How I Reset After Traveling

June 14, 2022

How I Reset After Traveling
Today’s post is one I am always mentally writing after I return from a trip because travel can really take it out of you. I always need a rest once I get back from a trip. Nowadays, I have a few tried and true ways I always try to give my body a reset.
We all love to travel but it also has a tendency to put your body and habits out of whack, am I right?
For me, my self care, sleep and routines usually go out the window when I am on the road. I drink more coffee, more alcohol, sleep less (or don’t get as much of quality sleep) and I also tend to eat more indulgent foods.

How I Reset After Traveling

If you, too, have trips coming up and want some ideas of how to give yourself a good reset following a trip – I hope you’ll find my tips helpful!

Prioritize sleep.

This is a big one for me. If I can help it, I avoid early mornings the day after I return and also try and keep my night free so I can go to a yoga class and have no other commitments. I try to immediately get back on schedule with EST, too.

If I’m fending off jet lag, then I try and avoid caffeine if I can to ensure a more solid night of sleep ahead. (This is very schedule dependent of course. If I have a lot of meetings or a shoot you know I am pouring myself a cup!)

I also love to always prepare my bed with fresh linens before I leave for a trip so that I can collapse into a freshly made bed after getting back home. Truly there is no better feeling if you ask me!

Manipulate my schedule.

I try really hard to avoid any meetings on my first day back at my desk when I return home from a trip. I know this is much easier for me given I am self employed but if you can block off your calendar so people don’t over book you as you try to play catch up with your inboxes, this is a game changer for getting yourself back up and running post-vacation.

I like that I get dedicated time to go through my inboxes and also prioritize the most important things that I need to get done.

Cut out booze.

If you’re like me you like to indulge when you travel which means martinis! Wine! And it can be a lot on the system. So when I come home I cut out alcohol for a week if I can. Sometimes plans get in the way, but overall I try to limit any alcohol intake after travel for at least a week.

I also find that doing so helps me sleep better, not over commit to social plans in the week that I return and I just feel more energized overall.

Add back in nutrients.

Speaking of indulging, I’m not a healthy eater when I travel so I try to take some supplements as soon as I get back and also often get a green juice or two or some kombucha in my system. I re-introduce probiotics and vitamins, too which I am largely awful at keeping up with when I am traveling.

A Comprehensive Travel Essentials List I wit & whimsy

Reset my skincare routine.

I try to keep my skincare routine largely the same when I am traveling to keep my skin happy (I love the minis from Caudalie!)

That being said, my skin is always in need of TLC upon my return home after a trip. I promptly begin to try and get back on track by doing a double cleanse and then I use both a mask for purifying my pores and then I’ll apply an overnight hydrating mask to really add moisture back into my skin that’s been lost due to lack of water intake and drying airplane travel.

I’ll also utilize my facial steamer before I apply the clarifying mask to ensure my pores are opened up. And if I have the time, I’ll also use my CurrentBody LED Mask to give my skin a much needed boost.

Drink loads of water.

I’m pretty awful at drinking my usual amount of 100 ounces of water a day when I travel so when I come back home I try to rehydrate as much as possible. Flying, as we know, also majorly dehydrates us so I try to get my body flushed with water. This always helps me feel better and it helps my skin feel less dry, too.

Unpack right away.

I’m team unpack when you get home. I like to get everything into the laundry basket, travel essentials put away and my suitcase put away. It makes me feel like there is less chaos surrounding me at home and it also serves as a reminder to get certain devices recharged and ready for my next trip. If I unpack right away I am more apt to put things away where they belong and not spend time searching for them when I go to pack for my next trip.

. . .

I find these tips particularly essential when I return overseas from my many trips to Paris for my business Paris, Perfected. It helps me reset and get back into a habit of being at home and certainly helps me fend off jet lag, too.
Do you have any ways you reset when you return from being on the road? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Love this! Super timely too as I just got back from a big trip. I love doing a nice cleansing mask when I get home to clean up my plane face, and avoiding alcohol is so smart! Something I like to do before I leave is put clean sheets on my bed and generally leave a clean house (no dishes in the sink, put away all my clothing/packing mess) so I can come home to a tranquil place to shower and then relax/fall asleep. I also like to unpack fairly quickly and get all my laundry done so I feel truly reset!

    • Meghan says:

      So agree about leaving a clean home behind! I hope you had a great trip. Thank you for weighing in on what you practice! (I am ignoring unpacking and laundry for the moment HA!)

  2. GF says:

    I also feel like I need a “recovery” after travelling — even just a half day after returning where nothing is scheduled, etc. thanks for sharing!

  3. Shannon says:

    I love to travel but there is nothing like coming home! Great tips, Meghan.

  4. Mariah says:

    Water seriously helps me! Also a good exfoliation head to toe.

  5. Kate Scott says:

    Ohh so intrigued by that Darphin Balm, must try!

  6. Em @ says:

    Great tips, Meghan. I also like to immediately unpack and place everything where it belongs, and the must thing that helps greatly is detoxing everything: skin (detoxing mask), hair (detoxing scrub and/or clarifying shampoo), and body: we drink this tea and it’s helped greatly with that “yucky” heavy feeling after indulging: I hope you find this helpful.

    Em @

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