Health and Wellness Gift Ideas

December 10, 2020

Health & Wellness Gifts

It’s my last gift guide for 2020! And it’s a theme I’ve never done before but then 2020 happened and I think we all learned to reevaluate our wellness practices and began to take our health and our able bodies for granted less. This guide is all about gifts that feel luxurious yet promote better rituals and habits for now and for the road ahead. This year has reminded us that these rituals, practices and habits must be more sacred than ever and I think each of these gifts will help promote that.

Health & Wellness Gift Ideas:

  1. Vanity Planet Facial Steamer. With facials feeling like a thing of the past, this personal facial steamer is a great way to give skin TLC at home. 
  2. Yoga Pose Card Deck. Perfect for the yogi who can’t go to a studio any longer. Includes 52 different poses.
  3. WelleCo Sleep Tea. My personal favorite for more restful sleep.
  4. Weighted Eye Mask. I have this and use it every night. Like a weighted blanket but for your eyes. It takes a bit of getting used to but then it’s amazing.
  5. FitBit Inspire 2. My favorite recent Amazon purchase. This has kept me motivated and I love logging all my steps. If you know someone who needs a bit of a boost in the fitness department – this is great.
  6. Wander Beauty Eye Patches. My favorites for looking more well rested. A great gift idea for moms! 
  7. Alarm Clock. A leveled up smart alarm clock.
  8. Personal Humidifier. Perfectly portable.
  9. Five Minute Journal. Truly one of my best mindfulness habits this is a lovely, thoughtful & affordable gift to give someone for better rituals in the new year. I have a whole post on it here.
  10. Bala Bands Personal Weights. The internet’s favorite at-home weights. They’ve sold out multiple times this year and they are on my own personal Christmas list.
  11. Theragun Mini. The less expensive version of the massage and recovery tool everyone is talking about. With massages being less of an indulgences this year, this makes a great luxury gift.
  12. True Botanicals Stress Relief. My favorite bedtime ritual involves applying this on my wrists and doing some deep breathing. It smells amazing. I used one up in a few months and bought another immediately. That’s telling! I promise you’ll feel instantly more calm. This makes an excellent stocking stuffer, too.
  13. Phone Soap. Because, 2020.
  14. Acupressure Mat. My brother has been using one of these long before they became trendy and he swears by it for relaxing him and aiding back pain. I’ve borrowed it before & can attest that once you get over the initial shock of the feel you do find your muscles unwinding in a really wonderful manner.
  15. Headspace Membership. The gift of meditation is a gift that will keep on giving.
  16. Susanne Kaufmann Oil for the Senses. I am a broken record about how much I love this stuff but truly it is divine. It smells heavenly, relaxes you almost instantaneously and leaves your bathroom smelling amazing for days to come.
  17. Klur Body Oil. A well reviewed body oil from a black owned business that’ll make skin look healthy and feel hydrated all Winter long.
  18. Elemis Dry Brush. Banish dry skin while also promoting lymphatic drainage. Perfect for the person in your life who loves a beauty ritual. 





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