A Week in the Life of… (Part 2)

March 10, 2016

Last week I shared Part One of a dual series featuring what a typical week looks like for me. Last week focused on my weekends and today’s is all about an “average” Monday-Friday. I have to say one of the best parts about living in New York is no two days are the same. I count it as one of my many blessings of living in this incredible city.

Given my two gigs, one which requires me to be in the office most days, I have to maximize non “office hours” to devote to my blog. That means doing outfit shoots before I head to work 2-3 times per week and also plenty of breakfast meetings to get in face time with important brands and contacts before I even sit down at my desk for the day.

A Week in the life of Meghan Donovan (2)

Everlane Swing Trench

As you know from this blog, my everyday style is very much downtown casual with a feminine aesthetic. While I love dressing up as much as the next girl, I generally lean more towards everyday wardrobe basics that can be mixed and matched plenty of ways. Take this sweater. You’ve seen it styled here, here & here all since I bought it only a couple of months ago (and those are only times it makes it to the blog!) I love how it pairs a cozy, oversized style with a more modern take on the trench.

It’s important to me to always feel comfortable yet put together. I swear by the jeans + heels combo most days because it is easy to throw on to head to a breakfast meeting before work.

A Week in the life of Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy

Bluestone Collective Breakfast I NYC

A few favorite spots for breakfast meetings for me in New York include Bluestone Lane (as seen above), Jack’s Wife Freda and Cafe Cluny. I love starting my day with some avocado toast or eggs with veggies and either iced coffee or a Flat White or cappuccino. (I limit myself to one coffee per day!)

A Week in the life of Meghan Donovan I Everlane

A Week in the life of Meghan Donovan in Everlane

Because I so highly value my weekday evenings for working out (woah! I’m practically a new person haha), I tend to rarely make plans for business-related cocktails or dinner. It’s why I prefer the breakfast meeting. On Fridays, I work from home and you can usually find me at a morning workout class and then glued to my computer with a Nespresso in hand and the TODAY show on in the background

A Week in the life of Meghan Donovan I on the go

Everlane Modern Loafers

So while working in PR I have a pretty laid back wardrobe, I do occasionally have to go see clients in person or give a presentation. Those days I go more business casual. These pants from Everlane are the perfect length for sleek loafers or a cute pair of heels and I paired them with one of my wardrobe MVPs, the silk blouse.

A Week in the life of Meghan Donovan I with Everlane

Modern Business Casual I wit & whimsy

When it comes to balancing both jobs, I certainly think there’s always room for improvement (I’m my own worst critic!) but I’m thinking of putting together a post on my tips for part time bloggers. Would that be of interest for any of you out there?!

Hope you’ve enjoyed getting a look at my weeks! Thanks so much for following along – you guys are really the best! xx

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  1. Sarah says:

    This was fun to read! Also I LOVE your business casual outfit. Such fun styling, while still feeling totally professional.

    I’d love to hear more of your tips for part-time bloggers. I’m one too but I’m not exactly skilled at managing my time so blogging is more of a hobby for me than a business.

  2. Erma says:

    That’s my dream shoes!

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