My 2023 Wish List

January 19, 2023

2023 Wish List

My annual wish list post is always a popular one. I really enjoy curating this as a little snapshot of the special pieces I am eying adding to my closet and my life in the new year.

As always, I work to prioritize investment pieces that I’ll wear and use time and time again. I’m rather loyal to brands and I often prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to my new purchases. After all, the better you invest in pieces, the more likely you are to get better wear and use out of something. It’s why you often see me wearing the same styles year after year!

I doubt that it’ll come as a surprise to any of you that my wish list is full of accessories and items to level up every day classics.

Of course, keep in mind this list is in fact a wish list – so it’s fun to dream about a lot of these items and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be added into my rotation this year. 

But I do use this post as a guide to my purchases – referring back to it throughout the year whenever I am tempted to take advantages of sales I don’t need to or go on a fast fashion spree. (Although I always remain a fan of mixing high/low when it comes to my wardrobe!) But this list really helps keep me oriented towards the pieces I truly want.

So without further ado, here is my 2023 Wish List as it stands now.

My 2023 Wish List

1. La Ligne Colin Sweater

My love for La Ligne sweaters knows no bounds and I am already adding this newer style to my closet. I love the subtle details on it. But also! They *just* released solid colors of my very favorite Marin sweater and you know I love it already…Ugh – so many good knits, so little time.

2. Khaite Clutch

My god there are so many beautiful Khaite bags and this tote is also on my list but this clutch has been on my list for years. I’m waiting for it come back in stock!

3. Nude Glassware Ice Bucket

I don’t need an ice bucket – but do I love this one? You bet! I think it is a chic multi-purpose piece from one of my favorite brands of glassware. (I own and love these).

4. Reverence Lab Grown Diamond Earrings

You may recognize these from my Christmas Wish List but definitely these are high on my list for the new year! Susie Saltzman recently launched her lab grown diamond business, Reverence and the earrings are stunning. There are so many benefits to lab grown diamonds and Susie told me that doing lab grown for diamond studs is such good value and still the same impact. 

5. Byredo Gypsy Water

My friend Carly wears this often and I always, always remark how good she smells. I want to add this fragrance into my rotation this year.

6. Loewe Candle

A chic and unique candle that I’d use the vessel as a catch all for afterwards.

7. Oura Ring

Do any of you have this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

8. Inez Carla Boots

You guys know I love my Inez boots and a few of you bought these when I worked with the brand last year and raved about them. 

9. Jenni Kayne Cooper Cardigan

When Jenni Kayne launched this cardigan I took mental note of it right away. It’s so my style and I love how elevated it looks for a cardigan. All my Jenni Kayne pieces get so much love.

10. Chloe Pouch

Net a Porter remains my favorite place to look for special, elevated investment pieces and when I spotted this clutch I thought it would make the perfect little clutch when I want to run out of the house without an actual purse. 

11. Mejuri Link Bracelet

The perfect simple yet striking bracelet to wear every day.

12. Khaite Sneakers

I just bought these as they finally came back in stock! I had been stalking them for months. I’m excited to have another pair of white sneakers to mix up my Common Projects regular wear. 

13. Polene Cyme Tote

I’ve seen this bag all over my TikTok and it looks so cool and versatile.

14. Sonos Turntable Set

I love the idea of having a vintage-style turntable out in my living room but one that comes with the perks of working with my existing Sonos speakers. 

15. Apple Watch

Breaking news – I got this at the onset of the new year and I am loving it so far. The aesthetic of it still isn’t me but for every day when I am trying to be more motivated – it’s been great. I love the encouragement I get for standing more, getting in my steps in and I love how it pairs with my Peloton, too.

16. The Curated Crewneck Sweater

This female-run fashion brand is becoming a fast favorite and this sweater looks so my style. I like the special design details. 

A few other items on my list this year…

FFerone Glasses

You know my love of glassware – how gorgeous are these!?

Leica D-Lux 7 Camera

My friend Alicia had this camera in Paris and I was shooting for her on it and loved it. The photos have a really great vibe and I am eyeing it for some future travels this year if I ever see it go on sale.

Adidas Samba Sneakers

I kind of love that these sporty sneaks are having a fashion moment right now! They’re largely sold out but I am keeping an eye out for my preferred colorway when it comes back in my size.

Petite Plume Pajamas

A brand gifted me a pair of this brand’s pajamas last year and I am *in love*. The fabric is so crazy soft and just so luxe feeling. I can’t wait to add another pair to my pj drawer.

Lunya Robe

I don’t have a long robe that I love and a friend recommended this one so I added it to my list of items to purchase this year.

Kinn Carter Herringbone Chain

I have a tiny diamond necklace I never take off and would love another dainty counterpart to layer with it – I think this chain is just the ticket.

Pave Pinky Ring

One of my girlfriends wears a diamond pinky ring every day and whenever I see her it just looks so good. It elevates any outfit and I like the idea of having a little bit of dainty sparkle.

Mejuri Stacker Ring

Another pretty and wearable ring that would go well with My Everyday Jewelry,

Inez Paz Boot in Black Suede

My brown suede Paz boots are one of my most worn pairs of shoes so I may add the black this year, too.

Paris in the 1920s Book

I am interested in this book for the contents but also because it goes with the color scheme in my living room so it would make a complementary addition to my built in bookcases!

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I hope you find this post inspiring for your own shopping endeavors this year! I’d love to hear – what’s on your personal wish list for 2023?

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  1. Liz says:

    I treated myself to the Leica d-lux 7 last year and she is a BEAUTY. So much better than iPhone photos and yet sleeker and easier than my old DSLR. Highly recommend!

  2. Michelle says:

    For the Apple Watch, try Machete bands. It makes the watch so much more elevated and I work out in mine with no problem!

  3. Kelly says:

    I have an oura ring and I love it. It’s more subtle than the whoop band which is what I wore before.

  4. Anne says:

    I’ve always found the Apple Watch to be hideous (sorry) so discovering the Oura ring was a GAME CHANGER. It is beautiful, blends in seamlessly with my style / “real” jewelry, and–most importantly–helps me achieve all of my fitness and sleep goals. I think it is redundant with an Apple Watch. HIGLY recommend.

  5. Kelly H says:

    I just switched from an Apple watch to the Oura ring a week ago and I’m so happy I did. I don’t feel as tied to my phone now that I’m not getting notifications on my wrist and the sleep tracking has been phenomenal. The only drawback is that it definitely limits what other rings you can wear as they recommend not having any rings on adjacent fingers but you can easily work around that.

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