My Everyday Eye Makeup

May 4, 2022

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I do my makeup usually the same way most days. It’s a quick routine that I’ve become accustomed to doing. I may change up my makeup for shoot days or special occasions and I certainly wear more makeup at that time but in general I play favorites with how I like my makeup to be done. 

When it comes to my eyes, my routine has barely changed in six years so today I’m sharing how I do my every day eye makeup.

My Everyday Eye Makeup

I have so much still to learn when it comes to eye makeup but I love having a look that I can rely on that makes me feel good and makes me feel confident.

My Everyday Eye Makeup

1. Bobbi Brown Corrector

I always start with my base so the area around my eye. This product is such a great added step before concealer – this corrector helps take out redness and makes your concealer perform better. 

I dab it onto my dark circles under my eyes to help minimize them before I finish with concealer.

2. Lilah B Concealer

This is a super easy to perfect matte concealer that works for under eye, redness and blemishes. It stays all day and really works well to brighten the area around my eye before I go in with shadow.

I use shade B.Vibrant.

3. MAC Eye Primer

For years and years I used Urban Decay’s eyelid primer and while it worked ok, by the day’s end my lids seemed oily and my shadow less intact.

When I tried this MAC primer I honestly couldn’t believe how well it worked! Now I’ve been using it for over seven years and every time I try another brand’s I am left coming back to this far superior formula. It ensures all my eye makeup stays put all day long.

4. Ilia The Necessary Eyeshadow Palette

This talc-free palette features six buttery, long-wearing eyeshadows and I like that it has a mix of neutrals with different finishes including matte, satin, and metallic.

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5. Kosas 10 Second Eye Shadow

So easy to put on and truly so speedy! I love this gel shadow that blends out in a snap. It dries quickly and I really like to layer the Ilia shades over this more cream shadow. You just blend it out with your finger and it is buildable if you prefer a bit more of a statement. 

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6. Luxie Eyeshadow Brushes

My go-to eyeshadow brushes. They make it super easy and I love that they sell packs so you have a variety of brushes to perfect your shadows. 

7. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

Best, best, best eyeliner of all time. It makes my eyes look bigger and makes applying eyeliner a snap. (Never thought I’d say that!)

The brush (see below) is essential. It comes in a variety of shades but I use Black Ink. I’ve gone through several pots of this at this point and it truly does make applying eyeliner so much easier.

8. Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Brush

A must to apply the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner with ease.

9. Stila HUGE Mascara

I can’t quit this mascara that makes my lashes look oh so long and oh so fluffy and voluminous. It’s been a favorite for over six years. I do have a variety of others that I like that I keep in rotation, too but I find I reach for the Stila one more than any other.

. . .

I’d love to hear – what are your favorite products for doing your eye makeup? Or any favorite shadow palettes? I am always looking for new brands and products to try so drop any recommendations below!



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