Things I’ve Bought & Loved Recently

August 27, 2019

Plaid Blazer + Distressed Denim I Things Ive Bought & Loved Recently

It’s been a while since I did a Things I’ve Bought & Loved Recently post so here we are today with a run down on good purchases from the last few months. See previous installments here, here, here & here.

Balayage Hair Inspo I Things Ive Bought & Loved Recently

Golden Goose Sneakers I Things Ive Bought & Loved Recently

Plaid Blazer + Distressed Denim I wit & whimsy

Balayage Lob I wit & whimsy

Plaid Blazer + Distressed Denim I wit & whimsy

Mini Gucci I wit & whimsy

Plaid Blazer + Distressed Denim I wit & whimsy

Plaid Blazer + Tee I wit & whimsy

Things I’ve Bought & Loved Recently

Ray Ban Sunglasses.

I rarely buy sunglasses because the ones I have I love so much and never tire of wearing them but I loved how these looked on the Shopbop model and when I got them I instantly fell in love. They are so flattering on and so incredibly chic. I think they are more black on black than black/green but I’ve already been wearing them nearly every day since I got them! I’ll share photos of my wearing them soon.


I’ve sadly reached the age where I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night on ocassion so I bought this nightlight after seeing Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential recommend it. I like that it is not too bright and also not an eye sore. Because it is made of Himalayan salt, it also promises to absorb dust and purify the air…whether that is true, I’ll never know but I like it none the less!

Veronica Beard Blazer.

This jacket I saw so much this Spring and fell in love with it but wasn’t going to spend full price on it. Imagine my delight when it was majorly marked down this month. I went into the store in Soho to be sure I bought the right size given its Final Sale status (got the size 6 although the 8 kind of worked, too!) and then bought it online and I loooove it. Veronica Beard makes such amazing blazers and I’d be buying one of each from her latest collection if I could justify it! The one I am wearing in today’s post I got through Rent the Runway Unlimited to check out the quality of the brand / fit, etc. as I wasn’t familiar with the line prior. More on RTR Unlimited if you’re curious here.

Airpods Case.

With the hopes of not losing my Airpods again, I bought this Instagram-famous carrying case for them so that I can clip them inside my bag instead of letting the case roam free.

Travel Probiotics.

Late in my 20s I started experiencing some tummy troubles when I would travel.  It wasn’t all the time but it was enough to make me worry when I would travel overseas. When I saw travel probiotics were a thing I immediately bought them and I’ve since used them every trip this year and haven’t had any tummy issues since! I take probiotics daily when I am at home so it is only natural that my body would benefit from them when on the road, too. Highly recommend popping one daily if you ever experience stomach issues when on the road.

Tan Luxe The Gradual.

I’ve posted about this self tanner a lot on Instagram but it is probably one of the best self tanners I’ve ever tried. I have had so many bad experiences with towels, foams, lotions, potions – you name it but I love this formula because it is part oil / part lotion. It glides on so easily and really gives a believable glow. I’ve loved hearing from many of you who bought it from my Instagram recommendations and liked it!

Screen Cleaner.

My computer screen finally reached a point where I needed to call in the big guns to make it clean and this screen cleaner is awesome!

J.Crew Silk Slip Skirt.

I have bought + returned so many silk skirts in the last year and low and behold finally found the (affordable) winner at J.Crew of all places. This one wears like a dream and I can’t wait to shoot it styled a couple of ways. I sized down to a small and bought it in black. I’m going to wear this SO much! Also have my eye on their pleated midi skirt, too.

Commando Control Briefs.

I’m now unclear how I lived so much of my life without this life changing underwear. These briefs smooth everything out and feature a double-layered tummy panel and seamless edges. They make jumpsuits and dresses look so much better when I wear these! Love having some extra tuck to my tummy instead of having to remember to suck in! BRB buying several more pairs.

Yankee Candle Apple Pumpkin Candle.

I buy this candle as soon as the slightest sign of Fall shows up. I burn one every Fall and love it so, so much. Literally all the fall feels in this candle and you can’t beat the price.

Everlane Bodysuit*.

I am so glad Everlane brought back this V-neck bodysuit. I have it in a size Large in the white and love how second-skin it is. It’s so perfect for pairing with jeans and under blazers or cardigans. And you can’t beat the price. Speaking of bodysuits, Madewell finally restocked the one I have and love of theirs, too.

