My 2022 Wish List

January 18, 2022

2022 Wish List

My annual wish list post is always a popular one. As always, I work to prioritize investment pieces that I’ll wear and use time and time again. I’m rather loyal to brands and I often prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to my new purchases. After all, the better you invest in pieces, the more likely you are to get better wear and use out of something. It’s why you often see me wearing the same styles year after year!

I doubt that it’ll come as a surprise to any of you that my wish list is full of accessories and items to level up every day classics.

Of course keep in mind this list is in fact a wish list – so it’s fun to dream about a lot of these items and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be added into my rotation this year. 

But I do use this post as a guide to my purchases – referring back to it throughout the year whenever I am tempted to take advantages of sales I don’t need to or go on a fast fashion spree. (Although I always remain a fan of mixing high/low when it comes to my wardrobe!) But this list really helps keep me oriented towards the pieces I truly want.

My 2022 Wish List

1. La Ligne Striped Mini Toujours Sweater

I *love* my La Ligne sweaters. So beautifully made, so soft and cozy and so versatile. So of course when I saw this new style I knew it had my name written all over it, right!?

2. FFerone Glasses

You know my love of glassware – how gorgeous are these!?

3. Chanel Slingbacks

I love the idea of having a flat version of my favorite heeled Chanel slingbacks. I saw a lot of women in Paris wearing this style this past Fall.

4. Dyson AirWrap

After borrowing my sister in law’s over the holidays, I am 100% now intrigued and looking to get an AirWrap this year.

5. Westman Atelier Les Nudes

To add to my Westman Atelier addiction.

6. Khaite Clutch

Timeless and goes with everything.

7. Breville Juicer

Now that I finally have the room for one in my new home, I cannot wait to finally get a juicer this year and start making my own green juices instead of constantly buying them in plastic bottles! (If you have a favorite juice recipe I would love for you to send it my way!)

8. Janessa Leone Jade Hat

For years I have wanted a Janessa Leone hat and as all my other (cheaply made) straw hats look worse for the wear, this will be the year I finally invest in one. I love this style in particular for its brown suede tie that I know will go with all my spring and summer florals.

9. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Embellished Satin Pumps

An iconic heel for dressy occasions.

10. Oura Ring

After two years of not the best sleep thanks to pandemic anxiety, I’m super intrigued by this sleep tracking ring.

11. Baccarat Harmonie Glasses

You may recognize these from my What Meghan Wants for Christmas list – I know I would cherish these for years and years.

12. Black Converse

All the French Girls in Paris this Fall are making me do it!

13. Kinn Carter Herringbone Chain

I have a tiny diamond necklace I never take off and would love another dainty counterpart to layer with it – I think this chain is just the ticket.

14. Polene Paris Bag

The perfectly petite Parisian every day carry all.

15. Dior Card Case

I absolutely love my YSL card case and it’s held up so well after nearly four years of constant use, but I’m ready to add a little variety and think this rose colored Dior case is just so beautiful.

16. Diamond Studs

2022 may be the year I finally, finally upgrade to the real deal after years of window shopping.

17. Jenni Kayne Boots

Have loved the outfits I’ve seen on some fellow Brooklynites featuring these boots and given my obsession with the Jenni Kayne brand, my list of purchases from this brand only seems to grow.

A few other items on the list:


If I can find the space for it, I am ready for on-demand cardio from the comfort of my own home. I miss spinning dearly! (Do you guys love it? Is it worth it!?)

Tower28 Tinted Sunscreen

I’ve heard the best things about this stuff and can’t wait till it is restocked so I can test it for myself.

Margaux Downtown Boot

I absolutely loved these when I tried them on – the color is to die for! And I love that Margaux’s shoes are always comfortable for lots of walking.

Alexandre Birman Heels

I’ve wanted these for years and think I’ll finally splurge to wear them at my brother’s wedding this Spring.

Apple Watch

I’m still undecided on this – thoughts?! Will it motivate me to get moving more?

AYR Robe Coat

I love the look of this coat every time I see it. Know it would get a lot of use.

. . .

I hope you find this post inspiring for your own shopping endeavors this year! I’d love to hear – what’s on your personal wish list for 2022?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I got an Apple Watch in January 2020 and I genuinely think it changed my life. So motivating to track activity and movement and see trends over time. My one piece of advice is to be ruthless about what notifications you get on it otherwise it will drive you up the wall.
    Also I use it as a remote control for Spotify!!

  2. Katie says:

    Peloton is totally worth it! I wasn’t a huge spin person, but now I love it and I love the additional classes you can take. So much variety! And so easy to do at home.

  3. Liz says:

    My Apple Watch has definitely changed my life for the better. I found it unobtrusively helps me make better little decisions throughout the day and week that add up to better overall health 🙂

    Instead of a Peloton I bought a Schwinn stationary bike that has a built-in little iPad stand. I LOVE IT. I didn’t care for Peloton’s classes, but this way I could subscribe to any app (Peloton or Equinox+ which had soul cycle) and save about $2000. I actually find myself just biking and watching Netflix (habit bundling for the win)

    Love your list! Those Manolos are on my list too!

  4. Deanna says:

    I want to buy one pair of really comfortable ankle boots this year. I’ll use them for running around town but also want to be able to take them traveling and walk around cities all day. Debating between the Margaux Downtown boots and the Sarah Flint Perfect zip bootie. I have wide feet and high arches so the arch support is important for lots of comfort walking…which of these two would you recommend?

  5. Michelle says:

    Yes to the Peloton! The spin classes are of course amazing, but it’s been a game-changer for me to incorporate strength workouts in an approachable way. The yoga classes are also good! For diamond earrings, they are a great investment but don’t go designer. Look for diamond quality that can be found in unexpected places. I got mine at Sam’s Club (like Costco). Love the list!

  6. Kelly says:

    Love my apple watch. I think it’s worth it for the prompts to stay active and the desire to close my rings.

    And that clutch is stunning!!

  7. Jessica Camerata says:

    What a fun list! I have a juicer and have to be honest, NEVER use it. I think I used it a dozen times when I first got it, but that’s it. I wish I was more committed to it because I do love good green juice. I would always make a knock off of Whole Foods green juice. It was just a ton of leafy greens like kale and/or spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger and apple. The ginger makes it spicy and delicious. Okay, I may have just convinced myself to whip mine out again ha, sounds yummy!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

  8. Corey says:

    If you are a SoulCycle person, I would suggest getting their at home bike – I got a Peloton before the Soul bike came out and have regrets. Peloton is different and I don’t get quite the same satisfaction from it – the classes are amazing, just different from SoulCycle. If you aren’t a Soul person – go for the Peloton!

    Highly recommend the Apple Watch!

  9. Melanie says:

    This is such a chic list! I have an Echelon Sport, which is basically a knock off Peloton that doesn’t require a subscription. I love taking Peloton classes using the app (for cheaper!) and also finding classes on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet. It was a perfect fit for me and looks almost exactly like a Peloton too!

  10. Kathryn says:

    Hi Meghan,
    If you didn’t score the juicer for Christmas, I’ve got an almost-new Breville Juice Fountain Elite I’d be happy to sell you. I decided I didn’t like juice as much as I thought I did and now it’s just taking up space.

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