Business Casual in a Plaid Blazer

September 25, 2018

Plaid Blazer + Loafers I wit & whimsy

Blazer season is back and I, for one, am thrilled. Even more thrilled that I found this Gap blazer on sale after putting together this post. I love it.

Business Casual in a Plaid Blazer

Plaid Blazer outfit I wit & whimsy

Box Bag I wit & whimsy

Business casual with plaid blazer I wit & whimsy

Gucci Loafers I wit & whimsy

Plaid Blazer + Loafers I wit & whimsy

Business Casual in a Plaid Blazer I wit & whimsy

Blazers are one of my favorite ways to feel put together in a pinch. Nowadays, since I don’t go into an office, I am all about that business casual look of pairing a blazer with jeans. Looking at this outfit I could also pair my favorite pair of booties or flats just as easily but did decide to invest in these shoes this year after I wore this pair to death last Fall. I’ve been breaking them in in advance of heading to Paris in a couple of weeks and know they’ll get a lot of wear with outfits that are similar to this one!

I do, on some days, miss getting dressed to go into an office Monday through Friday. I loved putting together outfits for the day but I also revel in my more casual looks these days. This outfit is a perfect example of what I would wear to meet with one of my consulting clients or an editor on behalf of one of my clients. This blazer has a more relaxed fabric and fit. So it is ideal to pair with jeans (vs. a pair of work pants).

I rounded up some other great plaid blazers below and hope you guys like this more business casual look today!

Gap Plaid Blazer (wearing a 4 vs. my usual 6) // J.Crew Jeans (love these! And they’re only $90!) // Cuyana Tee // Loafers (more affordable version) // Bag // Cluse Watch // Engraved Necklace

More Plaid Blazers Under $200:

p.s. my Fall wish list and things I’ve bought and loved recently.

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  1. GF says:

    this outfit looks so put together and cohesive with the black accents pulling everything together (shirt under blazer, shoes, bag) — I love it!

  2. Kate Scott says:

    Ohh so cute!

  3. Lauren says:

    Love this outfit!

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