Cozy Gifts for the Homebody

November 21, 2020

Cozy Homebody Gifts I wit & whimsy

Whether you wanted to be or not, everyone became a homebody in 2020. We all spent more time grounded and at home than ever before and it is safe to say I learned to nest in a whole new way. I also found greater appreciation for having a safe home I could feel cozy in. As the pandemic continues our spaces will continue to be more important than ever so this gift guide is all about the best cozy gifts to make being home your total oasis.

For me, some of the best homebody gifts are the gifts that you’d want to treat yourself to but never get around to it. They often feel like indulgences and “nice to haves” so you may not splurge on it yourself. But this year more than ever I think we all deserve extra indulgences to make our home life the very best it can be. 

Hot cups of tea, leveled up cookware, crisp sheets, plush robes, cashmere throws – they all deserve a place in our home rituals to make our four walls feel luxurious in my opinion. This Cozy Gifts for the Homebody guide is designed for just that and I hope you’ll find it helpful. 

Cozy Gifts for the Homebody:

  1. Fleece Pullover. Normally I am anti-buying clothes for people but this pullover looks perfect for cozy homebody days and would look good on just about anyone!
  2. Sherpa Robe. Crawling into a sherpa robe after the shower? Yes, please! Bonus? It can be personalized!
  3. Weighted Blanket. For better sleep moving forward – Lord knows we could all use better sleep these days! This weighted blanket has loads of positive reviews.
  4. Book of the Month. A gift that keeps on giving after the holidays and because books are one of the best companions for the homebody. I have been a BOTM customer for years now and it remains one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself. 
  5. Brooklinen Sheets. Upgrade where they spend a lot of their life. I’ve been saying it for nearly six years now – these sheets are the best. Crisp and cool to the touch yet soft and supple when you crawl into bed.
  6. Towel Warmer. This is just so a luxurious gift I couldn’t love it more. How amazing does wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a shower or bath sound!? This is the perfect luxury gift for your favorite homebody.
  7. Chambord French Press. For the homebody who appreciates a quality cup. The ritual of French press coffee always feels special. 
  8. Mug & Warmer Set. This mug will keep your coffee or tea warm so there’s no running to the microwave all morning to re-heat as you get into your day. A great companion for long Winter days.
  9. Ralph’s Coffee Cup & Saucer. I own this cup and saucer from Ralph’s Coffee & love it. Drinking from it feels special. Give to the homebody who has classic taste, loves Instagram moments or loves NYC.
  10. Our Place Always Pan. The pan the internet is raving about. It has loads of good reviews and comes in several colors.
  11. Pasta Maker. Because when you can’t get homemade pasta at a restaurant…you should learn how to make it yourself! I’ve made pasta before with my family and it is such a fun activity for everyone to get involved and then you really enjoy the fruits of your labor afterwards!
  12. Cardamom Milk Candle. My favorite cozy feels candle of all time. Your space will smell like a Danish bakery. 
  13. Air Fryer. Mix up their cooking routine with the buzziest kitchen gadget of 2020. I’ve seen so many delicious sounding air fryer recipes around the internet this year.
  14. Fellow Electric Pour Over Kettle. The chicest kettle possibly ever? I recently bought this and absolutely love it. It’ll keep the water warm until you turn it off, has temperature controls and the internet loves it for pour over coffee use as well.
  15. Flour Water Salt Yeast Bread Cookbook. Upgrade their bread game with this well reviewed book.
  16. The Home Edit Book. Because a homebody loves a home project and this book is full of tips + tricks for them.
  17. Popcorn Popping Bowl. This silicone popcorn bowl instantly pops kernels in the microwave (no oil necessary) and collapses for easy storage. Cue the movies!
  18. Cashmere Throw. The limit does not exist when it comes to cozy blankets after 2020’s woes. I love that this one can double as a shawl/oversized scarf.



I highly recommend this Cast Iron Skillet. It has been a MVP of my time at home this year.

Do you have any favorite items part of your homebody routine?

p.s. gifts for your girlfriends and loads of unique gifts.

8 comments on “Cozy Gifts for the Homebody”

  1. This is a great compilation Meghan!!! I want so much on this list and got a few ideas for others. I have eyeing the Fellow Electric Kettle, but wasn’t sure I could justify. Good to know you have it and love it 🙂

  2. This is my favorite gift guide! I love everything on it and will be adding several of these items to my wish list for my family! Love this! Thanks!

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