for this as is the Merit Beauty Bronzer.

Layer your concealers for maximum effect.

This trick I found out of sheer will when I was struggling to contain my breakouts a few years ago. I layer different concealer formulas until my pimples practically vanish. You can see how in this video.

Use a facial mist as a way to refresh your makeup.

Estheticians and makeup artists alike will tell you that this is a great habit to get into every day. Mist your skin with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir to refresh makeup or just re-hydrate depleted skin.

Use brown mascara on your lower lashes.

I learned this trick in a YouTube video I watched earlier this year and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s a less severe look overall and ensures you won’t end up with raccoon eyes mid-day. I use this affordable Clinique mascara.

Use a mascara wand with gel to be rid of flyaways.

My mom actually discovered this product for me in a BuzzFeed article and I was so intrigued I ordered it right away. It is rather genius it turns out. It instantly tames those pesky flyaways and is super foolproof to apply. You could also use clear brow gel to achieve this.

Exfoliate before tanning.

You probably know this one but I’m always surprised by how many people skip this step! Buff skin with a scrub in the shower like the Osea Body Scrub or the Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub (they use this in their professional spas – it is divine!) and then self tan once completely dry.

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Do you have any favorite beauty tricks you love to use in your beauty routine? Share them in the Comments below! And see some of these tricks in action.


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    Hi there! What is that shadow palette on the picture? Looks so gorgeous! Thanks

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