How I Reset After Traveling

March 18, 2019
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Happy Monday you guys! I’m back in New York after a week in Southern California and time spent largely off of social media which felt so nice. Today’s post is one I am always mentally writing after I return from a trip but somehow manage to always fail to sit down and do it but here we are today: I’m finally sharing how I reset after traveling! Traveling is great but it also has a tendency to put your body and habits out of whack. With all my travels, particularly in the last two years as I’ve had a more flexible schedule, I’ve started to hone in on the steps I need to take in order to reset myself when I return home following a trip.

  • Prioritize sleep. This is a big one for me. If I can help it, I avoid early mornings the day after I return and also try and keep my night free so I can go to a yoga class and have no other commitments. I try to immediately get back on schedule with EST. If I’m fending off jet lag, then I try and avoid caffeine if I can to ensure a more solid night of sleep. (This is very schedule dependent of course. If I have a lot of meetings or a shoot you know I am pouring myself a cup!)
  • Manipulate my schedule. I try really hard to avoid any meetings on my first day back at my desk when I return home from a trip. I know this is much easier for me given I am self employed but if you can block off your calendar so people don’t over book you as you try to play catch up with your inboxes, this is a game changer for getting yourself back up and running post-vacation.
  • Cut out booze. If you’re like me you like to indulge when you travel which means martinis! Wine! And it can be a lot on the system. So when I come home I cut out alcohol for a week if I can. Sometimes plans get in the way but I try to limit any alcohol intake after travel for at least a week.
  • Add back in nutrients. Speaking of indulging, I’m not a healthy eater when I travel so I try to take some supplements as soon as I get back and also often get a green juice or two or some kombucha in my system. I re-introduce probiotics and vitamins, too.
  • Reset my skincare routine. I don’t take a specific skincare routine with me on the road typically. More so I grab whatever minis I have on hand that *should* keep my skin happy when I’m traveling. That being said, my skin is always in need of TLC upon my return home after a trip. I promptly begin to try and get back on track by doing a double cleanse and then I use both a mask for clarifying my pores and a mask for hydrating. Before bed I will apply Darphin’s Purifying Balm which really goes to work surfacing all the gunk in my pores. (Truly this product is amazing and disgusting at the same time. Don’t say I didn’t worn you but I love that I can do some extractions the next day after using this!) More of my favorite masks here.
  • Drink loads of water. I’m pretty awful at drinking my usual amount of 8-10 glasses of water a day when I travel so when I come back home I try to rehydrate as much as possible. Flying, as we know, also majorly dehydrates us so I try to get my body flushed with water.
Do you have any ways you reset when you return from being on the road? I’d love to hear them.


p.s. here all my travel essentials and here is how I stay connected when traveling outside the U.S.

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10 comments on “How I Reset After Traveling”

  1. Love this! Super timely too as I just got back from a big trip. I love doing a nice cleansing mask when I get home to clean up my plane face, and avoiding alcohol is so smart! Something I like to do before I leave is put clean sheets on my bed and generally leave a clean house (no dishes in the sink, put away all my clothing/packing mess) so I can come home to a tranquil place to shower and then relax/fall asleep. I also like to unpack fairly quickly and get all my laundry done so I feel truly reset!

    1. So agree about leaving a clean home behind! I hope you had a great trip. Thank you for weighing in on what you practice! (I am ignoring unpacking and laundry for the moment HA!)

  2. I also feel like I need a “recovery” after travelling — even just a half day after returning where nothing is scheduled, etc. thanks for sharing!

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