Everlane Cashmere Tee*.

A short sleeve sweater is one of my favorite transitional pieces and I love how it pairs with pants and midi skirts. The new Everlane Cashmere “tee” just arrived and I absolutely love it. It comes in 4 colors but I got it in black for versatility. I’ll be shooting it soon but you may want to consider sizing up from your usual size unless you want it to be a bit more fitted.

Lululemon Align 4″ Shorts.

I own 3 pairs of the Lululemon Align leggings because they are that good and because I wear them that often. Given NYC’s crazy hot summers though, I’ve been melting when wearing them to yoga of late. So I finally bought the Align shorts. They are exactly what my workout wardrobe has been missing.

Pearl Hair Clips.

I’ve been loving the resurgence of hair accessories so bought a few more cheap ones to use on lazy-hair days.

Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50.

I bought this to wear every day on my face/chest and neck/back of neck because my dermatologist told me I could no longer rely on moisturizers or makeup with SPF 25 in them. I love the consistency as it absorbs quickly and the sunscreen smell doesn’t linger. There’s no greasy residue and I appreciate that it can also be used on your body as well as your face.

Brixton Straw Hat.

After my skin cancer diagnosis I knew I needed a hat with a wider brim to wear when spending hours outdoors. This hat is just what I needed. (I have a large head and took the size Medium. The Large was too large- FYI). I wore it the entire time I was in Maryland recently.

Dr. Sweat Antiperspirant Pads*.

Truth time: I am a sweaty person. Due to my thyroid disease, I often overheat and this is also why natural deodorants have never worked for me. I’ve sworn by Secret Clinical Deodorant for a long time. And while I still use it every day I no longer fear the rogue day where I forget to put it on and I no longer get stressed about sweating under my arms thanks to the Dr. Sweat pads I’ve been testing this summer.

These pads contain the highest level of sweat protection available without a Rx and believe me when I say THEY WORK. How so? Press a pad on clean, dry underarms at night before bed. One pre-soaked pad can be used under both armpits. (And, take it from my own unfortunate key learning: do not use these after you shave!) Each pad use will last you seven days. I am 100% sold on these. (Also added them to my Amazon shop.)

Halogen Strapless Bra.

I call this my lazy bra. On the days I have to wear a strapless bra all day and don’t want to be annoyed by wires sticking into my ribcage, I reach for this bra for the dresses that’ll allow it. At $19 it is pretty much the best bargain in the history of bras, too, I’m pretty sure? I bought the Large and am about to buy a second because I’ve been reaching for it so frequently.

AGolde Nico Jeans in Fixation.

These jeans are my favorite and I recently wrote about them here which led me to discover they’ve come out with a new wash called Fixation. So glad I got them as I loved them the moment they arrived. I wear them in a (rather tight but flattering) size 27.

Levi’s Jeans.

Speaking of jeans, I got these $98 Levi’s in size 28 and they’re so flattering on! Can’t wait to shoot them and show you guys. These Levi’s are next on my list.

Wayf Lace Top.

I can’t get enough of lace tops for looking pretty + put together easily and this affordable one is the latest addition to my collection.

Golden Goose Sneakers.

I’ve been eyeing a pair of these sneakers for a loooong time and finally bit the bullet on them in June when I had a birthday gift certificate to use. While I don’t love them as much as the go-with-everything-super-sleek Common Projects, I have gotten a ton of wear out of them and adore how they bring a more sporty/athletic vibe to midi skirts while also pairing well with jeans.

. . .

Veronica Beard Blazer (size 6; rent it here) // Cuyana Tee (wearing M; one of my favorite basics) // Paige Jeans (see all my favorite jeans here) // Gucci Bag (last seen here, here) // Golden Goose Sneakers (love the new neutral combos here & here that the brand just came out with!) // Chanel Brooch

*indicates a press sample was provided for review.

p.s. How I’m doing on my 2019 goals and so many cute puff-sleeved tops.

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  1. Christine says:

    I am definitely going to check out that strapless bra! Do you have a favorite racerback one? I’m looking for a good one of those too.

  2. Melanie says:

    Bookmarking a ton of these things! Love your hair in these photos as well… have you ever done a tutorial?? I feel like curling your hair is so basic but I suck at it! LOL. Yours is the exact look I’m trying to achieve!

  3. Betsie says:

    Great picks. What do you recommend for sizing on briefs?

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