Quick Makeup Routine

February 28, 2022

Quick Makeup Routine

I have my quick makeup routine pretty down pat. I reach for the same products over and over when doing my makeup quickly – they are from my favorite holy grails – and it makes getting a quick face on pretty easy. We all know most of us have our quick makeup routine at the ready – because life is busy but makeup can us feel more ready to seize the day.

Having a quick makeup routine that you stick to for those days where you really need to get ready stat can help you maximize your mornings while still channeling your inner makeup artist. Here’s my best tips for quick makeup & a breakdown of the products I primarily use for mine!

Quick Makeup Routine

Skin Prep

Makeup is always best when followed by skin prep so make sure to do your morning skincare routine – or at the very, very least moisturize on days you’re doing your quick makeup routine.


Do a quick base with a product that covers redness so you can do less concealer and one that smooths out skin while providing a bit of coverage. The Eborian BB Cream is the product that does it all for me and is my go-to for quick makeup days.

Maximize your eyes

I keep my eye makeup very minimal for my everyday makeup. I use a quick gel shadow that is virtually error proof and then just a few coats of mascara. I avoid doing any eye liner, lash primer, eyelash curlers or lash line liner on quick makeup days.

Use Cream Products

Cream products are generally easy to apply and pretty forgivable as they were often designed to be buildable. I love wearing cream blush on my quick makeup routine days.

Lip Color

Have a stash of “your lips but better” lip colors that are more lip oils or lip balms that are super easy to apply in a rush. Forget about lip liner and lipsticks on quick makeup days. I highly recommend the Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Lip Balms.


Don’t forget to set your hard work. Use a setting powder on your nose and chin where oil tends to pop up and spray your face with a setting spray.

Quick And Easy Makeup Tips

Multi-purpose products are your BFF

Look for products you can use on both your cheeks and your lips so you can save time and create a cohesive look.

Use your fingers

When doing makeup quickly I typically only use a makeup brush when absolutely necessary. I apply my BB cream, concealer and cream blush all with my finger tips.

Don’t forget your brows

Brows open up your face so having them filled in or using some brow gel to get them into place is one of the best steps you can take in a quick makeup routine.

Skip things you haven’t mastered

On quick makeup days I’m never going to attempt to do a cat eye – heck, I skip eyeliner all together on quick makeup days!

My Quick Makeup Makeup Bag Contents

1. Saie Beauty Glowy Super Gel

I can’t live without this glowiest, lightest weight luminizer. It’s become one of my favorite beauty products and I use it almost daily. Thanks to Papaya and Vitamin C in the formula, you get a gorgeous, bright, radiant look.

You can wear it alone or under your foundation or tinted moisturizer (or mixed with it!) I use it as a primer applying it all over my face before my coverage products but you could also apply it more as a highlighter, too or even use it to accent your shoulders, chest, legs, etc! It feels like nothing going on (the gel texture is crazy good when applying) and 

I love this stuff so much that I bought the mini size that Sephora carries to travel with! It comes in two shades & I use the shade Starglow.

2. Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush

Hands down, my favorite Westman Atelier product. I’ve tried a lot of cream blushes before and never found one I loved. But this Baby Cheeks Blush – this blush is magic. I first bought the blush stick in Petal and then bought Chouchette and absolutely love both shades. The blush is a gorgeous, multipurpose cream color for cheeks, lips, and even eyes and it gives the most flattering flush of color. It’s ultra-buildable but a little goes a long way. I love the matte powdery finish on it so much- the perfect flush. I apply it with my fingers but you could use a brush or sponge to blend it out further.

3. Ilia Beauty Soft Focus Finishing Powder

I was so glad when I discovered this finishing powder because it is as good as the Laura Mercier powder I used to love but discontinued my use of once I learned it had talc in it. I love that it weightlessly blurs, smooths, and cuts shine with a soft-focus finish that doesn’t leave you looking dusty or have any sort of whitecast.

The formula has been milled five times—most powders are milled three – so you can get an airy feel that blurs imperfections and cuts down on shine. It also features aloe, rosemary, and oil-balancing bamboo so skin feels more hydrated and softer after application. This powder is so good as a setting powder for your makeup or you can use it for touchups during the day.

4. Bobbi Brown Corrector

Such a great added step before concealer – this corrector helps take out redness and makes your concealer perform better. On certain quick makeup days I may skip this step if my skin doesn’t need it.

5. RMS Pressed Blush in Lost Angel

The RMS Beauty Blush in Lost Angel is one of the best things in my makeup bag and every one of you who have bought it at my reco have also raved. I actually apply it over the Westman Atelier blush for the prettiest soft wash of glow-y color. The combo is SO good – trust. Use a powder brush to lightly apply this powder blush over a cream blush for major glow.

6. Erborian BB Cream

If you know, you know. Favorite makeup product – desert island beauty for sure. Like a filter for your face and so much better than any tinted moisturizer I’ve tried.

7. Westman Atelier Butter Bronzer

This is such a gorgeous bronzer. It really does apply like butter despite its powder appearance. This bronzer is a clean, velvety matte bronzer that leaves skin looking healthy, natural, and authentically bronzed. I was so impressed with how it applied and really love how it warmed up my skin. And even better? There’s absolutely no shimmer. It only comes in two shades at the moment – I wear Coup de Soleil.

8. Lilah B Concealer

A super easy to perfect matte concealer that works for under eye, redness and blemishes. Stays all day. I use shade B.Vibrant.

9. Kosas 10 Second Eye Shadow

So easy to put on and truly so speedy! I love this gel shadow that blends out in a snap.

10. MAC Eye Primer

My eye lids get oily and will literally melt off any eye makeup unless I use this primer so I pop it on before the Kosas shadow. I’ve been using it for over seven years and every time I try another brand’s I am left coming back to this far superior formula. 

11. Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Lip Balm

I can’t believe how much I love this lip product! I bought one and then wore it so much that I bought two more shades pretty immediately. It’s super plush, super velvety and really hydrating. It makes lips look so gorgeous  and the tints are just beautiful. It’s made with naturally derived pigments and a unique gel-oil system to give you the perfect shine with zero stickiness.

Organic jojoba, almond, and argan oils work to hydrate and soften lips, shea butter soothes and nourishes, while plant based seed oil offers a pillowy sensation. 

12. Stila HUGE Mascara

I can’t quit this mascara that makes my lashes look oh so long and oh so fluffy and voluminous.

13. Kjaer Weis Highlighter

My favorite Kjaer Weis product and truly my favorite cream highlighter – this cream glow is just the best. Like a smooth, silky balm this applies so beautifully and gives the most gorgeous slow to the skin. You can use it on your cheeks, nose, brow line or even your décolleté. 

14. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

I love that this has two colors to really blend well into brows to make them appear fuller. Related: Filling In Brows For Beginners.

15. Ilia Beauty Brow Gel

If you watch any of my Instagram video tutorials you’ve heard me rave about this brow gel. It is amazing. For someone who doesn’t care that much about her brows this product made me a believer in how much a good brow gel can do for your overall face. This tinted brow gel both fluffs and fills your brows for a fuller-looking finish in just a few swipes. I don’t have very full brows and this makes it seem like that’s not the case! And I use shade Blonde but could also probably use shade Medium Brown. I use this brow gel pretty much every day when doing my usual everyday makeup.

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