In continuing to prioritize our health and wellness following a rough nearly two years of a pandemic, I wanted to once again serve up some more mindful gifts for those on your list (and perhaps for yourself, too!) A lot of these are on sale this weekend, too! This guide is all about gifts that […]

Health and Wellness Gift Ideas

Health and Wellness Gift Ideas


November 27, 2021

Easy Intermittent Fasting for Beginners


August 27, 2020

Largely for the better part of the last year I have been intermittent fasting and found a lot of great benefits from doing so that today I am sharing my experience should it be something you may benefit from, too.

We’re certainly living in strange times right now, aren’t we? Day to day life feels different, our conversations with one another can’t help but bring up coronavirus and I’ve personally in my lifetime never really experienced anything like this. Things feel uncertain and “off” and frankly, it all feels a bit overwhelming. I actually wrote […]

17 Uplifting Things To Do During These Uncertain Times | A Look at Working from Home

17 Uplifting Things To Do During These Uncertain Times


March 16, 2020

The Effects of Gratitude Journaling I wit & whimsy

Out of Alignment


March 9, 2020

Being out of alignment is the best way to describe how I’ve felt for the past 2+ weeks. From a busy week in Paris to a house guest to a bachelorette party straight to a two week viral infection, I’ve felt ripped from my orbit of productivity and routine.

After I was rear-ended in a car accident in 2001 my world quickly changed and I was put on an endless cycle of trying to find relief for the chronic headaches that set in following the accident. I tried seemingly everything. A laundry list of medication, physical therapy, massage therapy, bio-feedback, supplements and acupuncture. Nothing […]

All About Acupuncture I wit & whimsy

My Journey with Acupuncture + All Your Questions Answered


September 16, 2019

My Skin Cancer Diagnosis | wit & whimsy

My Skin Cancer Diagnosis


August 1, 2019

  Last week I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I will admit that I don’t think I was overly surprised when my dermatologist called to tell me the biopsy I had recently had done had came back as cancerous. My fair skin and familial history always had me thinking it could happen…would happen in my […]