Cozy Gifts for the Homebody

November 18, 2021

Homebody Gift Ideas

Whether you wanted to be or not, everyone became a homebody in 2020 and I personally know that for me – a lot of those tendencies have stuck around this year. We’re all seeming to continue to spend more time at home and it is safe to say I’ve learned to nest in a whole new way. I also found greater appreciation for having a safe home I could feel cozy in. As the pandemic continues our spaces will continue to be more important than ever so this gift guide is all about the best cozy gifts to make being home your total oasis.

For me, some of the best homebody gifts are the gifts that you’d want to treat yourself to but never get around to it. They often feel like indulgences and “nice to haves” so you may not splurge on it yourself. But this year more than ever I think we all deserve extra indulgences to make our home life the very best it can be. 

Hot cups of tea, leveled up cookware, crisp sheets, plush robes, cashmere throws – they all deserve a place in our home rituals to make our four walls feel luxurious in my opinion. This Cozy Gifts for the Homebody guide is designed for just that and I hope you’ll find it helpful. 

Cozy Gifts for the Homebody:

1. Ripple Wine Glasses

I reach for these petite wine glasses time and time again. Delicate and beautiful yet a perfect gifting price point. Perfect for the cozy homebody to enjoy their wine in while they’re curled up on the couch.

2. Fellow Electric Kettle

Perfect for the pour over or tea enthusiast you know – upgrade their kettle game.

3. Ember Smart Mug

Work from home life means we can enjoy our coffees in the morning a bit longer sometimes – but only if they stay warm. I have several friend’s whose husbands swear by this mug that will keep your coffee or tea at just the right temperature.

4. Ninja Air Fryer

I got my parents this Air Fryer and I’ve loved cooking in it when home in Colorado. We made divine spicy crispy cauliflower and crisped up tortillas and you can literally do so much in this machine!

5. Jenni Kayne Bowls

Oh the joy these bowls bring me! They are so beautiful and perfect for nearly all the meals I eat. I bought two as a set. 

6. Our Place Always Pan

The internet’s most famous pan that makes cooking more fun and clean up easier. A wow gift for sure for the homebody in your life who loves to cook.

7. Hot Sauce Set

For the homebody who loves a bit of heat in their cooking!

8. UGG Slippers

Because who doesn’t love a new pair of slippers?

9. Jenni Kayne Cashmere Socks

Nothing better than cashmere socks after a long day as you go to get cozy to watch TV at night. 

10. Book of the Month

I always included this subscription in my gift guides every year because it is truly my favorite mail every month and ensures I keep up with my reading for pleasure. Every time I have given it as a gift the recipient has ended up extending their membership because they have enjoyed it so much!

11. Jenni Kayne Throw

I think a quality blanket makes one of the best gifts – you can never have enough so you know that your cozy homebody would like this chic one from a favorite brand of mine.

12. Bearby Weighted Blanket

For better sleep moving forward – Lord knows we could all use better sleep these days! I bought this one earlier this year and it has been the best nap and anxiety companion.

13. Flour Water Salt Yeast Bread Cookbook

The best bread makers I know in my life swear by this well reviewed book. 

14. Towel Warmer

This is just so a luxurious gift I couldn’t love it more. How amazing does wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a shower or bath sound!? This is the perfect luxury gift for your favorite homebody.

15. NIGHT Pillow

My favorite pillow for better sleep. Every friend I know who has gotten this loves it.

16. Let’s Do Dinner Cookbook

Any other Queer Eye fans out there? My friend worked on Antoni’s latest cookbook and we made a recipe out of it while I was upstate earlier this year and it was so good! I can’t wait to get this personally but also at $18 it makes a great Under $20 gift.


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Even More Homebody Gifts

I also highly recommend this Cast Iron Skillet. It has been a MVP of my time at home this year.

Don’t miss even more ideas in The Cozy Shop!

Do you have any favorite items part of your homebody routine?

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  1. Indie Lee says:

    Is it weird that I want everything on this list? Serious cozy self-care vibes.

  2. Cara says:

    This is a great compilation Meghan!!! I want so much on this list and got a few ideas for others. I have eyeing the Fellow Electric Kettle, but wasn’t sure I could justify. Good to know you have it and love it 🙂

  3. Bridget Paff says:

    This is my favorite gift guide! I love everything on it and will be adding several of these items to my wish list for my family! Love this! Thanks!

  4. Melanie says:

    I got BOTM as a gift one year and enjoyed it so much! It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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