Simply Framed Review

May 20, 2021

Simply Framed Review

As I built out my art collection for my new apartment, Proper Shoppe recommended I turn to Simply Framed for the few items I would need frames for. I’ve never done custom framing before and I have to tell you I was rather blown away by my experience with Simply Framed so today I’m sharing all about my experience with their custom framing.

Simply Framed Review

Simply Framed can frame just about anything – art prints, photography, fabric, original art, posters, magazines – you name it and they can probably frame it beautifully. They make custom framing your art all online pretty seamless.

Before I worked with Simply Framed I didn’t realize how many options there were to make your art really, truly stand out. Their options are truly customizable from color to size to mat and more.

Simply Framed Review

How Simply Framed Works

Simply Framed has a few ways they work to get your art framed: 

  1. You can mail them your art and they’ll custom frame it. 
  2. Simply Framed will print your file and custom frame it.
  3. They’ll build you a frame and ship it without art.
  4. Print only – they can print a file for you and ship to you to frame.

I went with the Full service option (option #1) and chose to send in all of my art to Simply Framed to be custom done. I loved that I received timely shipping emails for when my shipment materials had gone out and 

When the shipping materials arrived everything was clearly labeled with explicit instructions on how to carefully pack each piece of art and label and seal it accordingly. Days later I received an alert that each piece of art had arrived with Simply Framed and was starting to be worked on. 

I also got timely email alerts when each piece of art had been framed and was on its way back to me. It helped me plan accordingly to hire my handyman to get things hung. In just a few weeks time my art was back and I was squealing as I opened each box.

My favorite part of Simply Framed was that they gave you extremely lifelike previews of what your art would look like:

Simply Framed Preview

You’re able to mock these up as you make your selections onsite around size, style and mat and then in your email confirmation you’ll also get sent your previews which I found so handy as I was planning for where each piece would go in my home.

Simply Framed also did other thoughtful details – like the option to add wire or hooks on the back for easy hanging. And every single piece of art came with instructions on how to hang & optional screws/nails for use so you could put the art up as soon as you got it back. It’s little things like this that really stood out to me and made the process so easy.

My Simply Framed Artwork

Simply Framed Review

Grammatical Paris Print framed via Simply Framed in Gallery Black Frame – No Mat

I have wanted this print framed in my home for years so I was so glad Simply Framed brought the vision to life. The artist is French and does the most beautiful drawings of silhouettes and figures. I love how the Gallery Black Frame perfectly offsets the thin outline of this woman in waiting.

Simply Framed Review

Pressed Mimosa Print framed via Simply Framed in Certificate Gold Frame with Floated Mat

This turned out so gorgeously! Proper Shoppe recommended I go with this print with raw edges and have a floated mat done by Simply Framed so that the print would really jump out of the frame and I think it is the perfect piece against my wallpaper.

Simply Framed Review

Paris and New York City Prints framed via Simply Framed in Gallery Deep White Frames with a Single Mat

By far my favorite pieces that Simply Framed did! These small prints were bought at a shop in Paris in the Marais several years ago and sat untouched until Proper Shoppe gave them new life. In order to hide the electrical box on this wall, Proper Shoppe recommended deep, large frames with large mats that would not only help the neighborhood prints stand out but also make this empty wall a focal feature when you walk into my home.

The neighborhoods represent my two favorite cities that have my heart.

Simply Framed Review

 Rebecca Plotnick Paris Print framed via Simply Framed in Old School Metal Bright Gold with a Single Mat

I knew I wanted to have one of my friend Rebecca’s Paris prints in my home and this one has always been a favorite of hers of mine. Opening up Parisian terrace doors to a wash of Paris light is a feeling that I cherish. It represents happiness to me and I love the golden light that Rebecca captured in this shot. Simply Framed’s Old School Metal Bright Gold frame perfectly compliments the piece and just looks so chic against the white wall.

What does Simply Framed cost?

It all depends on your selection. Bigger pieces, more decorative frames and mat work will add to the price of your frame. Custom framing is indeed that – custom – so every order will be different.

. . .

If you’re curious about Simply Framed, you can get free virtual help from one of their designers. You can book a 1-on-1 consultation for frame recommendations or book a Gallery Wall consultation.

I absolutely will be using Simply Framed’s service for my next home – it made the whole process easy, seamless and far less intimidating than I thought custom framing would be. Each frame added to much to the space and made the special art even more special. I am so glad I’ll have these framed pieces for a long time to come.

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Simply Framed graciously gifted me these frames but as always opinions are my own.

[Pret a Provost Photography]

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