How to Wear a Blazer Casually

April 8, 2021

Styling a Blazer Casually for Spring

My blazer collection has been sorely neglected since the start of the pandemic. So I’m sharing a seasonal take on how to style a blazer casually for our more casual lifestyles these days. You may recall, I did a similar casual style in Fall so today’s is geared more towards how to wear a blazer casually in Springtime.

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

This blazer is appropriately named the Easy Blazer – it’s truly easy to throw on and go. It’s a casual fabric meant to live in easily and such a good laid-back blazer. The shape is really unstructured and has relaxed detailing. Here’s how I made it a bit more casual.

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

So here’s how to put together a casual blazer outfit!

Try a casual fabric

A linen blend or lightweight cotton is a more casual take on blazers that often come in wool or tweed fabrics. These lightweight fabrics also make it easy to reach for a blazer in warmer weather.

Wear with Skinny Jeans

Can a blazer be worn with jeans? Heck yes! I am always a fan of blazers with jeans and wearing a camel colored blazer with white jeans is seasonal and fresh.

Cinch the sleeves

Blazers look instantly more casual when you un-button and chinch up the sleeve. To master this styling, check out this Reel by my friend Liz.

Finish with Sneakers

I love how blazers always get a cool factor when paired with sneakers. This pair is super affordable but for a more elevated leather option, you can try these. In the Fall and Winter, you can swap your sneakers for a leather or suede bootie.

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

. . .

I actually wore this blazer in black in a bit more business casual outfit so you can see how it is a versatile piece. Even more casual blazer outfits.

I think the above look is perfect on Zoom but can also be worn for a bunch of other occasions. Would you wear this look!?

Everlane Easy Blazer (Size 2; c/o) // Alpaca Sweater Tee (L) // Jeans (28) // Sneakers // Bag

p.s. another easy and classic Spring look and Spring finds from Amazon Fashion.

[Pret a Provost Photography]

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Hey Hey,

    I realize I am not longer getting emails from you for your new blog posts. I am signed up, however, the last email I got was the new Paris Perfected.

    Wanted to let you know in case there is something going on with your site or if there was a glitch

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  2. GF says:

    just bought a new light pink knit blazer from Ann Taylor for spring (haven’t been wearing blazers much either due to wfh but couldn’t resist the pop of color and casual fabric makes it suitable for remote work), so this post is perfectly timely!

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