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January 27, 2023

Paris Eiffel Tower

Happy Friday! What a whirlwind week but a wonderful one as my new site is officially here. Thank you all so much for the kind words about it! Please note we are experiencing issues with the Mobile site right now – font sizes will soon be fixed to be easier to read and the ads issue will hopefully be resolved ASAP. Thanks for your patience and bearing with me on it being less than enjoyable to read on your phone right now.

It’s my last weekend in NYC for quite some time so I’ll be soaking it up but also will be working on a bunch of packing and organizing as well!

Next week I am off to France for the month! I am so excited but also a little nervous given the amount of things I have planned. I’ll be sharing what’s on my calendar for this adventure with my Paris, Perfected subscribers next week.

On a housekeeping note, I will have less blog posts going live in the month of February due to my limited time in front of a computer for the month. I do have some posts already scheduled so you can keep checking back and of course The Weekly Edits will continue each Friday! I also have some exclusive content going out just to those on my w&w newsletter list so now is a good time to get on the list if you’re not already!





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  1. Elizabeth Blunden says:

    Congrats on the new site
    When I read your blog on my iPhone the box moves (floats and then I need to expand it so that the words are not cut off).
    Probably not explaining it right.

  2. Kate Scott Lopez says:

    I just bought that Mango lady jacket (after loving your similar style) and can confirm its even better in person!

  3. Barbara says:

    Thanks for book recommendations. Just searched most on Libby and now have a queue of books to help me get through recovery for minor foot surgery.

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