Things I’ve Bought + Loved – 2018 Edition

February 5, 2019

Knit Midi Dress I Things Ive Bought + Loved

I meant to run this post earlier this month but it took me longer to put together than I anticipated but behold: all the favorite things I bought in 2018! Excited to share this list with you guys and would love to hear if you had any great purchases last year, too.

Things I’ve Bought + Loved – 2018 Edition

Remington Fabric Shaver:

I’ve never had so many “I’m buying this now” replies on Instagram as I did after showing my Before & Afters using this handy and cheap fabric shaver. It is so much better than a fabric comber and it has completely transformed coats, sweaters and scarves of mine to make them look brand new. Bye, bye pilling!

Naturemade Vitamins:

I am generally pretty loyal to Olly vitamins but the Women’s Multi ones I never loved the taste of. I’ve since moved onto these delicious Naturemade Vitamins that actually make me want to take my daily vitamins.

Candle Wick Trimmer:

File this purchase under an aha-moment but I truly can’t believe I’ve lived my whole candle-obsessed life without a wick trimmer before this past November! There is now less smoke when I blow out my candles and apparently trimming wicks will extend the life of your candle, too! Such a handy tool to have.

J.McLaughlin Boots:

I was gifted these as a part of this collaboration and I’ve been turning to them lots of late when I want to wear a lower heel. They’re so well made and so comfortable (and I’m wearing them as I type this, in fact!) P.S. they’re majorly on sale!

Chanel Slingbacks:

I like to treat myself to a bigger purchase I’ve been wanting on my birthday and this year it was the Chanel slingbacks. I now wear them so much I can’t recall what I wore with loads of outfits before I owned them! They are so comfortable and instantly elevate whatever I pair them with. They are as good with summer dresses as they are jeans and I am just so happy with this purchase. These are a great dupe if you like the style but can’t justify the cost of the Chanel ones.

Common Projects Sneakers:

I hemmed and hawed over these sneakers but in the end they ended up being worth the cost because I wear them all the time. I bring them on every trip I take now and love how they look equally as good with pants and shorts and dresses.

Staud Bag:

I was iffy when I purchased this bag last summer because it was a bit different than the typical bag I gravitate towards but then I ended up wearing it SO much. See here, here, here. I love it so much that I may get it in the bigger size, too!

Daily Edited Phone Case:

While I love my sleek Peel cases, I bought a Daily Edited monogrammed phone case to have in the rotation, too. I love how customizable they are – truly tons of designs to choose from! I went sleek and got ‘mmd’ at the bottom of the case in rose gold and I couldn’t love how it turned out more.

Lululemon Align Leggings:

I now own three pairs of these buttery soft leggings that are the ideal lounge legging and the only leggings I now wear to hot yoga. As crazy as it sounds I actually look forward to opportunities to wear these. They are that good.

Metal Straws:

In my attempts to cut down on plastic waste, I purchased these straws and used them every morning as I drank my cold brew in the summer.

Emerson Fry Teddy Coat:

I just spoke to this coat in this post the other week so I’ll leave it short and sweet but this teddy coat is the coziest and best thing to wear in Winter.

Crate + Barrel Acrylic Picture Frames:

These chic frames make a minimalist statement and let the photo or print you put in them really shine. I framed three postcards I bought from an amazing photography exhibit I saw in Stockholm and they make me so happy to look at in my home and remember that special trip. (CB2 has some super chic frames right now, too).

Saint Laurent Card Case:

After visiting the Saint Laurent museum in Paris this past Fall, I decided to treat myself to this card case as a petite souvenir. I rarely carry around a full size wallet and the card holder I’d been using was totally beaten up so I was due for an upgrade. And now I’m so happy that it reminds me daily of such a good trip.

Everlane Cashmere Sweatshirt:

Oh man have I been living in this chic yet casual cashmere sweatshirt. It runs very small so I wear it in a Large which is annoying given Everlane sizing is super consistent usually but it looks so great with jeans and with black pants.

Everlane Cashmere Crew Neck:

This is the other Everlane sweater I’ve been living in since buying. This one in a Medium is perfectly slouchy and I love layering it over a striped tee. I will caveat that it does pill after a few wears but with the aforementioned fabric shaver, it is easy to get it looking as good as new.

Celine Mini Belt Bag:

I thought about this bag for about a year (maybe even more!?) before I decided to buy it at the onset of 2018. I wanted a neutral bag that would instantly elevate any outfit. And I looked at a lot and kept coming back to this bag. I absolutely love it and it always feels special to carry. I’ve worn it a lot on the blog here, here, here and here. I bought it as a present to myself for having a great career year in 2017. Now whenever I carry it I remember all the blood, sweat & tears I put into my work that year.

