Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently

November 5, 2019

Puff Sleeve Organza top I wit & whimsy

It’s time for another round of Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently! You can see past installments here, here, here & here.

Puff Sleeve Organza top I wit & whimsy

Puff Sleeve Organza top I J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket

Puff Sleeve Organza top, J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket I wit & whimsy

Things I've Bought and Loved Recently - J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket I wit & whimsy

Things I've Bought and Loved Recently - J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket

Puff Sleeve Organza top I wit & whimsy

 J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket

Otherland Cardamom Milk Candle:

Obsessed doesn’t even cover how I feel about this candle. It smells like a Danish bakery from when I went to Copenhagen and gives my apartment the coziest most delicious scent.

Target Letter Board:

I was looking for a compact way to add a little fun decor and personality to my kitchen and this fit the bill perfectly. Target does it again!

Alo Leggings:

These leggings are as chic as leggings can actually be. Size down in this brand. I wear a Small. I wore them during my yoga retreat and love how they performed and now can’t wait to wear them in Australia.

J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket:

This J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket has been one of the most popular items I’ve ever posted and for good reason. A great price, the perfect sporty style for the weekend and so, so cozy. I’ve been wearing mine so much since getting it earlier this Fall. I sized down to a size Small. Speaking of J.Crew Factory, I saw they added a lot of holiday-ready pieces to the site! This dress, this top, these shoes, this blouse (buying it!) and also how cute is this scalloped sweater & this bow coat!

Marc Fisher Booties:

I wore them in this post but I am so happy I finally bit the bullet on these. I sized up half a size and with socks on and they are perfect. Worn here.

Marc Fisher Boots:

Another pair I finally decided to buy after thinking about for over a year. These kept selling out last year and every time I’d go to purchase suddenly my size was out of stock yet again. I never ended up getting them as a result so as soon as I saw them go online this season, I nabbed them. And I have to say they are even prettier in person.

Top Tote Hat Clip:

I can’t wait to use this handy tote that makes traveling with your hat not a giant pain.

Container Store Floating Bookshelf:

At long last I found a solution to the stacks of books on my floor. Bought this and assembled it last week and am glad to have a home (that doesn’t take up much space) for all my books finally.

Amour Vert Lounge Pants:

These chic joggers are the only thing I’ve ever been influenced to buy via an Instagram ad from a brand. I bought them in a Medium which are a bit roomy so could also probably have done a Small.

Weighted Eye Mask:

I have heard great things about weighted blankets so when I saw the same methodology applied to an eye mask I was intrigued. At first I thought I hated this for the initial few days I tried it and then I loved it and found myself sleeping deeper and without interruption on the nights I slept with it. It is too heavy and bulky to travel with but perfect for at home use. I am 100% hooked on it now.

Amazon Echo Ear Buds:

I mentioned these previously but after seeing them at an Amazon preview event I promptly ordered them following my demo. They have Bose noise cancelling technology you can enable meaning I can finally have the best of both world when wanting to both drown out noise and sleep on long haul flights.

Meal Planning Notepad:

I am already trying to think of ways to improve certain bad habits of mine in the new year and think it is time I stopped grocery shopping on impulse. I’m hopeful this handy notepad will guide me to better plan what I will be cooking during the week and will lead to better food decisions and healthier eating overall.

APL Sneakers:

I bought these in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Australia as I plan to do a lot of outdoor coastal walks and I will say the hype is real. I love how stylish yet functional these are. I’ve done a hike in them and had zero issues whatsoever with rubbing or any other discomfort.

Pretty Earrings:

These were a favorite item I bought from the most recent Shopbop sale. I’ve been wearing them ever since.

Perfect Crop Jeans:

Not skinny. Not Straight. Just perfectly tapered and perfectly cropped. I’ll be wearing them in a post later this week if you’re curious to see them styled.

Line & Dot Textured Sweater:

I keep reaching for this sweater despite it technically not being cold enough for it yet. It is so warm and cozy! I love how it looks layered under coats and blazers.

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Zara Organza Sleeve Top (Size L) // Levi’s Jeans (more here; Size 28) // M. Gemi Sandals // Gucci Bag

p.s. affordable pieces to transition your wardrobe and versatile wardrobe staples.

[Carter Fish Photography]

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