The Fourth Annual wit & whimsy Kindness Campaign

December 1, 2021

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I am beyond thrilled today to announce the 4th annual wit & whimsy Kindness Campaign designed to Spread Kindness & Joy for the month of December (#SpreadKindnessSpreadJoy.) The past three years of this campaign have truly been highlights of the year for me. Together we have taken care of those who are in need, spread smiles in our communities, donated to important causes and so much more.

I cannot wait to see what we all do this year together!

Holiday Random Acts of Kindness I wit & whimsy

Three years ago this idea was born out of the realization that during this time of year so much of the world (and especially the world of blogging) is focused on commercialism and buying. So I wanted something that would have a different focus and would give back.

The Fourth Annual Kindness Campaign

What is the wit & whimsy Kindness Campaign?

Between now and the end of the month I’m hoping you will join me in spreading kindness and joy throughout your community through small actions. Below I’ve compiled a bunch of thought-starters to get you thinking. But it can really be any act of kindness and joy. Small! Large! Whatever it is it counts! It can also involve monetary donations or acts or things that cost only time. And I know money can be tight this year more than ever so the Kindness Campaign is not just about donating funds. 

You can spread so much kindness and joy through your actions, your time and the ways you show up in your community. 

My hope is that this continues to grow every year and creates a ripple effect in every community where you – a wit & whimsy reader – resides. And that all of our acts together go far and wide in spreading positivity this holiday season.

I know this is such a busy time of year but I’m hoping we can all carve out a moment or two for an act! Every year I was so filled with joy seeing the comments come in and the tags on social as people did their acts. In fact, my heart grew ten sizes in the month of December last year I am quite sure.

wit & whimsy Kindness Campaign

How it Works:

  1. Complete your good deed! Need inspiration? See below!
  2. Submit your act of spreading kindness and spreading joy via this Google Form. Why share your act? Because I will be once again making charitable donations of $1,000 to causes important to several randomly selected participants. More acts = more entries!
  3. Optional: Share your act on Instagram to spread the word and inspire others! And tag me @meghandono + use the hashtag #SpreadKindnessSpreadJoy so I can see what you guys are out there in the world doing. So why tag me? I’ll be sharing some of mine + some of yours on my Stories so we can all be in this together! (*Just be sure to also note your act in the Google Form so I can include it as an entry if you’re interested in potentially having your favorite charity get a donation!)

wit & whimsy Kindness Campaign

#SpreadKindnessSpreadJoy Thought Starters:

  1. Run an errand for a friend, neighbor or loved one.
  2. Send handwritten notes to a nursing home to uplift seniors who haven’t been able to receive visitors much of this year.
  3. Babysit a friend or loved one’s children for a few hours so that they can accomplish something on their to do list.
  4. Give a stranger a compliment.
  5. Send some snail mail to loved ones.
  6. Help a child’s Christmas wish come true via MakeAWish.
  7. Buy several Starbucks cards with $10-$15 on them each and hand them out during the month as you see someone who may benefit from a little pick me up.
  8. Frame and gift a photo for a friend or loved one.
  9. Help feed America’s hungry by supporting your local food banks via Feeding America.
  10. Clean out your closets and donate the items you’re parting with.
  11. Sign up for a volunteer opportunity you can do virtually.
  12. Visit GoFundMe and donate to a cause or two that touches your heart.
  13. Pick up the tab on a stranger’s coffee order.
  14. Research a new charity tied to something that’s affected you or a loved one’s life this year & make a donation. 
  15. Help teachers out with donations via Donor’sChoose.
  16. Surprise your mailman/FedEx delivery person/doorman/garbageman/etc with a baked good or Amazon gift card.
  17. Send a care package to an unsuspecting someone in your life.
  18. Leave a more than 20% tip for great service.
  19. Shop small and support small businesses as much as possible.
  20. Buy a small gift for a friend just because. Include a card that notes their best attributes.
  21. Give a homeless child a gift via Covenant House.
  22. Leave sticky notes on a windshield or door with kind words for an unsuspecting someone.
  23. Donate money to your local church.
  24. Pay for someone’s layaway.
  25. Surprise a friend by donating to a charity they like in their name.
  26. Send supplies and gifts to St. Jude’s to distribute to those in their community in need.
  27. Donate books to your local library.
  28. Clean up trash in your local park.
  29. Support your favorite indie bookstore. Send a book to a friend!
  30. Send a thank you note to a former mentor or colleague. Tell them what their impact was.

A Few Causes to Support

I also wanted to spotlight a few causes that are important to both me and that wit & whimsy readers shared are of importance to them should you care to support any of these this month. (Thank you to those of you who took time to share causes close to your heart!)

So what do you guys say…will you join me in spreading kindness and joy this month?

This community gives so much to me every day and I hope to be able to make an impact on each of your communities by this little movement throughout this month.  And, if you’re up for it, email this post to your friends + family so we can keep the kindness and joy spreading.

I can’t wait to see what we all do together!

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  1. Jenifer says:

    Great ideas here! One group you should consider adding to your list is the Neediest Case Fund that benefits those in your home city!

  2. Melanie B says:

    This is incredible. I can’t wait to get started.

  3. Erin says:

    Love these lists! And I would add one more. Be a support to a friend or colleague who’s had surgery and is home recovering. Several friends of mine and I have recently had major surgery and we found out the hard way that many friends and even family think a quick text or two at the surgery date is “good.” We shared how we’ve had to ask for phone calls and for support in the weeks following surgery! Food (or a DoorDash card) is invaluable (especially for knee replacement as I’ve had, painful to stand for long and exhausting for other surgeries too). . We all have great friends but we think major surgeries are so common now that people don’t relate to them as they once did in terms of needing support. And while texting is great, it’s not great for supporting someone like this. Other ways to support are FaceTime dates, visits, helping with errands if you live nearby, etc. Sorry for such a lengthy post but my friends and I have learned the hard way what people are unaware of how to do this even when they are thoughtful people. And these ideas are especially for your single friends who live alone with no family nearby. Thanks for listening

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