My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2022

January 9, 2023

Favorite Amazon Purchases 2022

Welcome to Look Back week on wit & whimsy! All week long I will be featuring favorite discoveries and purchases of 2022. It’s fun for me to assess what purchases I made throughout the year and see what really stood out. 

First up: my favorite Amazon purchases of the year. Last year I continued to put my Amazon Prime membership to good use and found some great items I’ve been using and wearing regularly. Read on to discover all my favorite Amazon purchases of last year and if you’re curious, don’t miss my My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021.

Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2022

1. Longline Cardigan

This is a great lightweight layer I kind of use as a robe at home. It’s great to throw on over athleisure when I want another layer. 

2. Rib Crew Neck Sweater

I had been on the hunt for the perfect navy sweater and this one was just the ticket last year. I sized up to a Large. If the Jenni Kayne Cotton Fisherman is out of your budget this is a good alternative.

3. Knit Pullover + Shorts Set

I kept seeing this set all over Instagram and it turns out it is as good as everyone says. Some Amazon The Drop stuff are misses for me but this set is perfect for Fall and Winter working from home. It looks really chic for a matching set and I found the M to fit me perfectly.

4. Quilted Liner Jacket

I bought this jacket for my trip to The Berkshires and love it! It’s reversible so you get a sherpa jacket or you get a quilted liner jacket making it really versatile. There are several colors but I’m into the black-ish navy one I ordered. It runs oversized so take your usual size or size down.

5.Upright Trainer + Necklace

After having a tailbone issue for most of 2022 my doctor recommended I figure out a better way to improve my posture. Essentially my bad posture while working and during sitting in general was causing this pain. 

I decided to invest in this little device that trains you into better posture. I couldn’t believe how many times it vibrated the first few days I used it. And how sore I was on those initial days, too! Turns out my posture was worse than I even realized. 

I bought the “necklace” they sell as well as I knew it wasn’t realistic that I would be sticking this little device on my back every day and I find it easy to throw on when I sit down at my desk. 

6. Air Purifiers

I finally have room in my apartment for air purifiers and I love the one I got on Amazon Prime Day last year. It connects to an app where you can control it (Low/Medium/High; On/Off; etc.) I liked the first one I bought so much I got another for my bedroom! I was appalled when I first changed the filter – so much dirt and dust had accumulated! I’m so glad that having these in my home now has made me less congested and has helped control dust in my city apartment. Definitely one of my best 2022 purchases, hands down.

7. Half Zip

I ordered the Varley half zip I saw a lot of people raving about last year but didn’t love it. It felt expensive for the quality and fit. I then ordered this and really loved it. And I like how it looks on its own and also layered under coats as seen here. I ordered it in a size Medium.

8. Breville Juicer

I aim to drink a green juice a day when I’m at home – and it is an expensive habit. So I bought this at the onset of 2022 and when I was home for weeks I made the point of making a huge batch of juice with cucumber, ginger, celery, spinach and jalapeno.

9. Chunky Knit Cardigan

This cardigan looks designer but it is so much more affordable. A great chunky topper for your favorite tees and tanks.

10. Philips Hue Starter Kit & Smart Bulbs

My ability to control my lighting in my home sparks serious joy. I have perfected the warmth in my living room and my bedroom and I love that the bulbs also connect to Alexa so I can turn on and off my lights via voice. While it sounds small, being able to turn on the lights when your hands are full, or not have to turn over when you’re cozy in bed to reach for a switch – it’s a game changer. 

11. Bala Bars

When I bought my Peloton bike I also bought their 2lb weights. But I realized I would like some variety so I bought these 3lb weights that fit perfectly in the water holders at the front of the bike. Now I can choose whether I’d like to do 2 or 3lb weights during my rides. 

12. Boot Socks

Finally boot socks that are thin enough they don’t cause foot cramping! And actually stay up!

13. Soda Stream

Another one of my winning Amazon Prime Day purchases

14. Apple AirTags

After all the social media posts I saw this summer about missing bags I bought these pronto earlier this year. I love that you can slide it into your suitcase lining and keep an eye on your bags from your iPhone. 

15. Travel Jewelry Case

I don’t travel with much jewelry but I wanted a better way to contain what I did take on the road with me. The price on this case can’t be beat for the quality.

16. Finish Dishwasher Cleaner

I inherited a rather old and rather smelly dishwasher when I purchased my apartment. Before I can replace it I wanted to fix the ongoing issue I couldn’t seem to solve and this stuff did the trick! Now I use it every quarter.

17. Tumi Bag

Technically I bought this bag in 2021, but I used it all of 2022 on every trip I took. It’s perfect to bring valuables in on my way to a destination and then can fit any shopping I do to bring home. I love that it is collapsable, super lightweight and that the straps fit over my shoulder make it really easy to tote.

A few other items I also loved from Amazon this year…

Loloi Rugs

I got this one in Ink/Salmon from the Amber Lewis collaboration for my living room and this one in the Sand shade for my bedroom. They are soft under foot, really well made and I love that they are so easy to upkeep! I can’t recommend this brand’s rugs enough!

Bike Seat Cushion

Speaking of my Peloton and my tailbone pain, I also bought this well rated bike seat cushion and it made a major difference in how my butt felt during rides. Highly recommend it if you’re a bike rider!

Emile Henry Deep Food Storage Bowl

I don’t like the look of having food out so I place all my veggies and fruits that don’t go in the fridge into this sleek bowl from a favorite French brand.

Acrylic Storage Bins

I organized every.single.drawer in my home with these this year and it makes such a difference for my sanity and ability to find the thing I am looking for. 

The Drop Blazer

I own this in two colors. The fabric and fit are great for the price. I’d size up if you want a more oversized boyfriend fit to it.

Bluetooth Tripod

This little tripod is so great when I’m creating video content at home or when traveling. I love that the remote is built in so you don’t forget it or lose it. It’s super easy to set up and to use.

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