Anthropologie Mug:

This mug was an impulse purchase while I was out holiday shopping and I absolutely love it because it is bigger than your average mug so it holds extra water for my nighttime tea-in-bed ritual. (More of my nighttime routine here.)

Muslin Washcloths:

These may be one of the best things I’ve added to my skincare routine in recent memory. They really go to work to help remove makeup and grime at the end of the day and are the perfect companion to my favorite cleansing oil.

J.Crew Pocket Umbrella:

I pretty much only ever use J.Crew and Madewell umbrellas because they’ve proven to be rather indestructible for me. I also love that they open via one button vs having to hoist and fasten anything. This umbrella is so well made and so sturdy that I can’t recommend it enough.

Anthropologie Scarf:

I sincerely hope Anthropologie restocks this scarf again in their additional colors because I may just need another! This scarf is so thick and cozy and doubles as a great pillow on the airplane if you bring it along as I did to Colorado for the holidays! It is the best to wrap around your neck on extra cold days.

iPhone Tripod:

This inexpensive yet handy tripod is perfect for travel due to its size. You can easily carry it around and it gives me more flexibility in capturing certain content. It was thanks to this tripod I was able to capture this cute photo in Paris!

Spanx Velvet Leggings:

I’ve been a fan of Spanx’s leggings ever since falling for their faux leather ones almost five years ago and the velvet may now be my favorites. They look chic on (I wore them here) and are so, so comfortable. And the best part? They never budge. I wore them here.

J.Crew Sweater Blazer:

This was one of my favorite 2018 purchases and also apparently a top seller for J.Crew I heard. I styled it with shorts here but have worn it countless times with jeans, too. I sized down to a Small.

Gold Bobby Pins:

I’ve been uber lazy of late when it comes to styling my hair. Especially this time of year when I’m always popping a hat on my head. I also live for a low bun so when I do that style I’ve been dressing it up with these cute + inexpensive gold bobby pins.

Susanne Kaufmann Essential Bath Oil for the Senses:

This was one of my favorite beauty discoveries of 2018 so no doubt it had to be on this list. So bsessed. Obsessed. Obsessed.

Loeffler Randall Isla Boots:

One of my all time favorite shoes that I own. So comfortable, so chic and I’m always picking up compliments when I wear these versatile booties. They’re an investment but I wear them at least once a week for about 4 months out of the year so their cost per wear has been stellar. (My other favorite shoes here.)

COS Cashmere Sweater:

This is one of the best cashmere sweaters I’ve ever owned. I love the fit and quality of it so much. I haven’t shot it yet but will soon!

Everlane Underwear:

This is the un-frilly underwear of my dreams. It is so comfortable and feels like wearing pretty much nothing which is a major win in my book. The thongs are my favorite.

Ice Roller:

I feel instantly better after using this facial device that works immediately to de-puff your face and also minimize pores. More on it here.

Hand Fan:

This $10 fan single handedly got me through a brutally hot summer in NYC.

Mobile Hot Spot:

If you travel internationally more than once a year, this wifi hot spot is worth it for you. It’ll provide you with wifi anywhere once you buy an inexpensive package of data.

Brooklinen Bath Towels:

These are the best, fluffiest, softest, biggest bath towels I’ve ever used and I couldn’t love them more. To me there’s nothing worse than a thin, too-small towel. These Brooklinen “bath sheets” are the opposite of that and truly feel like a warm hug when you get out of the shower.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Love this list! I’ve been eyeing the Loeffler Randall bootie… What do you think of Everlane cashmere compared to say, Bloomingdales C cashmere line or Neiman Marcus’ in house line? I want to invest in a few sweaters (your favorite Equipment one is a little out of my budget, though!)

    • Meghan says:

      Totally hear you on the Equipment sweater but I will say it is the cashmere sweater that has held up the best for me. 5 years later and still looks brand new which I can’t say for really any other brand I’ve tried! I’m afraid we don’t have a Neiman’s here so I’m not familiar with their cashmere but I have heard good things about the Bloomingdale’s one from blogger Jess Ann Kirby. The others I can personally recommend are Everlane and COS! I will caveat that Everlane isn’t super consistent. Some of their cashmere holds up super well but I found the cashmere crew to pill quickly. As always, you get what you pay for! I try to steer clear of cashmere made in China generally because I find it pills the most.

  2. I love my candle wick trimmer and recently bought a fabric shaver (you must have subliminally influenced me!) too, and I don’t know how I lived before it! It was so satisfying to do all my coats, sweaters and even my sofa one rainy evening. If this isn’t adulthood, I don’t know what it 😉

    Briony xx

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