My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021

January 10, 2022

Best Amazon Purchases 2021

Welcome to Look Back week on wit & whimsy! All week long I will be featuring favorite discoveries and purchases of 2021.

First up: my favorite Amazon purchases of the year. I always shop more online than in-store and last year was no exception particularly as the pandemic continued to limit store hours and social distancing remained top of mind. Last year I continued to put my Amazon Prime membership to good use and found some great items I’ve been using and wearing regularly.

My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021

1. Twill Midi Dress

Probably my favorite Amazon Fashion find last year and a bestseller with you guys far and away for all of last year. I have it in two colors but the black may just have been my most worn summer dress ever. I wear it in a M.

2. The Drop Sweatshirt + Shorts Set

Feels designer without the designer price tag. This set is so good! I have a size M in both the sweatshirt and the shorts. See the set on here.

3. Waffle Knit Lounge Set

I love this set so much I now have three versions of it and all my girlfriends and I got the long sleeve / pants version for our girls trip last year!

4. Bala Bangles

My go-to weights for all my Melissa Wood Health Workouts. Love that you can wear them on your wrists and ankles for walks and they are easy to travel with, too!

5. SkinGym Facial Roller

Hurts. So. Good. This facial roller has been a game changer for my ongoing jaw pain. I keep it in bed and reach for it before I go to sleep to release pressure.

6. Soft Touch Crewneck

This sweater got so much wear I bought the hoodie version, too. Great for layering and I just love this oatmeal-esque color. I sized up in both to a size Large.

7. Le Specs Sunglasses

These sunglasses were a bestseller last year – and no wonder. They look designer but are only $59!

8. Bluetooth Eye Mask

This was a delightful Amazon find last year. It allows you to listen to music and sleep without earphones. Such a game changer for airplane travel I found. I like to play my meditations on it to help me drift off when in flight.

9. HydroFlask Water Bottle with Straw Lid

My key to staying hydrated every day – and more importantly – not spilling my water all over my work area and laptop.

10. Anker Wireless Charger

Behold! The solution to the dreaded bend-down-and-get-your-phone-charging-cable. Now I can avoid that awkward bend and instead I just rest my phone on this charger each night and when I wake up it is 100% charged.

11. Hatch Restore Alarm Clock & Sound Machine

I love this smart alarm clock and noise machine So much so I wrote a whole Hatch Restore Review. It is truly a game changer.

12. Stackable Cosmetics Organizers

Even my Neat Method organizer commented how great these were! Such a good Amazon find and truly perfect for storing cosmetics and other beauty products that you want tucked away neatly. Check out my Closet Before & Afters.

13. Cocktail Cherries

I now never make an Old Fashioned without one of these! They are so good and truly are the perfect finishing garnish to feel like you’re having a cocktail at an upscale bar.

14. Drinking Glasses

My go-to glasses for my daily green juices.

15. Nude Glassware Rocks Glasses

I drank out of one of these while Upstate last year and fell in love. I instantly ordered the set when I found them on Amazon.

16. Nespresso Pod Organizer

Restocking this tray is so unbelievably satisfying. Your Nespresso pods slide right into the rows and you can keep your pods so handy.

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Did you have any favorite Amazon purchases last year?

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  1. Christine says:

    I love the idea of a wireless charger! Does it work with your phone case on? Or do you have to take it off every night?

  2. Judy Holmes says:

    I did not know you had jaw pain! UGH! In my thirties, my jaw locked in place one day. I was biting down hard when I slept & when I was stressed. My cheeks where my jaw connected were solid tight muscle – no indent. My dentist fitted me with a TMJ mouthpiece that went over my lower teeth. I wore it for months, including when I was eating, until my jaw relaxed. It was an amazing process because many times I would hank out the mouthpiece so I could bite down & release stress! I was not aware I had been doing this; but, when I could not do it, I longed to bite down hard! I have no jaw issues thirty years later! Good luck with your jaw!

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